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Tuesday, 19th June 2018

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...Conservative UK media chick Katie Hopkins

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


"My halal sausages are in order. I am a woman of my word." She tweeted yesterday after the vertically challenged Labour Party Muslim, Sadiq Khan, won the powerful position of Mayor of London.

 The ex reality television star of “The Apprentice” hasn’t done the Conservative cause any favours with her undertaking and she may finish up in the slammer if she carries out her threat.

There has been a serious problem with Muslim ghettos and no-go suburbs in the greater London area for decades but Westminster seemed relatively safe from Islamic excesses. Not any more!

Sadiq Kahn not only has family links to Muslim extremist preachers but he regularly visits convicted Muslim terrorists in gaol to offer solace and comfort to the scum who still plan to kill as many Poms as possible.

But Londoners may yet be spared the sight of Katie streaking up Regent Street with a sausage hanging out her back bottom because reports are that there has been a 130% Muslim turnout for the non-compulsory London vote.

Hmmm, surely not another voting anomaly!

Oh well, perhaps The Reverend Fred Nile might offer the same undertaking down George Street if that despicable Muslim, Waleed Aly wins a Logie!


What's this then pommy vote counting slut ? You poms to dumb to stop voter fraud , I scoff in your general direction .

When a Muslim Journalist (Nadine Al-Budair) claims Islam must shed its intolerant image, disavow those who practice terrorism, and apologize to the rest of the world for the death brought by radical jihadists, she is hailed as heroic.
Liberal Saudi journalist Nadine Al-Budair writes in Kuwait's Al-Rai newspaper that Arab countries have refused to address the problem of terrorism and have yet to create a climate that matches the liberal, humanitarian climate of the West. She asked Muslims to consider what their world would be like if Christians the world over had responded to Muslims the way terrorists have spread radical Islam.
When Pakistani school girl (Malala Yousafzai) is shot for encouraging females being educated, she is hailed as heroic and awarded a Nobel peace prize.

Why is it when a political party like the ALA agree with what they say and campaign to prevent the situation in Australia worsening, they are called extremists?

Sadiq Kahn is a smart cookie and a FABIAN to boot. I fear that London will go under the the Muslim attack and Sharia Law will follow soon. Paul Weston Politician thinks one of two things will happen. The UK will roll over and take it up their arse or commit to a revolution against Islam.

Check this out about London's new Mufti, I mean Mayor.

He did and I'm sick of apologists. Waleed Aly is a sickening sycophant for the cause of Allah practicing Taqiyya daily.I'm also sick of those paid to run the ABC & now Channel 10 too having him as token Muslim to show how wonderful they are in their own minds - nowhere else. Really Abbott missed out on changing the ABC culture as its just a political platform for the Left. Turnbull known to left leaning so Abbot should have kept him out of Cabinet or placed where could do no harm. But then Abbott is no conservative. We need a true Conservative party who always were fairer and looked after less well off as a duty not just for lip service like Labor and Greens.

And the talk goes on and the only thing that changes is they keep advancing... What was that definition of stupidity again? oh , that's right ,, " Keep doing the same over and over , and expecting change" ha ha ha .

They take their book from Labor. Vote early and vote often.

Czech President Says Waves Of “Refugees” Are An Organized Invasion
George Soros Admits To Involvement In Migrant Invasiion
Hungarian Prime Minister accuses billionaire investor George Soros of trying to undermine Europe by supporting refugees travelling from the Middle East
Viktor Orban says investor George Soros has been undermining Europe
Adds that him and others were supporting refugees fleeing the Middle East
PM does not want to take in any more migrants coming to the country
• .
By Jennifer Newton for MailOnline
Published: 07:47 EST, 31 October 2015 | Updated: 08:20 EST, 31 October 2015
The Hungarian Prime Minister has accused billionaire investor George Soros of betraying Europe by supporting refugees travelling for the Middle East.
Viktor Orban said a conspiracy of left wingers, influential money movers and unelected leaders were undermining the EU as they try to deal with the migrant crisis.
The Hungarian leader has been an outspoken champion of hardline anti-migration policies, and has built razorwire-topped fences on Hungary's southern borders with Serbia and Croatia to keep out migrants.

Read more:

This is a novel approach to raising money from the Red Cross. Don't wait for a disaster to happen, predict one that might. Errrrr no i don't think so.

I’ve just returned from Manila in the Philippines, one of the world’s most densely populated cities. I’m writing to you now because time is running out for the people I met there. Any day now, life as they know it will be changed forever.
Manila sits on a major fault line, where pressure is building, and any minute now there will be an earthquake that could be larger and more devastating than Haiti or Nepal.
34,000 people are expected to die in the first hour after the quake hits. Powerlines will come crashing down, causing intense fires. In total, well over 1 million people will be seriously affected, and the terrifying truth is, the people most at risk are still unprepared.
We have a very real and urgent need in front of us. But this time, we can prepare communities before disaster strikes. With your support we can dramatically reduce suffering. I hope you will help us help them, before it’s too late.
Red Cross is working to reach families, communities and local rescue services with a life-saving action plan for crisis and disaster. To make this possible, we need your help. Please donate $60 now to help train local volunteers to prepare and respond, to avoid catastrophe.

Turnbull is a worry who will take the nation, in lockstep with Shorten, into a third world wonderland of Goldman Sachs nightmares.
Look at what Goldman Sachs did to Greece!!!
Rothschilds & Goldman Sachs Destroying Greece [New Dutch-English Dec2012 Documentary]

Kym Durance, are you sure?

new post in from Larry

some of Shorten's mates in The RBA have released some sort of report about the positives of winding negative gearing on the economy. Perfect timing for his campaign. How pathetic and why isn't the MSM jumping on this blatant publicity/media stunt in favor of Shorten and his class warfare campaign?

New post!

I sincerely hope that the article by Terry McCrann in the Weekend Australian Business Review was read by our Ppers. He is not at all diplomatic but pens it accurately.
Some points............
Australia is now ungovernable. The choice is “The least worst.”
Shorten......... Shamelessly and sweepingly dishonest and breathtakingly unhinged from fiscal and economic reality.
Shorten...........Wilfully deliberate determination to turn Australia into the Greece of the South Pacific. “coup de destruction”: is total insanity and restated on Thursday night of the commitment to 50% renewable by 2030.
Shorten........... In the weird space that passes for Shorten's brain wind and solar would have to go from 6% to 42% in 14 years.
Debt..............Current account deficit running at $80 billion a year and our foreign debt already above $1 trillion as we writ out cheques to “Nigerians” and other emission providing main chancers.
Turnbull..........Quite frankly and simply a dud and whose total ineptness at retail politics is going to be on display for eight long,cringingly awful, weeks.
Labor win.......The really frightening prospect is that if Shorten does win the election we will also end up with a labor/greens controlled Senate.
Turnbull..........Thanks to that other great idea by our dud PM, the double dissolution, so that all senators are elected in this cycle. In short there is every prospect we will get what Shorten is promising if he wins. There is little prospect of the government getting it's program, such as it is, through that next senate even if it did win, bit those stillborn promises could help deliver power to Shorten..........Sheer political genius
In conclusion.....The deficit is supposed to drop from this year progressively from this years $40bn to $6bn in 2019-20. It wont, even without the proposed fiscal irresponsibility of a Shorten government.
The outcome, either way, will confirm our ungovernability

These are just some of the points made by McCrann who states, Be afraid. Be very afraid.

With all the cash and promises being splashed about in Qld at present by both Waffle and Shortone, I am given to think that the deficit was just a scare. We have plenty of money it seems.

listening to TIDE Hadley speaking to a C M journo discussing where the 10% of voters that supported cloive and these mental giants are saying that they will return to the LNP fold ALA was not mentioned IMO Hadley is TRYING to steer We DELCONS back to the turd , which is not going to happen just speaking to pissed off liberal voters.

Enjoyed watching this story on the consequences of back stabbing Abbott. Hopefully the same fate will befall a great number of the traitors in the coming election.

Thanks to all , , a fair dinkum story , young nurse very appolegetic about shaving around the crown jewels , my reply , if you find anything let me know . @ ST Andrews hospital

From Bolt's site......Scott now too scared to admit she voted for Turnbull, as locals make her pay
Liberal party members who served as volunteers and even booth captains in past Liberal campaigns in Eden-Monaro tell me they have downed tools - and even volunteered for Labor - rather than help re-elect Peter Hendy after his betrayal of Tony Abbott. Hendy is now in seriously danger of losing.
He is not the only Abbott betrayer to face a grass-roots revolt from local Liberals.  [=] ABC’s 7.30 last night described the plight of Fiona Scott:[/url]
CONOR DUFFY: As well as providing cash and dozens of volunteers, Tony Abbott’s description of Ms Scott became a major election moment.
TONY ABBOTT, THEN OPPOSITION LEADER (2013): They’re young, they’re feisty. I think I can probably say have a bit of sex appeal.
CONOR DUFFY: That appeal appears to have gone. It’s believed Ms Scott voted for Malcolm Turnbull in last year’s leadership spill and friends have turned to foes.
FIONA SCOTT: I actually don’t agree with the premise of your question. For starters, I’ve never stated how I voted.
CONOR DUFFY: There’s a pretty common perception in the party though that you voted for Malcolm Turnbull.
FIONA SCOTT: People can speculate. I’ve never said which way I voted. So, you can add to speculation, but that’s your call as a journalist.
CONOR DUFFY: Speculation or not, Tony Abbott and his local volunteers won’t be heading from his electorate to assist her campaign this time. The divisions are playing out across the campaign. 7.30 has obtained an email from Liberal state director Chris Stone showing resources from the seat of Warringah will be directed to Karen McNamara in Dobell, a key Abbott backer at the last spill, as well as two safe Labor seats. 7.30 has learned volunteers will now be supplied to Fiona Scott from Local Government Minister Paul Fletcher’s North Shore electorate Bradfield.
MARCUS CORNISH, PENRITH COUNCILLOR: Fiona Scott only got in because Tony Abbott came out here on many visits and he made the “sex appeal” comment and that got her across the line. Then she’s turned around and stabbed him in the back, as many in the Liberal Party have done in NSW.
CONOR DUFFY: In an extraordinary interview on the first full day of campaigning, Mr Cornish has criticised the party’s candidates and said conservatives no longer feel welcome in the party… The distraction is a gift for Labor’s candidate in the seat, Emma Husar, who says locals are angry.
EMMA HUSAR: They’re angry that they voted for somebody and they got somebody else and they’re also angry that their local member supported Malcolm Turnbull and not Tony Abbott. And they don’t really enjoy Malcolm Turnbull as much as they enjoyed Tony Abbott.

How interesting that Scott now does not even dare admit what all her colleagues know: that she voted for Turnbull.
(Thanks to readers Timothy and Eagle Dan.)