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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


My TV set has finally croaked it. After 12 years of never being off, I believe switching things on and off wears them out. (A continuous cab I once drove had 600,000 mile on the clock.) Anyway, it was looking like a 3D experiment without the cardboard glasses, and the picture kept shaking. 

It was getting hard to follow a football, let alone a bloody tennis ball. So, when it shuddered, exhaled with a little sigh and went all black, it was off to Gerry Harvey’s joint for a bit of jousting on a trade in.

Wow, this LED and HD stuff is a real eye-opener. Little beads of sweat on Clive, tiny hairs on Julie’s cheeks, Sarah’s bottom lip quivering, while pausing for her brain to catch up with her gob and Bill even looks a bit like I draw him. Bloody marvellous!

So I thought, bugger it, I’ll risk another 8c and return to my regular ABC Monday evenings... surely there’s no way I’ll be chuckin’ stuff at my new LED TV.

Well, 4 Corners was hoeing into the Micks with a progressive Pope Francis thinking about canning celibacy (but they didn't say if that included choir boys) and anyway it's only for a trial period, they reckon.

The bloke on Media Watch with the two Christian names was trying to link Alan Jones with the murder of some drug dealer while breathlessly demonising Bolt and Murdoch at the same time. 

And yes, he was still contorting his face, desperately trying not to expose a set of teeth that resemble implanted toe nails. Nothing much had changed there.

Crumbs, I only lasted 10 minutes of Q&A. There was an ALP bird who couldn’t resist interrupting everyone else and an aesthetically challenged bloke in a check shirt who was explaining that all the CO2 in the atmosphere is ours. 

Blimey, where does Tony Jones find these galahs? I could see my 8c was going down the drain fast.

Unperturbed, I returned for a bit of Lateline only to discover yet another pantomime on global warming. Suddenly my old TV didn’t seem all that bad.

Anyone want a slightly damaged brand new Samsung?


ABC to apologise to Chris Kenny publicly on air at 9pm tonight just before that revolting racist show with Chris Lilley. Chasers have to shut up and no tweets this time. Some compensation and all legal fees paid. On Bolt's site. Probably have it then to try to lure people to watch that Jonah What's his name show by putting it then.

Or PUP as in POOP!? So the members may well be known as "Shit-heads'?

Is that 'POOOOOP "?

Liteline. Gudonyer. Can I use your POOP Party, please?

Ha ha. Just been to Russia ( St Petersburg.) they are a weird suspicious bloody lot in their immigration and customs. Don't seem to understand that people like to wander around as a tourist. Bought a nice KGB hat and badge though for a souvenir.

Trumby, I was in Melbourne a few years ago catching a taxi in peak hour, as they went passed wearing Turbans, Fezzes and Kufis I so a white normal looking guy in a taxi stopping, I thought how lucky am I,............. he was a fucking Russian!

Watched Palmer last night do the press interview where he calls Peta Credlin a "dog" then says "Oh, I can't say that". Clive didn't fool me. What he really, really wanted to call her was a "bitch". Clown Clive is just a big old whale floundering on the mud flats and the tide is still rushing out. He just doesn't like that big flashlight that is now well and truly on him.

My local Council has a hard rubbish day once a year. You should see the number of televisions on the kerbside. My Sony, purchased about 30 years ago still works. The AWA purchased two years ago will be put out on the hard rubbish day collection.

Watch all the gullible ones turn out for his 'folk fest' at the now ghastly Dinosouar park to listen to him and his fellow dummies the POOP party speak. Free entry I believe, but you can pay for the food etc. He'll probably even pay a 'rent a crowd'.

There's definitely a market for TVs to have bullet proof/toughened glass screens with the amount of inane rubbish televised.


How can you have money if you don't pay tax?

Oh, my:
The machinations of old Prune Face with a new face lift and a bloated underling SHY dumb fat rat. Green is not cool, both are off and stinking like a bucket of hot prawns in the sun. Bob Browns off in his own self imposed Brown Town. Abracadabra: waive the green wand and poof, there all gone????????

SHY and Clive in their collective styles live in the ABCs Peppa Pig sty!

It's strange that Turnbull, Parkinson and Palmer were all expected to attend the Mineral Council's dinner at Old Parliament House that night but Turnbull and Parkinson opted out with a feeble excuse and Clive only stayed for the entree and skedaddled out of the dinner with the excuse he had to attend the House sitting. I suppose he had to lie as it would be hard to explain why he was off for a meal with the absentees Turnbull and Parkinson. The three could have had general chit chat at the Mineral Council's dinner if that was all that took place at the Chinese restaurant. Pull the other one, fellas.

Missionchris : Indians are taxi drivers in the UAE and they are despised as much there as they are here .I would think they be the ones tampering with the speedo.

It's a mute point whether he really has money . Same with the way labor left the Australian government . Sure we have a AAA rating but we have no money . A jid with $500 in the bank has more wealth than Australia and probably Palmer as well . Sort of weird when you think about it

What an old twit!! I wouldn't embarrass myself by telling the world my employer hasn't bothered to pay me for 2 months. He must have been drunk and had a hissy fit. Obviously he had sobered up by the time Confidential contacted him and realised his stupid mistake. Serves the bastard right.

Larry, i put it to you that you ruined a perfectly good TV by leaving it on the ABC! when your grand kids are setting up your next TV for you ask them to block any channel starting with ABC!.....CH7, CH9, CH10....... Shit Larry just go to Bali for a few weeks

Yes but it was cloudy veni. I love your stuff.