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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


“You can’t Tax your way to prosperity.” Now where have I heard that before? Oh yes, it was part of the Conservatives’ core mantra. So much for that! Taxing higher incomes to reduce Labor’s debt (you know, that job-producing sector of the economy) is not a kite-flying exercise either. Abbott actually intends introducing this “levy”.

And please don’t think Tony Abbott has seen the light with his pet PPL scheme. He has merely reduced the threshold down from $150k to $100K... and only through pressure from within his own Party. The core idiocy of the scheme remains.

To justify this PPL nonsense Abbott explains that it’s not fair for the Public Service to have such a scheme and not the private sector. What’s not fair is that we, the long-suffering private sector, should have to pay for these Public Service extravagances. Rather than emulate costly socialist experiments, we need to stem them from where they fester, right outside Tony’s window!

The budget can be brought back to surplus far safer and quicker by stripping government of its excesses rather than by taxing the productivity sector. Isn’t that what the abolition of the mining and carbon taxes was all about? Funny how quickly things change when Opposition Parties get Government.

The source of budget deficit woes is inefficient government expenditure, the private sector has always looked after itself thank you very much, despite you. So why, when governments stuff up, should we have to pay and not government?

Does anyone deny where the real fat lies? Government departments wouldn’t last a week in the competitive world of private enterprise. When they have tried to compete they have invariably, miserably failed.

There are tens of billions of dollars in public fat just begging to be trimmed yet Abbott intends trimming we, the tired and battered private sector? Why? What have we done to deserve the knife? It’s our taxes that were wasted in their endless social black holes. And what bang did we get for our buck? No bang, not even a pop.

I have researched the gobsmacking waste in government and cuts that should be made and, fair dinkum, by next year our budget could actually be in surplus with an economy thriving, but I’m still working on it and should have it finished tomorrow.

So leave me alone .... I’m as angry as all hell about this latest Abbott tax idea and I’m not even affected by it! 


How to shoot your self in the foot with more weasel words.Tony Abbott should have come out in the election campaign and said it how it was and would have been on the front foot.Electors value honesty and integrity and when things get bad enough we might see it.

Can't understand some people- we prayed to be rid of the last lot , employed an experienced team- now , before they have had a chance to govern , we are all criticism !! It is good to have a point of view but don't assume T A's team are hopeless.

Spot on, Larry. It never ceases to amaze me how the Liberals (who I have supported all my life) get into power and then are seemingly hell-bent to get out again. Makes no sense to me, but then again it must be because I'm a bit thick.

I'm mad too, and I will whack Abbott across the arse just as hard as I would Gillard. Dirty filthy scummy politicians. I have had it up to pussys bow with all of the bastards....

I don't know about a Cheshire Cat ???
How about.....
The Cat that ate the Canary????

Abbott looks like a Cheshire Cat in that photo.
Where do you get them My Boy.

Oigle - You get an A for Persistence.

Well Done My Boy.

9/11 was an Inside Job!
9/11 was an Inside Job!
9/11 was an Inside Job!

So What happened to the ACTUAL Planes and Passengers?

Bruce ... I voted for the Independent Dr Peter MacDonald in that election that David Oldfield contested as the Liberal candidate. Oldfield always said that he wasn't supported enough by the Libs and that was why he lost. He then switched loyalties to One Nation. I liked Pauline Hanson because although she wasn't savvy in so many ways, she did raise those topics that were considered taboo. It was exactly what the general public was thinking but other politicians were too afraid to bring up. Interesting about the slush fund!!

Jack, if the splinter groups would see common sense and recognize the need for a management group to efficiently run the country they should be recognized as legitimate members of government but will they or are they one issue nutcases?

Hotrocks......I really don't know what people up his way see in him...oh yes I do....Rob Hulls was in power just before him....that's what makes him look so good...."DISCRIMINATION against dominant white males will soon be encouraged in a bid to boost the status of women, the disabled and cultural and religious minorities."........

As I was not living in Queensland until a few years ago, had never heard of him. And I wouldn't know who donates to the Liberal Party in any State.

Katter was palsy with rud too, not a good look.

Never heard of him years ago,Waldo.

Good point....there are so many ways govt can identify ill gotten gains....the cash transactions reporting act, identifying lifestyle beyond means, deeming as is used against wage slave pensioners. Most large cash amounts can only be spent on smaller items as it is hard to show where the money came from in purchases of homes, land or other large assets..

Brian, read about that matter yesterday. Just one of the many nasty acts in his life. Also in the same paper (Courier Mail, read it at my local for free!!), photo of mad Katter and obnoxious Palmer with stirrings once again of getting together. Talking to my friend about it yesterday, her sister is up in Katter's electorate, in fact she is a great organiser in the LNP, and says Katter is in the early stages of alzeihmers (spell?? jo blow will get me!!). So Clive would love that, he would use it to his advantage. Ingrid, I know it is strange. Another disgusted friend on the Sunshine Coast was having coffee with a group of people Tuesday and this one person piped up that she used to work for him and he was lovely!! His actions and deeds say otherwise!

Good Point Waldo....Money Talks.....and Talent Walks....

How quickly did they act to amend the voting in the Senate when it went against the favour of the major parties...can we expect the same zeal to protect the citizen taxpayer?

I was passed over for a position once by a "better prospect"....he was involved in stealing produce from the place, was caught, arrested and convicted. Never got eye contact from the boss again till the day I left....which wasn't long after...

3 hours ago

Dementia sufferers do not understand that there is a 'tomorrow', their present is totally confusing and the past is where they dwell. All that they have is 'yesterday'.

i am smart enough to remember to ignore you from now on