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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The Royal Commission into Unions has advised in an interim report that many union officials should be charged over accusations regarding the misuse and/or theft of union members’ funds. 

They include Kathy Jackson, Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt but the Commission stopped short of including Julia Gillard, saying her conduct as a lawyer was "questionable" and that “evidence supports a finding that she received money from her allegedly corrupt former boyfriend Bruce Wilson”.

Counsel Assisting, Jeremy Stoljar, raised many eyebrows after he went noticeably easy on Gillard, preferring to allow her to cement herself in her own evidence... undoubtedly to be used at a later date.

Only the Left media believes in Gillard's innocence. 

There is no doubt that the fraud could not have been arranged without Gillard’s personal assistance and that she benefitted monetarily. The Commission knows that, and so too does the Victoria Major Fraud Squad who have spent two years on the case.

But mainstream media has completely missed how this is playing out and how Julia Gillard is far from home free.

Bruce Wilson has given notice he will not dump on his former lover, but Ralph Blewitt, Bob Kernohan and others are determined to see her behind bars. That’s unlikely to happen, but the real Julia Gillard will be laid bare, the gangster’s moll will die with a deserved reputation as Australia’s first and only criminal PM, apart from Paul Keating that is.

Okay, this is the evolving end-game: Vicpol was reluctant to give Blewitt immunity from prosecution if he agreed to testify, but he took the risk and now he says he intends pleading not guilty in order to take the stand and pour a pile of excrement on both Gillard and Wilson. 

Getting Blewitt on the stand in a court forum will open a Pandora’s box whereby Gillard will have to be subpoenaed to either support or refute the evidence of either Wilson or Blewitt. 

Prosecutors will then have her dubious testimony to the Commission in their hot little hands for comparison. 

Add to that the evidence of Kernohan, Nick Styant-Browne, Ian Cambridge, Rob McClelland, Olive Brosnahan and a host of others including Wayne Hem who has testified to having first-hand knowledge of payments being made to Gillard, then an unforecast shit storm erupts over Gillard herself.

Any evidence given against Bruce Wilson will necessarily embroil Gillard. She will be caught in her own web of deceit.

Vicpol now holds not only its own evidence but that deduced from the Commission. 

It will be impossible to nail Wilson without also nailing Gillard at the same time. They were partners in the fraud, so why on earth would Stoljar have given notice to either of what’s in store via a Commission hearing when Vicpol is set to be the real prosecutor.

Better stay tuned while Gillard remains wrapped in a false sense of security. 


Don't forget the Medicare appointed the other labor incompetent Bligh to its board. That's why I changed health funds and I had been with Medicare since its inception.

Confucius say: "A closed mouth gathers no foot".

Gillard is probably taking advice from her friend Hilary Clinton. Another skank who should have been charged for offences concerning Watergate and others. Both incredible liars and screamers about they are attacked because they are women. What a load of bull shit (bull being a male). It's because they are rotten.

Jees, that dildo has turned into a donger!! And everyone's got one! Larry, I hope you are right and that the Commission or a court gets this detestable bag before she becomes a Labor heroine. Trouble is, she may well become a martyr. I have been past a couple of Labor sanctuaries and saw that her picture is one the walls. Strewth! I felt sick!

I think that is "foot in mouth" Bruce.

Is Johnny Depp a fool or just arrogant ?

Just pumping up her own socialist ego with our money - her part in the fraud of the union moneys is minor compared to what she stole from our taxes - both her and Rudd should be put away for theft

And Jeff Kennett has put Gillard on the board of Beyond Blue? We all know Gillard is guilty - Jeff has lost the respect of every Victorian. Don't know why he bothers to put an opinion in the papers - no one believes him any more, like no one ever believed Gillard!


its ok keeping up with the deranged idiot would be a waste of time .
troll he is not he is on a mission its all up to Pickering!
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DRUM tonight is talking about HALAL and saying all people are bigoted in not wanting to eat HALAL food, These guests on the DRUM think it's a beat up and "against the moslems'. Then they all think it's a good thing. People should watch the rerun on abc24 about 9 minutes in. The panellists, even IPA Chris Berg were all for the certification. Repeats are 6.30 and half past midnight on abc 24

The shame of this failed incubator will live with this country forever. How bloody disgusting to think that its parents saw its shameful performance and they had brought it to this country for a better life? Welcome to Australia.

Great comment Gail. Weedy's the real deal alright. He's smart enough to play to his target audience. Knows the right buttons to push. Taqiya nothing more.

It seems that Italy will act to stop illegals. The Gillard / Rudd record - luring at least 2000 to their death, is safe !

Don't give up your day job, ablution - whatever that might be.

where are all the posters who condenmed TA for his PPL programme, what bloody hypocrites - all having a go at him for stopping double dipping even if it is legal it shouldn't have been.. If a pollie claims living away from home allowance in Canberra which is legal the public call it a rort, when a female/male public servant double dips for a baby bonus all the lefties and part time conservatives go into coniptions because the rort has been stopped. Now would you lot rather see TAs programme where big business pays for PPL or the public servants double dipping and ripping of the tax payer. I say it is a rort bordering on fraud.


I suffered years of sexual abuse from my paedophile ‘father’ after an adoption agency made him my legal guardian - but right now adoption agencies aren’t being examined by Royal Commission.

I know because my submission was rejected. They said my abuse occurred within the family, not an institution. So despite knowing first hand that adoption agencies have placed vulnerable children in the homes of sexual predators - they aren’t being reviewed by the Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse.

Its terrifying - how many other little kids have been adopted by paedophiles to be frightened and abused? By rejecting submissions like mine, kids remain in danger.

The social worker provided the courts with a glowing recommendation of my paedophilic ‘dad’ - sentencing me to years of disgusting and unrecoverable sexual abuse.

Innocent children placed in the custody of society’s worst predators - all because adoption institutions are failing to check the safety and background of guardians properly - this needs to be heard by the Royal Commission, urgently.

I feel sick to my core. I was forced to call him my dad. I won’t let other children go through this same hell - the silence needs to be broken!

Please sign my petition asking the Attorney General to intervene - and ensure the Royal Commission accept submissions detailing sexual abuse enabled by adoption agencies.

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