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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Invading a country which is under a dictatorship is hard. There are no easy options, even for a tin pot 3rd World stink hole like North Korea. “Never get involved in a land war in Asia,” said the bruised and battered Generals.

“Bring it on,” said George Dubya Bush.

Yet, even attempting to subdue a pile of rubble like Afghanistan has proved elusive for the world’s sole hegemonic Superpower.



But what about the other way around? Supposing some despotic, backward, banana republic wanted to invade a modern, democratic powerhouse with a first rate, highly sophisticated military. Could they do it?

Don’t make me laugh! You are probably thinking. Their ships would run out of fuel or break down before they got through the Suez Canal.

Well of course, the idea of a full-frontal attack is inconceivable. As my great aunt Nell used to say however, “there’s more ways to kill a pig than jus’ stranglin’ it.”

Many of the things which make Western nations such wonderful places to live, also leave our nations vulnerable. If you really wanted to invade a rich Western democracy, it’s easy: here’s how.

To start with, you will need a few million bucks. That might sound like a lot of money for a cash strapped nation. However, whilst most people in these countries are dirt poor, the dictators in charge are among the richest people on the planet.

Robert Mugabe travelled in a motorcade of Mercedes almost half a kilometre long. With all the police sirens howling, he was known to locals as “Bob and the Wailers.”


 "Poverty, what poverty?"

To these guys, a few million dollars is chump change. Not so for a political party in most Western countries.

At the last election, Malcolm Turnbull threw in a million bucks of his own. That was thought to have got the Liberals over the line: a lousy million bucks!

So, to start off with, you donate a few million across both parties, with the most sympathetic party getting the most money. There may be some pesky laws relating to foreign governments donating to political parties. With a little creative accounting however, and the use of Swiss bank accounts and “charitable foundations,” you can easily find a way around these things.

Once you begin donating to these political parties, you are permitted, even expected, to ask for a few favours.

As well as directly donating to politicians, you will also need to donate to the media. Most media companies are financed through advertising. If you (or your proxy corporations) have sizeable advertising budgets, you can buy considerable influence in the press. This influence can then be used to apply additional pressure to the political process.


 Donations accepted in Saudi Riyals, Qatari Dinars and Turkish Lira

This is where you need to be smart. It is no good demanding the keys to the lodge right up. This is a long-term investment and believe me, it has a great return.

The first policy you start lobbying for, is immigration of people from the Third World. Once a nation brings in people of different races, it is inevitable that there will be clashes, discrimination and hostility-from both sides. What you need to ensure, is that your newly purchased friends in the media and Government blame the locals for everything.

The host population must be portrayed as hideously racist. Pretend that latent Nazism bubbles below the surface of every white person. Run constant scare campaigns about White Supremacists and the Neo-Nazi Skinhead, far right, lunatic fringe.


 Neo-Nazi thugs chase after Muslims on mobility scooters (allegedly)

Of course, you also need to ensure that these migrants are protected from racism. There are so few of them, and they are so vulnerable. People are uneasy, they glare at them, they don’t want to employ them. This has to be countered.

The press are invaluable allies in this endeavour. Every time they unearth a story about racism, they get a new advertising contract. Of course, the racism has to be one way. If a newspaper starts running stories about the “new citizens” behaving badly with high crime rates, car theft, rape gangs etc, then immediately cancel advertising contracts and ring the proprietor to express your dissatisfaction. Newspaper owners aren’t silly. They know which side their bread is buttered. For probably less than a million bucks a year, you can get a lot of sympathy from a First World nation’s media.

Still, a million dollars here and a million dollars there: pretty soon, you’ve spent two million dollars. With your wife demanding a new room in the palace for her burgeoning shoe collection and the fleet of Presidential Rolls-Royces looking shabby, you need to start seeing some return on your investment.

The citizens of your own country have such a defective culture and work ethic that there would be widespread poverty even if you weren’t looting the national treasury on an almost daily basis. Meanwhile, these white people’s countries have lots of money.

First World nations mostly have cultures based on Christianity. Unlike most Third World countries, the citizens are brought up with the “Good Samaritan” ethic. Helping other people is considered virtuous, even if they are not part of the same “tribe”.

You need to play on this. Start leaning on your puppets in the media and Government. Make sure they blame White people for the poverty of your people. Pretend that it has nothing to do with your own corruption and incompetence. Ignore the fact that your people have no concept of property rights and the work ethic of a three-toed sloth.


 Please invest your hard earned money in our country

Just keep blaming those White people for Colonialism, Slavery, and corporate greed. Make sure that their schools and universities write this narrative into their history syllabus. Blame every failing on the Western world. Withdraw funding from any university which refuses to go along. They will all fold eventually.

With this narrative taking hold, you play your trump card. Demand money: call it “Foreign Aid.”

Anyone who dares to oppose this largess will be branded an uncaring racist bigot. Bombard Westerners with pictures of starving babies with flies all over them. Pretend that if they just send more money for food, then all the flies will miraculously go away.

Believe me, the money will just pour in. Britain gives 450 million pounds a year to Pakistan alone. To be more accurate, the British Government gives 450 million pounds a year from the British taxpayers to whichever dictator happens to be running Pakistan at the current time. Of course, some people will ask that you be held accountable. They insist that you should give this money to the starving citizens. Don’t worry, just accuse these people of “racism” and “cultural arrogance,” they will soon shut up.

Once you reach this point, the rest is plain sailing. Just recycle a percentage of this money back and use it to corrupt the political system of the target nation further. With this much money, it is easy to control politicians, media, schools and universities. Ramp up the guilt trip and keep attacking the culture.

The best way of doing this is to first redefine culture to mean wearing funny outfits and eating weird and spicy food. Insist that all cultures are equal. Then point out that because Westerners don’t dress in funny outfits or eat weird and spicy food that they don’t actually have a culture. Anyone brave enough to object to this should immediately be reminded of slavery, colonialism and the Crusades. Then accuse them of racism, they will soon shut up.

History is an important target. History is written by the victor and since you now control the Government and universities, get writing.

Pretend that Europeans are the only colonialists ever. Pretend that Europe has never been invaded by Asians, Africans or Middle Easterners.

September 11 1683, Muslims finally turned back from Vienna.

 Ignore Hanibal, the African who almost conquered the Roman Empire. Ignore the Turks who invaded and attacked Europe for centuries, being finally turned back from the “Gates of Vienna.” Ignore the Africans who invaded Spain and held it for centuries, being turned back in France by Charles Martel and finally evicted in the time of Columbus. Pretend that Colonialism in Africa started purely from European greed, rather than as a means to end African slave raids against European and American shipping and coastal towns.



Pretend that slavery was a purely European institution which was only practised against non-whites. Ignore the fact that slavery has been prevalent the world over since before the Pyramids were built. Ignore the fact that slavery was only legal in 6 of the states of the USA. Ignore the fact that whites, and only whites, ended wholesale slavery the world over. Ignore the fact that slavery continues to this day in many non-white nations. When slavery is mentioned, make sure that it is only the enslavement of non-whites by Europeans that is pilloried.

With such a position of power, you can now dismantle border controls and start importing Third World migrants en-masse. Any politician who objects must be screamed down and vilified by the press and other politicians. Politicians who fail to attack, must be attacked.

Politicians who play ball however, must be rewarded. Set them up with a multi-million-dollar foundation or “charity” as a retirement plan.

Just in case they are concerned about charges of treason, advise them to abolish the Treason law, as Tony Blair did in 1998.



Other useful laws to be passed are “hate speech” laws which criminalise any objection to your agenda. These can be enforced by well paid bureaucratic bodies which understand full well which kind of speech is “hate speech.

At this point, you can really ramp up your rhetoric. Begin insisting that the citizens of the country don’t own the country. Start insisting that they have no more right to the country than someone from the Congo who has never set foot there and who wouldn’t know how to use a flush toilet.

It may seem incredible that anyone would be so stupid and gullible as to believe such a notion but believe me, there is one born every minute.

Another key tactic is to constantly accuse the police of racism. When migrants from countries with high rates of crime have high rates of crime, blame it on police racism. Ensure that politicians are constantly breathing down the necks of the police for alleged cases of racism.

Soon, non-whites will be able to commit any crime they like. The police will simply turn a blind eye to avoid accusations of racism. Rape gangs will be able to enslave literally thousands of school girls and the police will not lift a finger.


At this point, once proud and powerful nations are beginning to resemble your own third world stink hole. Carry on and eventually you will take it down completely. That is provided the patriots don’t realise what is going on. 

Some people will be smart enough to see what is going on. Some of them will be brave enough to ignore the accusations of racism. Some of them will care enough about their children’s and grandchildren’s future to scream out loud at every opportunity.

Watch out for these people. Great leaders can arise from amongst them. When people are so oppressed and desperate, they can turn suddenly. Beware of this happening and make sure you are not in one of these nations when the people rise up. After all the devastation you have wreaked on their nation, their anger against those held responsible is likely to be terrible to behold.

Also, be careful to ensure that this document never gets into mass circulation. If this goes viral on social media, the gig may well be up for you and your puppets in the political, media and educational establishments.

Even if this information does get out, most people will be too afraid, or too complacent to share it. With any luck, they will sit around grumbling and complaining until it is too late to do anything.


any one else think that Harry looks like McLovin from the movie Superbad?

Trumy... that is the most likely scenario.

O/T...Essential California.....The steep cliffs that buttress Malibu and other coastal towns in Southern California could erode by 130 feet by the year 2100, according to a new study led by the U.S. Geological Survey. It’s the latest sign of how sea level rise is also eating away at California’s coastal cliffs. The question is by how much, as Californians have heavily developed and continue to build along the edge of the Pacific. Los Angeles Times

Was the Beak paid off to reverse the original court judgement ?

crickey! Her accountant is going to be cross with her. Bet she had a big splurge think she was spending someone else's money.
Come to think of it, didn't she say she was giving it to charity?

done to death is right. The death of society as we know it. The untold millions of deaths of babies to be. Death of decency. Death of public morality.

Speaking of which, saw a glorious sight on the platform at Central recently. Young couple, love stars in their eyes, almost touching forehead to toe but clearly mindful they were in public and keeping it decent.

don't think she had got the biccies, yet. If there is an appeal, usually payout waits until that is heard. She also had costs against her and might end up in the red on the whole deal.

OT, interesting

Court Rules Federal Reserve is Privately Owned
Case Reveals Fed's Status as a Private Institution
Below are excerpts from a court case proving the Federal Reserve system's status. As you will see, the court ruled that the Federal Reserve Banks are "independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations", and there is not sufficient "federal government control over 'detailed physical performance' and 'day to day operation'" of the Federal Reserve Bank for it to be considered a federal agency:
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Just heard about all the crime in Townsville with kids as young as 10 breaking into locked flats in retirement villages, appearing in old people's bedrooms and taking off with handbags etc. Instead of picking locks, they now just get a brick and smash the windscreen of the car. The police come but never with dogs to track the crims. This is first hand and these crimes never make the papers.

The price to pay for Labors anti business stance and the RC, will be reduced superannuation balances for the plebs. Not for parliamentarians, of course, theirs are defined benefit SCHEMES.

Israeli minister warns of new war on Gaza
Israel’s Justice Minister has warned that the government might launch another war against the Gaza Strip because Palestinians continue to fly “incendiary kites” over Israeli farms, Quds Press reported on Friday. Ayelet Shaked also accused Hamas of inflaming the situation in the besieged territory..
In response to Israel’s murderous attacks on peaceful demonstrators taking part in the Great March of Return protests since 30 March, the Palestinians have taken to flying kites with Molotov cocktails attached. Shaked said that Israel, which developed the iron dome anti-missile system, is able to develop a new system to take down the Palestinian kites. She claimed that the Palestinian children who fly kites are “terrorists” involved in “terrorism”.
The minister echoed similar remarks made by the Israel’s Public Security Minister, Gilad Erdan, who was reported by Haaretz on Thursday as saying that Israel might be “forced” to launch a “large-scale military operation” in the Gaza Strip. “I do not want to launch an operation, but there is a good chance that we will have no other option but to go in so that we can create durable deterrence,” he told Israeli Army Radio.
Erdan added that those who launch burning kites from Gaza should be shot, regardless of their age. “Age does not matter,” he insisted, “they are terrorists and the danger they create must be prevented.”
The Palestinians in the Gaza Strip continue to point out that their protests are entirely legitimate under international law. To call them terrorists, they insist, is not only inaccurate, but also an attempt by the Israelis and their supporters to deceive the world about the nature of the conflict in occupied Palestine.
Kill and Kill and Kill
"...................Killing is built into the plan

To all REGIONAL TV viewers throughout Australia ---

Sky News will start broadcasting programs on free-to-air TV, throughout regional Australia, from 1st September, 2018....Alan Jones.

IE, might give this one a miss...more like an article for the Labor Faithfull magazine....quite an over worked subject of late.

Apparently this is supposed to be humorous!


Michael Smith has been doing some digging, indeed.

Full moon coming up.

There is a God. Avalon Airport completely fogged out (must be global warming) this morning. Flight back to Sunny via Sydney cancelled and now at Tullamarine for direct flight that will have me back the Skull Cave 3 hours early.

At briankhyksos request, I am compelled to give you an update of dearly departed Hooray Harry, she has transformed (as by magic) into Monte. So, stress less posters Hooray Harry is still with us, she's just changed her name and avatar......I offer proof if you choose to scroll down a few comments, then, of course, youse could all do your own research if youse so choose -

Scary bloody thought Ed.