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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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...because you are hurting it by staying

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Those on your Left have hooked you ol' girl... they are in the process of reeling you in and soon you will feel the coup de gras of the gaff and the knife, so stop struggling and accept the inevitable fate of the cannery. There is no escape now.

Those who want you gutted have been feeding media with regular succulent morsels and they will continue doing so until Parliament sits in a couple of weeks.

They have done their homework well and now it’s a drip, drip, waterboarding until you give up. Or it’s a censure motion... oh yes, how well you know that just one week in politics is an awful long time.

You simply can’t chuck 361 Members of the Opposition out of the House, compared to six of your own party, without expecting a savage reprisal. You can’t involve yourself in Party Room politics while claiming impartiality in the Chair.

Only a total cleanskin could withstand the venomous political vendetta planned for you in episodic stage-managed instalments. Maybe it isn't fair... but it’s certainly time to give up.

To claim expenses for an invitation to Sophie’s wedding on the basis of a secret parliamentary engagement the night before is laughable and an insult to all.

If you were a Minister and not the Speaker you might have survived, but to sit in your office watching the Deputy Speaker oversee a censure motion on you, despite it being defeated, would be devastatingly humiliating. Even more so if you returned to the Chair where the humiliation would be daily unbearable .

Uncle Tony will not tap you on the shoulder (you know that) so it’s up to you now.

You must tap Uncle Tony on the shoulder and magnanimously show him that the Party is bigger than you by resigning.

No big deal! You will still be in line for a junior Ministry, but you need to lose the cushiest rort going in the House for an old duck who has studied up on Standing Orders. It's a bloody shame but really it is all your own fault.

Labor’s Tony Burke prefers you to stay, he is sadistically enjoying watching your panicky efforts to throw the hook, so why allow him that pleasure?

Book a chopper over to Uncle Tony's joint, or better still give him a call and show him you're not just a colorful lure!


While we are on the subject of rorters lets look at the major ones. WELFARE BLUDGERS. Getting the methadone, pushing a filthy stroller with a young child with now foot covering in the middle of winter, while the shopping consists of the cigs, coke and chips - no decent food. Born on welfare and will die on welfare. A lifetime of contributing nothing. I'd rather pursue these dogs and have the system changed here as a priority. Then not's forget the ILLEGALS who are bludging off the system at my hard earned taxpayer contributions.

Gee, I am sorry to see old Bronny go. I loved it when she chucked the nasty, giggling labor goons out for being disrespectful to the Speaker’s chair. Hope they replace her with a bloke, the labor mob won’t have the guts to do the same to a man.

Bronwyn Bishop should only step down when all the other MP's including the Opposition do the same - and we probably wouldn't have very many on the front benches. No double standards. Also labor has been after Bronwyn Bishop from the moment she was appointed Speaker - they have done everything possible to niggle Bronwyn and their behaviour is not the behaviour that is expected of Taxpayer funded Members of Parliament. I say Bronwyn should stay and perhaps someone should tell us how many days Clive Palmer has been absent from the Chamber.

(TLS) - Julia (Gillard) jets off to a VIP wedding

FRESH from being returned in a farcical leadership spill, Julia Gillard yesterday flew to northern NSW on a taxpayer funded VIP jet for a staffer's wedding and several low key announcements.

Ms Gillard, along with Treasurer Wayne Swan and Finance Minister Penny Wong, will today attend the Byron Bay wedding of her press secretary Laura Anderson and Mr Swan's chief-of-staff Jim Chalmers.

Her office confirmed the PM flew to northern NSW on a RAAF VIP Challenger aircraft.

MPs are only entitled to use the RAAF special purpose flights for "commitments associated with their official responsibilities and other purposes including parliamentary business".

They cannot be used by any member of parliament for purely personal business, Ms Gillard's spokesman said. He said Ms Gillard's attendance at the wedding was sandwiched between official duties scheduled for the weekend in northern NSW, Melbourne and Sydney.

Mr Swan made his own way to the wedding and did not use a VIP jet. Yesterday, Ms Gillard and local MP Justine Elliot - a Kevin Rudd loyalist - held a press conference at Titenbar at the side of a new stage of the Pacific Highway duplication, which started in October and is not due to be completed until the end of next year. The federal government contributed $560 million to the 17km upgrade.

Ms Gillard was asked how long she had been planning her visit.

"I've been talking to Justine for quite some time about coming up locally. So it fitted into the program and we wanted to get it done," she said.

Ms Gillard was asked about campaigning with a known Rudd supporter in Ms Elliot.

"Justine is a great Labor member, a great local representative of these communities in the parliament and I've always enjoyed travelling here and spending time with Justine," she said.

Senior Labor figures, including Bill Shorten, Julia Gillard, Wayne Swan, Penny Wong and Nicola Roxon, have claimed $13,600 in taxpayer-funded travel to address party fundraisers in Bathurst.

The single largest claimant was Mr Swan, who as treasurer chartered a $7981 return flight from his Brisbane electorate to the country town, 200km west of Sydney, in September 2009.

Mr Shorten, Mr Swan and Senator Wong all claimed addressing the annual Light On The Hill Dinner, which honours former prime minister Ben Chifley, constituted “official business” as frontbenchers and was therefore within entitlements.

Mr Shorten claimed $1357 as employment minister in 2012, comprising $663 in flights to Sydney, $354 travelling allowance and $340 for a rental car.

His spokesman said: “It’s a public lecture and within the guidelines. He caught a flight to Sydney and hired a hire car and drove the three hours over the mountains to Bathurst. No helicopter was considered."…

Senator Wong’s office ... “Senator Wong’s accompanying staff member drove her to Bathurst from Sydney. No helicopter travel was involved,” a spokeswoman said.

LABOR’S Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen has been forced to repay more than $1000 in taxpayer-funded business-class flights he claimed for his family during school holidays.

The Sydney Labor MP, who was immigration minister at the time, had spent so much of his family reunion entitlements in 2012 that he exceeded the cap set by Finance…

(I)n 2012 Mr Bowen was asked by the department to repay $1191 in flights he had wrongly claimed for his family to fly to Brisbane during the 2012 summer school break.

Between 2011 and 2012, the Gillard government minister had racked up $16,000 in expenses on his family. When the Finance Department was alerted to the excessive expenditure, it wrote to Mr Bowen asking him to repay the overspent amount…

Fellow Sydney MP and leader of Opposition business Tony Burke has similarly been forced to pay back money he admitted had incorrectly claimed for family travel. Finance records show Mr Bowen took his family on ­vacation from January 13 to 16 in the 2012 school holidays, flying them business class to Brisbane at a cost of $3573. He also claimed a travel allowance of $800 for the period. He also took them to Darwin from July 4 to 8 during school holidays of 2012 at a total cost of $6226.

Lol.....thankyou for you kind good wishes.

Tony Burke has to repay 14000 oxford scholars and don't forget Julia claim cab fares for her Mother .... and Slipper made false entries to cover up his abuse of alcohol..

It is indeed a great site Winston - one of the best. Some of my friends from overseas use tis quite a bit. Another 'goodie' is the Australian Women's Weekly - you'll find some good stuff there too. All good wishes to you m'friend.

Cooking is great fun, satisfying and excellent for ones mental health. Cheers Winston.

Anyone looking for recipes of any dish can invariably find it by Googling..which will direct you to a multitude of sites.......I find is excellent. Bon appetite...Winston

Hi all, sorry for being quiet, work has had me tied up. Well busy anyway. It's been leftovers the last few evenings, toasted sangas too. Tomorrow evening may be time to fire up the bench-top oven. We have a piece of marinated beef waiting for the heat treatment. Few spuds and we're away. Have a good day.

Exactly BB and for very similar reasons.... one was racist and the other will be sexist...

Perhaps lots of women will vote for the first time next November.

When $ billions are wasted we say nothing, but get all excited over a piddling $5,000!

Palmer's credibility is incredible

"Should Bronwyn Bishop tough it out?" Methinks she should offer to step down from her position if Burke etc also step down from theirs if everyone is to be held to the same standards.

Open Letter to the Archbishop of Westminster

With Islam, how it is possible to dialogue with a faith that denies the divinity of Christ, regards the Bible as corrupt, believes that all Christians are the inferiors of Muslims and are destined to hell fire? What is there to talk about if both sides are to be honest about their beliefs?

When members of ISIS murder apostates, it is hard to condemn them, as that is what the Prophet did. When they take slave girls as war booty, that is what the Prophet did. Waging jihad is an injunction in many chapters of the Qur'an.

I do not know what copy of the Qur'an Pope Francis has been shown, but it is clearly very different to any copy in my possession, whether the original Arabic or a translation.

When hate preachers in British mosques convey a violent or intolerant message to their congregants, they do so by quoting the Qur'an as the Word of God, thereby sanctioning acts of jihad. To ignore this is to hamper us in our efforts to bring Muslims into peaceful relations with the West, with all non-Muslims and especially with one another.

What was striking was that, instead of successive generations of Muslims becoming better integrated into British society, the younger they are, the more radical they become. Apparently the majority of Muslims do not feel particularly progressive.

Only 34% of British Muslims believe the Holocaust happened. 62% of Muslims here do not support freedom of speech. Only 7% of Muslims in the UK consider themselves as British first. CSP Poll this year reported that 38% of Muslim-Americans say Islamic State (ISIS) beliefs are Islamic or correct. Figures such these are indicative of a wider level of acceptance of extreme ideas than your comments and those of many politicians suggest.

The available evidence convinces me that the Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine was a plot hatched in Washington in order to blame Russia, blame which helps Washington’s pressure on Europe for sanctions against Russia.

Freddie uncle charlie king .

Public opinion is volatile, shifting erratically in response to the most recent developments. Mass beliefs early in the 20th century were "too pacifist in peace and too bellicose in war, too neutralist or appeasing in negotiations or too intransigent"
Public opinion is incoherent, lacking an organized or a consistent structure to such an extent that the views of U.S. citizens could best be described as "nonattitudes"
Public opinion is irrelevant to the policy-making process. Political leaders ignore public opinion because most Americans can neither "understand nor influence the very events upon which their lives and happiness are known to depend."