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Monday, 17th December 2018

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...and now I’m damned certain he is!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Everything Turnbull has done since the coup has been done in the pursuit of protecting his high poll figures. His latest thought bubble of allowing the States to collect income tax is not just ridiculous it is outrageous and brazenly designed to save spending his own political capital raising taxes prior to a DD election.

Treasurer Morrison should explain to him that we are a Federation and have been for 116 years. Premiers have always gone cap in hand to the Feds each year with the Commonwealth Grants Commission meeting particular States’ extra needs.

State collection of income tax would be a disaster with taxation deductions varying competitively between States as people opt to live in one State and run their businesses from another, or workers registering as domiciled in one State and working as wage earners in another... it would be a dog’s breakfast of Gillard proportions and it’s doubtful the States would even want it.

Turnbull hasn’t done a thing since he gained Office and now that he has finally proposed something it’s clear it would be better had he stayed in bed.

For God’s sake Malcolm, go and get some sensible advice from Tony Abbott, or better still hand him his old job back because you are way out of your depth and clearly a bloody joke.

I met him in Canberra many, many years ago and came away thinking, “what a supercilious wanker”. Had I known he would one day be PM I would have moved to Kyrgyzstan and converted to Islam. Six years of Rudd, Gillard, Rudd is hard to top but this bloke is doing it in spades.

As written here often, if the Federal Government was to give the States the right to collect taxes, it should hand them the GST to do with as they wish... they get the money anyway and the rate and scale they impose will have a political capital cost, rather than the Feds copping an electoral mauling instead.

The Liberal Party has told its one time supporters that they will forgive the crass coup and return to the fold come election time. Well surprise, surprise, that is not happening and it’s not likely to.

Malcolm Turnbull is leading the once great Liberal Party to extinction and Robert Menzies will be turning in his grave.


Here we are people, the cat being let slowly out of the bag! Turdbull is a raving lefty who is about changing the liberal party to another leftard group! I have been saying it for months:

I have just watched Turd-ball talking on the GayBC and his nose is growing, fair dinkum, probably from telling fibs. What a drongo!

I have just watched Turd-ball talking on the GayBC and his nose is growing, fair dinkum, probably from telling fibs. What a drongo!

I have just watched Turd-ball talking on the GayBC and his nose is growing, fair dinkum, probably from telling fibs. What a drongo!

I actually think Malcolm Turnbull was quite clever. He set a trap for the State Premiers and they walked right in. Now they only have themselves to blame if they don’t have enough money for health and education. What I don’t understand is why every Federal Conservative politician isn’t shouting it from the roof tops and making a laughing stock of them. If they don’t they are missing a golden opportunity.

abject apologies then dear dodo...let's both keep practising :-) (i need to)

No - got your play loud and clear - and it was very good. My attempt at having a swipe at the Big Pharm conspiracy

no no dodo, you misunderstand...'tablet' as in 'notebook' or 'ipad' with a play on the interpretation of tablet as being a stone tablet that the ancients used to inscribe things on (like the 10 commandments)...i was trying to be clever :( obviously i failed miserably

Unfortunately the party is now overrun with "progressives" behind the scenes. To take it back to conservative roots it's not just the pariamentary party that needs purging but the party machinery as well. As someone else here said - Turnbull didn't get into power on his own - he had preselection to get through at the local level and that was dirty.

I thought the tax system was in a mess according to them. So this wanker wants to make it more confusing???

Big Pharma was behind the 10 commandments even then - the tablets were being flogged as the answer to all ills.

In light of the attack on non-violent protesters this weekend, an oldie from 2012, but a good one none the less. Antifa group in Berlin finds itself paying protection money to Kurdish criminals. Said a social worker that knew some of the Antifa squatters "They are confused that they are not attacked by Nazis , but by migrants. That does not fit into their worldview.." English version here -

Ah, petulance. Lord Wentworth tells the states not to ask the federal government for any money 'since they didn't even want to listen' to what was obviously a 'captain's call' of a tax reform, hastily scribbled onto an airline meal serviette while his lordship was en route to baffle them with bullshit. So much for the great communicator. Then again, Blind Freddy could have told him that states collecting income tax would have just resulted in massive population spikes of the states with the lowest tax rate. Old Katter would be complaining even more that his electorate gets no funding with all the Tasmanians living there.

Lefty Bob Ellis is dead . He never did come out of the closet before he passed , but that's the kind of lying coward he was . He's in hell right now , sucking Stalin's cock .

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mmmm that is mysterious. He did invent the tablet but never bothered upgrading with an iphone or twitting. Yeah ol school, he rocks !

no He has a tablet ! c'mon Micky, 2000 years ago? waddya think He lent Moses to write the Ten Commandments on !

The lord has a computer?

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

I have had enough, just emailed my LNP to advise I will not be voting for him in the next election.