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Friday, 14th December 2018

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… yet still finished up with Shorten and Turnbull

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Compulsory voting may not be democratic (how can someone democratically force you to vote for someone, you ask) but mandatory voting does prevent the Marxists of this world from having an inside run to government. The Marxist Jeremy Corbyn came too close for comfort. 

Julia Gillard’s political architect McTernan (above) was a raging success this time in the UK but will never be successful here. Most young people here can only be attracted to the nearest Centrelink Office.

While the pundits draw comparisons with the UK experience you can safely, and as usual, dismiss them. You see the UK has voluntary voting and we don’t, and that makes all the difference. 

With the exception of Switzerland, almost all nations that have opted for mandatory voting are third world and pretending they are democratic.

Even under Compulsory voting, ten per cent of voters don’t bother turning up (including myself, as I wish to feel independent) and I doubt that millions are prosecuted for not doing so. So what's the big advantage with voluntary voting?

Voluntary voting is all about getting voters off their bums and down to a polling station after you have promised them lots of free stuff. That is still a lot easier than trying to explain ideological differences to swinging voters. Jeremy Corbyn could not have come that close in Australia.

But in the UK it was a simple formula: An increasing number of young people WANT free money. An increasing number of aged people NEED free money, and a diminishing number of middle-income-earning taxpayers need to supply them with it.

So Corbyn only targeted the young and the old with promises of shit loads of free money and completely ignored the middle-income taxpayers. Piece of cake eh! How could that NOT work? It’s the age-old Communist-UN-Islamic "redistribution of income" formula.

Marxism is alive and kicking in our schools and universities and is supported by unions and even supported by many frightened conservative governments.

The trouble is that when you make the middle-income earners pay for all the free money they eventually get the shits and move on. If they can’t move on they find creative ways to avoid extreme taxing. They will always win in that contest because they are up against moronic public servants, Treasury officials and university advisers who have always hated, and have never sought to understand, the concept of free enterprise.

In any fight the private sector always wins while the public sector simply looks at increasing taxes and increasing taxes digs them an even deeper hole.

Has that most undemocratic of all things called compulsory voting actually firewalled us from the likes of Marxists Corbyn, Sanders and the inseparable and dying Shorten/Turnbull duo?

Seems so, because these bastards would need to explain the inexplicable, rather than simply getting lazy pricks off their arses and down to a polling booth. And that takes either a lot of hatred or a lot of fear. Few are that ideological.

Nonetheless, Jeremy Corbyn has used the voluntary voting system to mortally wound Theresa May.

Brexit, the vanguard of a Conservative world-wide rebellion, followed by Trump and now the Paris Accord, will get watered down… and I will bet you the first thing to sate the insatiable Brussels EU will be “freedom of movement”.

Yep, if you thought the noose was starting to tighten around the neck of Islamic immigration. Think again… the amorphous EU and Germany’s Angela Merkel still believe the loss of a few more Brits (and others) under a few more vans driven by demented Muslims following their “good book” with big knives, is a small price to pay for an ideological One World Government overseen by a wealthy and unelected few on the Continent.

                                  Brussels is the  European Union Headquarters

                               Brussels' Grand Mosque, is the ISIS headquarters 

Well at least the EU camped in the right place… Brussels is also the centre of all Islamic terrorism and no-one seems to have noticed.

And Islamic terrorists don’t agree with any type of voting!


Perhaps the simple way to put the question would be, "Why is Australia the only country out of all the Commonwealth countries to have compulsory voting". To define it even further, which is more and which is less 'democratic'. And even you brian could figure out that preferential voting is more prone to electoral manipulation than 1st past the post. No my friend, Australia has a very suspect voting system compared to our brethren in other 'colonial' nations.

Brian, they are statutes, not laws, and if you don't know the bloody difference, look it up. They are all to do with commerce, not people - there, you have a clue.

They're not 'unnamed' brian you dill, it's EVERY other country excluding this one.

The alternative is, Do not vote, and what you get is down to others.

When you get that, which you do not like, I expect no complaints from you.

Is that just your opinion or it it an indisputable fact based of some other opinionated scholar's point of view brian? I don't suppose that Australia being the ONLY country in the WORLD operating with the Westminster system of government that has compulsory and even preferential voting would give you a bit of a clue as to how fucking UNdemoctatic the rest of the world must be? If you're right of course.

And your point brian???

my main question though sailor was why would you be worried about a chip that prevents welfare fraud? I assume that you dont commit fraud, so there is nothing to worry about. The reality is that the banks and leftist governments are discouraging the use of cash and they are all trying to get everyone onto paypass and phone bank access. They are the most insecure but easiest to trace, they will know everything anyway. what did you do with you paypass on your cards? That little chip contains everything they need to know about you and how you spend your money, it is also completely insecure where any 10 year old with a card scanner can grab everything they need to spend your cash just by walking past you. You cant get a card without that chip anymore and if you dont disable it you are toast.

sailor, I too withhold all details from MS. On the other hand if you installed all the updates in your OS and particularly if you have Win10, every keystroke you do gets recorded and forwarded to MS. The only way you would have avoided that would be to have done a custom install and most people didnt. You dont have to give them your details, they get them anyway.

This is the perfect opportunity for the homeless to obtain free board and lodgings by them applying to Centrelink for a travel warrant to go to Syria to check out employment opportunities with Islamic State ; That should put a roof over their heads for at least a tenner in the blue stone college of the dark arts at Goulburn Supermaximum motel for those who have a tendency to be dreaming allahu akbar .

If a white Aussie tried this excuse on for not turning up in court, I reckon the Beak would be issuing an arrest notice.

so sailor, you carry around a mobile phone that carries more information about you than any card could hold, you sit at your computer which holds more information again (and shares it with the world if you use windows). Then you are upset about a card with a chip that would expose only welfare fraud. Why would you be afraid of that?

No sailor, what Pauline wants is for leeches to stop stealing from the taxes of hard working honest Australians. An identity card is a small price to pay considering the size of the fraud being perpetrated by this trash.

Just another dutch idiot is my guess.

I would upgrade him to first class on the plane just to make sure he left the country

More games - cut the welfare I presume she is living off.....she has no respect for this country or its legal system, or the hard working people who fund her hate filled way through life.


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Drag the bitch by the Burka to court. We would get arrested if it were us.

Whew what a missed opportunity to get shot of one muslim. Darn it!!

Her husband is in jail for recruiting jihadis to go to Syria, his other wife is one Carnita Mathews, who has form in regard to their backward religion.