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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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... beaten at rugby by a bunch of Aussie girls?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Well you’ll never convince me that rugby is a girls’ game but any game that we can beat the Kiwis at must be okay. And that Charlotte Unfortunatesecondname sheila was brilliant! Now I can always say with conviction that I saw the Kiwis get beaten at rugby by a bunch of girls. No wonder the poor little Kiwiettes were crying... I’d be buying a length of rope and a three legged chair!

I reckon they would win more games if they got rid of that white feather thing on their shirts... it’s not exactly a confidence booster.

But golly, even a bunch of cosmetically-challenged Kiwi sheilas shouldn’t have that many bruises from those breast bumping tackles? All that spitting, cursing, sweating, vomiting and crotch scratching is what the Kiwi blokes do.

And it’s better if the Kiwi sheilas leave that hands-up-shorts thing ‘til after the game.... I mean it’s not a good look having a feel while the game is still going.

Oh well, there is always room for a knitting competition for the All Blacks at the next Games now that the All Bums have taken over and the showers and toilets no longer need segregating.

Anyway, I’m glad my daughter is doing ballet dancing.

P.S. Mack Horton’s swim was a ball tearer and the way he called the chink bloke a drug cheat was terrific but Cate Campbell won the “politically incorrect” prize when responding to an interviewer asking if she was concerned over the threat from world champion Katie Ledecky in the 4 by 100 relay. “No”, she said, “I just knew she wouldn’t get anywhere near me.”

He, he, he, just refreshingly honest!

You see, none of the winners has ever been to media school and that’s what makes it good TV. None of the normal, “I did my very best and if it weren’t for the other girls”, etc, bullshit.

They just tell the bloody truth.


I am so pleased the Aussies won gold. What is wrong with New Zealand that we have 640000 kiwis living in Australia. They are the greatest whingers, demanding Australian citizenship because they pay tax here. Yet, they arrived on a Temporary visa that does not afford Australian citizenship. Now they are whinging that their criminals who fail the character tests are deported back to NZ.

My apologies to Trader in my 12.08 post. Definitely did not mean " trader ".

Lights ... in another time, place and life ... I would tap lines

Thorn they probably meant by tapping in on people's phone lines and literally 'listening in' illegally. anyone on this page is most likely a candidate.

Take a look at this US online poll for the upcoming elections. The Donald has 71 % and hillary is lucky to have 10%. Its not geoblocked so feel free too add to the trump train

you have to much faith in our government oongah

BK. Funny Gillard would have us believe she was just a stamp licker ( no pun intended) of that organization. We know that is not true of course

Hizb ut-Tahrir are a recognized terrorist organization!!! How on earth are they permitted to exist? Let alone preach their anti Australian bullshit! Refusing to sing the anthem, is a known radical thing. Refusing to stand for a judge and magistrate, burning our flag! Are not elements of freedom of speech but attacks against our society! End of story. PS no daughter of mine would be permitted to marry a Muslim scum bag, got a problem with that? Tell someone who gives a fuck!

Agree with you there bagman, but don't you also consider that that show of power by the Chinks may have cost them any chance in the power grid deal. Personally I don't believe they ever had any chance of securing it. But the government has an obligation to look at each and every option, ultimately, the right decision has been made.

oongah when another country gets to the stage where it own such a lot it gets so big it is in position to control governments and are to powerful for a government to say no to ,like in the disputed South China Sea it told Australia to but out ,already they are throwing their weight around, have a look on a map where these islands are

BK you have not answered the question I asked you , Would China allow Australian companies / government agencies to invest in Chinese power corp, defence or security infrastructure contracting companies. You know the answer is no way. So, why are you making out that we have no reason to be concerned ?

We do have great swimmers but what a champion this girl is...
Katinka Hosszú from Hungary. Three individual gold medals so far in Rio. Sadly not a media darling.

Telegraph UK....The burkini banned on French Riviera by Mayor.

I agree the Indos are fine but all from ME should be banned

In a shopping centre this week. No less than 3 white women (Australians) wearing the Black Bin Liner Outfit, with a couple of Terrorists to be, in their trollies. What processes these wimim to fornicate with a Goat Fucker? The smell alone would be off putting surely.

A French Lunatic Socialist Minister is demanding that French people open up their homes to Illegal Aliens and Islamic Terrorists....HF !!! Woman idiot of course. I know my farming neighbours will love that. Before I left my neighbour said "the only thing this shite is good for is fertiliser" . He has an old fashioned giant threshing machine which would be perfect. "Could handle at least a thousand a day".....he said....

Malcolm Roberts is preparing for the 'hot' climate scam debate next Monday night on Q&A. This is one I wont miss.

Another bomb in Thailand. Anyone know if Jimmy Barnes is OK? . . .

Not quite bagman. I for one understand that the Commonwealth and states still has control, regardless of who owns or leases the land or business. That has been evidenced by the WA state government taking back over 100 pastoral leases, some say for peanuts, because they were not being managed adequately, regardless of who owned the lease.

The scrawny scrag has some evil company.