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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I was brought up on Aussie rules and knew no other game so when I moved to Sydney I naturally looked for a new Aussie Rules club to play for. Someone suggested St George (it was red and white) so that was good enough for me. Got fit, got selected and turned up for my first game to witness a crowd of around seven. Bloody hell, this is Aussie Rules, where was everyone?

I soon realised they played a different game in Sydney... it was called rugby something, so I had to see what this bloody new fangled game was all about.

Well, bugger me, I was a bit embarrassed ‘cos they seemed to be cuddling each other in the middle of the field, and they were actually cuddling the opposing team as well. I thought, “that’s a bit funny, what sort of game is this?”

Imagine my shock when they all stuck their hands up each other’s shorts! “Golly!” I thought. Then someone got the ball and threw the bloody thing... “free kick for sure”, I thought, but no whistle.

Then they all started to chuck the ball... not only that, they were chucking the bloody thing backwards!

Finally the useless umpire blew the whistle and awarded some bloke a free kick but the silly bastard kicked it straight out of bounds on the full. “Another free kick for sure”, I figured. But again no whistle!

Then they all started throwing the bloody thing backwards again. I was over this game, St George Aussie Rules with its crowd of seven will have to do me.

Anyway we finished up winning the Grand Final at Trumper Park in front of a much larger crowd of about 27.

But I was keen to know more about this ‘chucking the ball’ game, so I joined up to some team my friend played for in north Sydney. Well, they couldn’t believe I could put a drop kick from the centre over the crossbar each time, so they gave me the job of kicking.

I was the designated “kicker” I guess, plus I was allowed to illegally tackle blokes around the neck and legs. But they kept giving me the ball and telling me I had to kick it out of bounds on the full. I really felt uncomfortable doing that, and I wasn’t allowed to drop kick it, and when they told me to kick a goal I had to place it on this silly little plastic thing.

“Crumbs”, and they told me I had to stop handballing it backwards.

So despite all that I now play golf with Fatty Vautin (he’s off four) and my close mate Garry is Paul Gallen’s dad, but I still don’t get the game. Fatty wants to talk about nothing else than the State of Bloody Origin after golf, so I ask him who’s playing and he calls me a’ dickhead!

Garry Gallen took me to see Paul play an international game and I was surprised to see they were all little blokes with big necks. I dunno, I really do want to understand this game ‘cos I quite liked playing it. There was a heap of body contact involved.

But I think I would have liked playing it a lot more if I was a poofter. Anyway there’s bound to be some reruns of ‘Days of Our Lives’ somewhere on TV tonight.


Moved to QLD 41 years ago and still detest this Thugby worst game ever ..............

FOOTIE - Game to keep the Sheeple occupied while the Illuminati get away with Murder.

Stoopid sport Rugby. Father of two little children James Ackerman was killed whilst playing this "sport" on Sunday . A useless waste of a fit young bloke. When will this idiocy stop?

Do you need cheering up...need a good laugh? Just listen to the moronic comments of any sportsperson, especially when they've just lost a game. Today's sample is a mumbling rugby player whose excuse for losing was " their foot skills were better" I guess this means that the other team could run faster......

Well now they've turned Rugby into a Jihadist training club and are recruiting only fat-headed thugs, prepared to die for a cause. It's going to kill the game Larry, so don't lose your interest in Aussie Rules. It'll be big banana's in a cuppla years. Have a great day and you gotta give it to the Pope. He knows how to take the flack off his flock. Just support Climate Change bullshit and the NWO, with the UN... Clever huh?

Who else would man the 7/11?

Not more bloody sport & footy. I'm sick to the back teeth of all of this boring, banal crap. One game on a sat arvo used to be one too many. Boring shit. Appeals to the herd mentality & sheeple who can't think for themselves.

I worry about the fart risk.

this is only the thin edge of the wedge....

OT, but very important
Today starts the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. I have lived, worked and played with Muslims for many years and have seen the effect of not eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset has on concentration, judgement and physical and mental prowess. This year that can be up to 11.5 hours in Darwin's humid heat, in other years over 15 hours in Hobart.

Do you want someone who has not had a drink or food for many hours on a hot (or indeed any) day driving your taxi, bus, train or plane? Diagnosing your ailment, preparing your medicine or performing surgery? Investigating a crime, chasing a criminal or guarding the PM? More pertinently should fasting Muslims be allowed to perform those and a myriad of other tasks that can impinge on public safety during Ramadan?

Prissy, hissy Rudd prancing about the international stage,
while drawling Gillard waddled the corridors of Canberra with her handbag hairdresser.
Followed by snivelling Shorten,. soon to be replaced by Albanese, fresh out the massage parlour.

Back stabbing, ..conniving,...incompetent bullshitters from the incestuous Labor Club of recessive genes.

But these sickening scumbags know how to fxxk everything and everyone –
they’ve done it to each other – and the country.

Is anyone surprised ?

Can not stand Indians in India phoning ME, and when they see I'm not interested in their frauds they get cranky. Christ I invented cranky.

Watching union crook Brian "Sparkles" Parker in the witness box reminds me of a puffed up cane toad.

Ditto Ig

I think Indians are OK. They're hardworking, mostly well educated, speak good English, assimilate well and don't ram their culture down people's throats. Ditto with a lot of East Asians. It's Arabs and the barbarians from central Asian Islamic cesspits that are a problem. Well, in my opinion.

Plus they're paying tax .

And give them their due, hotrocks very courteous, we'll mannered and polite. I was out do order but don't tell my missus.

Personally they should get rid of the NRL as that is wrong and name it "Eastern States & New Zealand Rugby League.

At least they're not bludgers .