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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


A succession of below par Western leaders has given China an unexpected, and perhaps undeserved, leg-up to geopolitical prominence that threatens a weakened USA. There has never been a more incompetent Administration than that of Barack Obama’s.

Now I’m just a simple bloke who has followed politics for over 60 years. I left school at 13, have worked since the age of 8, I am self educated, I’ve lost more money than I’ve ever made and I’ve failed at most things I’ve tried. But I’ve tried an awful lot of things and I can guarantee I’m smarter than the average politician, most doctors, almost all solicitors and every uni student on the planet... and I’m not really all that smart.

But fair dinkum, why would the US threaten to place even more sanctions on Russia simply because it attempted to supply humanitarian aid to Russian speaking Ukrainians who are being systematically ethnically cleansed by Ukraine’s war criminal, Petro Poroshenko? (pictured)

Why would Obama give comfort to Poroshenko and further alienate Vladimir Putin when he has never needed Putin more than he needs him now?

Blame for the rampaging Islamic State and its atrocities rests entirely with Obama. He armed them via the CIA in the hope they would overthrow Syria’s Bashar Assad. They failed. The US has interfered similarly in Egypt, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. Each is an unholy mess as a result of that interference.

Now Obama is courting the assistance of Assad, the very same bloke he has been trying to kill, to help overthrow the Islamic State. And guess who has been militarily assisting Assad toward the same goal? Yep, Vladimir Putin!

Bloody hell, is this some sort of madness? China, which has a sensible hands-off policy in the Middle East and deals ruthlessly with Islamic terrorists, can’t believe its luck! The US is self-imploding and taking the Middle East and Europe with it.

Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan along with north Africa’s Egypt, Libya and half of central Africa is on fire, ignited by an Arab spring the US promoted. Gaza and the West Bank have erupted because of Obama's unwillingness to support Israel, and now the US wants out? Too late, the Islamic hornet’s nest has been poked. 

The Islamic State must be destroyed and quickly but now Obama needs Assad’s and Putin’s assistance. Yet Obama is busily isolating Russia with the assistance of Ukraine, NATO and a bankrupt Europe!

Can Putin really be expected to go sulk silently in a corner somewhere? Has there ever been better ingredients for a World war?

Obama has lit the Islamic fuse yet he still refuses to use the words “Islam” and “terrorism” in the same sentence. 

Islam has infiltrated and infested the West to the extent that liberal/left governments are electorally unable to combat it. Australia is rendered impotent because Islam has been allowed to dominate seats that decide Federal elections. 

And what’s the point in confronting a cancerous Islam if in the process you lose Office?

ASIO’s chief, David Irvine is on the bloody guest speaker circuit for Christ’s sake, he is speaking at the National Press Club this week! The ASIO chief should be neither seen nor heard, he heads Australia’s primary security agency. 

A Rudd appointment, Irvine claims publically that there is, "no link between terrorism and Islam". WTF?

Abbott politely asks Islamic leaders for assistance in stemming terrorism and is impolitely told to get fucked! The Islamic ideological scourge cannot be allowed to cement itself further.

If thousands of Muslims regularly pray in public streets preventing residents from entering or leaving their homes, when an empty mosque is just up the road, then you know there is a serious problem. Clearly they wish to shove it up our noses, they hate us.

When the Islamic State tires of slaughtering its brothers it will turn its attention West. 

There has never been a greater need, nor a greater opening, for a political Party to support the clear wishes of the vast majority of Australians.

But careful, it was Abbott who was instrumental in jailing an innocent woman who was threatening to collar 20 per cent of the primary vote despite her rednecked proclivity for unfairly attacking Asians and Aborigines. 

Imagine her political success had she attacked what is now the real threat!


yep he is

I agree with your first sentence wholeheartedly. America is impotent in world affairs because of two basic tenets they have. The constitution and their Bill of rights. Bravely written centuries ago but a major hamstringing in today's real world. They have gone overboard with this and their enemies laugh at them. I thank them for their efforts up to now. But realisticly I think we should be attaching ourselves to China. They are the new force in world power. I believe they (possibly Russia also) are the only answer to the islamic threat. China could defeat any islamic threat because it would not be answerable to a weak constitution or democractic government.

How many drug soaked youngsters in the western world, seriously disadvantaged by the lot they have inherited in life and are just waiting in the wings to take advantage of the only hope they will be brainwashed to seeing.

No matter how you look at this mess in the Ukraine , the Russians are certainly not innocent of any blame .

at the end of the day... our only value seems to be as mulch! And even that use of the disintegrating human remains has been taken from us! Fancy burning a good fertiliser...dam :-) Good discussion you two.

Australia is still a majority Christian country Kerr. As a small a atheist I'm happy that the current gov. has a majority of Christians in the cabinet. Scotty Morrison is a devout Pentecostal and I for one wish we had more like him. Conservative Christians are our allies. The traitors in Australia are the mainstream Protestant churches.

Google this. the great Australian taxation swindle mark 2 . Find the truth

Both Parties are lying to you .They can fix the country in Twelve months .The Double taxation act brought in by the liberals in the 60s did the most damage.This act now allows 4500 multinationals not to pay tax .In 2005 it was 200 billion dollars leaving the country tax free .Since then Juliar has said the Australian economy has grown 14 times .The stupid politicians sell our assets thereby reducing our tax collection base .Privatisation does not work for the good of the country ever

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov asks pertinent questions on MH17 and the unsubstantiated accusations against them led by the US and Australia.

MOSCOW, August 26. International community should not be allowed to manipulate the investigation of Malaysia Airlines MH17 flight crash into oblivion, the same way it happened with investigations into many other Ukrainian tragedies, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says in an interview published by Russia Beyond the Headlines, a supplement to The Daily Telegraph.

“We must not allow the investigation of the MH17 crash to be manipulated into oblivion, which has happened to investigations into many Ukrainian tragedies, including the sniper assault on civilians in Kiev in February, massacres in Odessa and Mariupol in May and others,” he said, adding that Moscow was determined to bring to justice all those bearing responsibility for these crimes.

With regard to MH17, Lavrov recalled Russia had put forward a number of questions on its par that remained unanswered.

“For examples, where are the transcripts of the exchanges between the pilots of MH17 and the Ukrainian air controllers and why were they not presented to the international community?” he asked. “Why did the controllers instruct the flight to enter the conflict zone? What was a Ukrainian air force plane doing in the near-vicinity of the Malaysian Boeing right before the incident? What was happening to the wreckage at the crash site and why it has not been examined by the appropriate international investigating authorities?”

Lavrov also recalled that there was no unimpeded access for experts to the crash site, as the pro-Kiev forces continued their combat activity there in violation of the UN Security Council’s Resolution 2166.

“And where is the documented evidence of the claims by the U.S. officials regarding the causes of the downing of the aircraft?” he added.

“We hope to get answers to these and other questions from the states that took the leading role in the international investigation and from those who made unsubstantiated public statements,” Lavrov said. “Truth must be revealed.”

I just hope it does not get infiltrated by the Christian fundies as have right-wing parties in the USA. Australia is a secular democracy no room for god-botherers of any type.

Obama is the pits... he's been the very worst president in recent times.. it's no secret he's a muslim... he just won't admit this to the press.

Right on!

Something we should ALL KEEP IN MIND m'friend.

Early Days Dante for Abbott and his govt. Cleaning up Labor's mess was always going to be unpopular however there has been a shift in the polls. National Security is on everyone's mind and conversation - tough on the enemy within is what's wanted and expected. taxslave - indeed - a seismic shift is essential what you suggest is one possible solution.

Very good overview of the Global and Australian issues and problems Larry. How come it has taken so long for you and the many other media and Governments to see the problems when the first dominos were pushed over? So now we ALL know the problems! Can we come up with a list of 10,20 50 solutions and instructions to those who just may be able to STOP THE ROT!?

yes tax...the swiss have the same system and it works fine. it is what we need

Don't blame OhBlimy.
He's only doing his Illuminati Masters bidding.
WW3 is GO for Launch!

Pauline was the ONLY politician with Any Guts to speak out against GLOBALIZATION.
And RACISM - She said that ALL Australians should be treated EQUALLY and for THAT she was labeled "A Racist"

Come on DJT Dont believe I can tell you both the libs and and labor were both involved in this case against Pauline Hanson.This is what they do. If they find anyone that will upset their status quo ,they will go back as far as it takes even to persons teenage years and destroy their character..They are all corrupt