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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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How the hell did we let this happen?

Renny Carter

Renny Carter, 53, is an old journo and one of the Liberal Party's faceless men, who has opinions on anything and everything in contemporary life.


(CORRECTION, THIS ARTICLE IS BY RENNY CARTER... we apologise for posting the wrong byline)

Australia! Land of the free. Land of opportunity. Land of milk and honey. Ask any hardworking Greek or Italian immigrant and they will tell you it is true. It's a place where the opportunity is given to live a good life. A peaceful life. Australia - the country that opened its arms to the downtrodden peoples of war ravaged Europe. Australia - the land that opened its arms to the Vietnamese. But then, we went too far with our open-arms policy.

Today we have opened the floodgates to a people who hate us before they have even gotten off the boat. In fact it is worse! It is ILLEGAL to like us. To even befriend us. Sure they will put their hand out for our benefits, but they will hate the hand that it came from. And it is not me or some Australian infidel crackpot who is saying this. It is them!

A prominent text in the Islamic Bookstore in the retail hub of Lakemba, billed as “your superstore of Islamic knowledge”, asks the question for those Muslims who are teetering on the brink of liking an Australian - "Is it allowed to support and love disbelievers?"  Answer: "No, it is not allowed.” So there - it's final! We are not allowed to be liked.

Worse! A large sign screams from the side of a building, "There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger!" So they even hate our God/s!

I must thank the PP's 'Ingrid' for bringing this to light for me... an article by Tim Blair of the Daily Telegraph. He spent some time in Lakemba, which through bad luck or atrocious management, is now a Muslim stronghold where its new inhabitants are allowed to display signs that would offend the hell out of most Australians and to scream insults at our women as they pass them in the street.  

The article goes on, "A few weeks ago a large crowd of mostly young men assembled outside the Lakemba Hotel. Waving black flags, the men chanted: 'Palestine is Muslim land. The solution is jihad'.”

Tim Blair said, "I asked a non-Islamic local about that night. 'You should see them when they really go off,' she said. 'That was nothing.' Another non-Islamic woman said young men sometimes shouted 'sharmuta' at her from their cars. She looked up the word online and discovered it was an Arabic term for prostitute."

Apart from hating infidel Australians and Australian 'prostitutes' -this mob also give over shelf space, in their doctrine superstore, to books giving the lowdown on the Jews. 

It seems I have been laughing for 60 years at Jewish humour for nothing. People like Jackie Mason and Jerry Seinfeld wouldn't know a joke if they tripped over it according to the Lakemba Muslims.  “Humor and jokes are strictly forbidden by the Jewish religion” the book - 'The History of the Jews' announces. Obviously every Jewish comedian in the free world is scratching his or her head over this. I can think of no race or religious creed that has contributed more to humour.

Tim Blair's article says, “The History of the Jews” seems a bland enough title, but the back cover quotes lines from Martin Luther that were used by the Nazis: “The sun never did shine on a more bloodthirsty and revengeful people as they.”

The book offers this view, “No one can deny the fact that the Jews are the worst kind of barbarian killers the world has ever known! The decent great Adolf Hitler of Germany never killed in the manner of the Jews! Surely only mad people or those who love killing infants, pregnant women and the infirm will think differently.”

Another must-read is Mansoor Abdul Hakim’s charming 2009 text, 'Women Who Deserve to go to Hell.' "Turns out there are quite a lot of them", suggests Blair.

“Some people keep asking about the denizens of Hell and the reason why women will go to hell in large numbers,” writes Hakim in the book’s foreword before listing various types of hell-bound females, including the grumbler, the quarrelsome woman, women with tattoos and women who refuse to have sex during menstruation. 

"Men’s perfection is because of various reasons: intelligence, religion, etc. At most, four women have this perfection.” 

Blair continued, "Mix this level of ignorance and loathing with the Islamic community’s high rate of unemployment, and conflict is inevitable. The Islamic riots of 2012 ended up in central Sydney but began here in Lakemba and surrounding suburbs, where seething young Muslims formed their plans, including printing signs reading 'Behead all those who insult the prophet'".

I have to be honest. I have never ever seen another 'race' or 'creed' of people  who do more 'grumbling' or 'quarrelling'. Or killing.

How the hell did we open our doors to a problem that is going to get a hell of a lot worse before somebody with considerably large cohunas stands up and points them to the nearest dock? I mean the ones where ships leave from, not where justice is meted out. We don't want them in our prisons. Although it might be too late for that.

Stand up Australia! Lest ye cannot stand up! Our culture is built on harmony. Not this sort of offensive disharmony. Stand up lest they turn your country into another 'denizen of hell.'


A couple of Mack trucks would solve this problem. Then when the mess is cleared up, just drive the trucks up and down at prayer time every day. Load the trucks with pigs of course.

Too late...its here and even 2nd generation Muslims are out for long as Aussies have footy, beer and BBQs she'll be right mate. We have our courts to protect us don't we?

Too late...its here and even 2nd generation Muslims are out for long as Aussies have footy, beer and BBQs she'll be right mate. We have our courts to protect us don't we?

IRONY - The suicide bomber targeted a soccer game between Frace and Germany, the two nations most responsible for the Muslim invasion of Europe. Just shows you the contempt Muslims have for the West.

Notice the shock horror and anger of Australians as to what their governments have done to them? Geee I'm looking hard to find some of that shock horror. Most places I go to , and most people I meet , seem to have little or no idea of what's being done to them. You say "Wake Up Australia" well,, methinks your words fall on very deaf ears.

Yes, but, my moslem friends are all decent people who would never sanction any violence against innocent civilians! Oh, hang on ... wait a second ... that's right, i don't have any moslem friends. Come to think of it ... no one does!

muslims kiss the dirt of their evil god from hell; because; while showing their backside to the One True God in Heaven Above! The true Holy Scriptures tell those who worship the One True Creator of the Universe to look up! and and

I think that I, as a European, would have more difficulties to overcome to enter Australia then any radical muslim ...

I reckon my Toyota Landcruiser (with 6 inch spring lift kit) would have no trouble driving down that street .

It is never too late to take action. Ban the burka and make praying in this streets illegal. France did just that.

Ban the burka and make praying in the street illegal. France did just that.

Too late.


(The road to total subsumation – our obliteration)

Resulting in the inevitable loss of our Australian identity and democracy

Moslem numbers increase (moslem fertility rate (7) cf. Australia (1.3)
Increasing radical numbers (asylum seekers, family sponsorship etc)
foreign countries place agents (organize, threaten, train personnel, speakers)
Islamic education programs (school visits, media portrayals, church visits)
Slow infiltration of all levels of society (political, public and private, sports, clubs)
Extorting us (Halal certification, welfare fraud)
Large increase in violent crime (shootings, gang rape, street violence)
Open disrespect (for our Christian religions, family values and traditions)
Strategic mosque building (funding from Halal extortion, Saudi Arabia, Iran)
Growing legal and political support

5% of population Moslem (a tipping point)
Louder and more aggressive demands for religious privileges
Mushrooming Islamic ghettos (with Islamic councils)
Sharia Law recognised for certain areas (applies to non-Moslem as well)
More open hostility towards Christian churches and traditions
Severe criticism of our Australian way of life (anti-Western sentiment)
Mosque numbers rapidly increasing (loudspeakers - “call to prayer”)
Education for girls restricted (house duties only)
Australian non-Moslem population still failing to recognise the dangers
Early calls for changes to our constitution
Gang rapes and other violence has risen dramatically
Attacks on churches

65% to 705 of population Moslem
Many Moslem MP's and senior bureaucrats
Moslems hold key positions in law enforcement (and military – ADF)
Sharia law widespread
Non-Moslem victimization (loss of jobs,
Forced closure of some businesses
Fearful non-Moslem population
Many Australians have departed the country (led by Labor /Greens no doubt)
Early attempts to form loose knit cells of resistance (Australian Freedom Fighters)
Floodgates open to Moslem immigrants and businesses (untended contracts awared)
Christian schools forced to close (in some areas)
Street punishments for wrongful dress and behaviour

4. MOSLEMS NOW CONTROL AUSTRALIA - (65 to 70 years from now)
Australian constitution totally re-written
A majority vote totally removes our democratic government
ADF quash last remaining vestiges of the Australian Freedom Fighters
Failing economy and nationalised mining and financial sectors
Crumbling and inadequate infrastructure
Zero public services and welfare
Allied to Middle-East and Moslem SE Asia
Sharia Law across the country
Property values crashed
Public executions (stonings, hangings)
Australian history erased
Freedom of the press a distant memory (leftist journalists have fled or executed)


Continued from below.Owns his own business and employs 3 people. Even his old man who is now deceased despite being somewhat religous, was happy when my mate married his wife because as far as his dad was concerned she was from the People of the Book. He is like a brother to me and thinks that ISIS and most Muslims are wankers. What happens to people like my mate who are Muslim in name only, born here, bacon eating, beer drinking and want nothing to do with the Rag head rabble? He even has a dog and wants to get a micro-pig !!!!!

So when the time come how do we kick em out ? What about the ones born here or with Australian citizenship. Surely the UN will arch up. And what constitues a Muslim anway. One of my best mates who I have known since grade 8 is an Aussie Born Indian he is as Australian as you like, he was born to a Muslim dad and a Hindu mum who ran away from India to Australia so the could get married ( 1970's and entered legally with careers), now my mate, loves his booze, is Big on pork and smokes a lot of dope, he is married to an Aussie girl and despite his background and yes he did attend Mosque as a kid, wants nothing to do with the Religion, reckons they are all nutters. If anything he Identifies more with his Hindu side and lives by the rule of Karma pretty much.He owns his own business and

Rudd Gillard Milne SHY - Off with their heads! Did I miss anyone? Oh yes of course -- "we stopped the boats Marles"

Fair go - he is still at Martha's on the practice fairway trying to cure that bloody slice. First thing's first,, ay!

OT - Shorten - Rape case not proceeding because the case has little chance of success. Shorten carrying on like he didn't do it. Because they can't prove it doesn't equate to acquittal. The cloud of suspicion still hovers over his head.

Look at that photo , i wish a couple of A-10 Thunderbolt II s would fly down and pulverize these bastards with their 30mm Avenger cannon followed some naplam canisters