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Monday, 18th February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Mending a previous Government’s fences is never a popular pastime and Julia Gillard knew that was true when she went on her crazy spending spree. Crumbs, she couldn’t even get through lunch with Hugh Jackman without slipping him a cool $12 million.

If you’re certain to lose an upcoming election at least make sure the incoming government feels plenty of pain. And apportioning pain was about the only thing Gillard was very good at.

Joe Hockey faces an uphill battle to repair the damage purposefully wreaked by Gillard in time for a 2016 election. 

The hapless Wayne Swan with his budget “surpluses” and his “pipelines” of foreign investment was just a sop to the true believers. 

Even he must have blushed at the list of Gillard’s goodies she forced Abbott to match.

The cruel hoax of the NDIS, the aspirational Gonski, the most expensive UN seat in history and the NBN white elephant, which followed Rudd’s boat policy and his maniacal spending on fending off a GFC spectre, gave Hockey the headache they intended for him. 

Polls are starting to reflect the pain of recovering that debt.

What better way to go out for a Labor Government that should never have been? Their victims are the workers they vowed to protect, innocent unemployed youth and insolvent businesses.

Oh well, voters will never blame an Opposition and the Opposition is having a field day pinning the results of their own infidelities on the Government. That’s the way it works.

Despite all of that, it is still confounding as to how an incompetent AWU thug’s personal polling can compare to that of Abbott’s.

There are still fools out there somewhere.


This was forecast prior to the election, Labor knew they did not have a chance in hell of winning and like a scum bag tennant they spent the last years in office trashing the joint prior to eviction!! There should be a clause inserted into all policy, that guarantees all policies that are abject failures and end up costing Australia massive amounts, the cost is paid for by that party.

bruce, for contacting larry just open article and look on left of screen under picture of larry

Speaking of fools, how about Taree council. These guys are shaking their fists at their federal member because he will not honour a road funding package that was promised by a desperate Labor government during the election campaign. What unbelievable dopes. They jump up and down and bitch about not receiving funding that the coalition did NOT promise them.

Beggars belief, that such a destroyed Labor lot can be listened to by anyone. Cannibals ,who ate themselves to the last member and now try to hold their head up. By the facial expressions in recent times ,I note the Labor side have aged to the point where I won't be surprised to hear Shorten has eloped with Quinton Bryce.

Union Labor blackmail on the taxpayer through major businesses is slowly coming to and end. The money is running out, Job losses were expected and here they are, week after week. As the union stranglehold slips away it still inflicts the deadly stinging wounds with threats of STRIKE STRIKE STRIKE.
Thanks Gillard, Rudd and now this useless union delegate dealbreaker Shorten.
Get rid of that bloody cruel thieving carbon tax before the country is truly screwed and ready for an asian takeover.

They need more signatures!

Have just signed.

If it doesn't have a put them all up against the wall clause I not sure I see the point.

haven't as yet DJT, but will go in and do so. Have to keep trying.

I think it's time for the PM to review that deal as the budget needs that money more than the multi millionaire Stokes.

Have just signed.

oops should have added an 'e' to syndrome.

O/T. Little wee willie Wilkie, suffering attention deprivation syndrom, stands up and moves a motion to condemn him of the red underpants power Conroy. Ok that's good. He goes on to state he was once a class mate of the General's, we were all once class mates of somebody's, but probably have gone on and never been friends. Further, he then decides to hit the government around the head with the 'no matter how unpalable the orders'. Having no influence in this government, unlike when he supposedly did in Juliars government, even though she shafted him; he seizes the opportunity of using the Conroy moment to get himself in 5 minutes of limelight, by standing by a 'class mate' and condemning the governments policy, a policy that the majority of us elected this government to do.

The whole system is "primitive" and must date back to the industrial revolution. They also use pencils and many ballot papers have been found with 'rubbed out' votes. I am amazed at the number of people actually carrying an eraser around in their pocket! When you have a party whose philosophy is based on greed and corruption, anything can happen with all the latte sipping, mamil, watermelons floating around this once great society! No prize for guessing which party is just plain "dirty!"

Yeah Larry, and they are called labor voters. My extended family is riddled with them to a man and woman. It goes way back to our great great grandfather who voted labor. God help us.

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It will backfire badly for Labor!

Actually that might only be the number of 'innocent' multiple voters. The larger problem probably exists with those more deliberate manipulators who won't be detected by the limited reconciliation processes.

Right on Rubyred.. Conroy refuses to apologise for his utterances.. as I've said.. just Labor trash! Though Julie Bishop had a good ' go' today.. fell on deaf on ears as far as Mr. Shorten was concerned... politics? a nasty business!!!