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Tuesday, 13th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Would Gillard liken herself to Emmeline Pankhurst? Would Rudd liken himself to Jesus Christ? Well, um, probably… but for the extensively flawed Lib leader in Turnbull to liken himself, or his ideology, to that of the great Ming is a ludicrous proposition. No Mr Turnbull, the only thing you should liken yourself to is lichen itself.

You see, lichen is a composite organic morphon spawned from bacterial algae that can only survive within a reciprocal relationship of motley other multiple fungi. There now, Mal was obviously referencing lichen!

I could be wrong but I reckon I am one of the very few people still alive who knew Menzies as a friend since 1949 and each Christmas his present to me was a beautiful, crisp, orange, ten shilling note.

                                                    I wish I had kept one

He became the fire in my belly that separated all that I figured was right and wrong in politics. My way of thinking now was germinated in that long association I had with this man, when I shared with him the King’s death and the Coronation of Elizabeth II, and even Hillary’s conquest of Everest, despite him being a Kiwi.

He rarely spoke about himself or even his Party, he spoke about the Australian people and what he wanted for them. Now that doesn’t sound like Turnbull does it?.

He wanted immigration limited to only those people who would benefit Australia. He foresaw a problem of integrating immigrants. Devoid of current day PC, he spoke openly of a preferred White Australia Policy that was also later openly spoken about, and supported by, Labor’s Arthur Calwell.

Mention an homogenous Australia today and it awakens the uni fungi to grab their banners screaming white supremacy as they rush to the streets to defend an unassimilated Islamic cult.

Menzies parents, like the latter day Thatcher's, were lowly country storekeepers but that didn’t stop him becoming a Constitutional Lawyer of serious note nor she a UK Prime Minister. He, unlike Turnbull, was a fair dinkum anti-centrist who vigorously defended States’ rights over Federal interventions.

He as PM, and very much unlike Turnbull, also insisted on balanced budgets as he deftly dragged the nation from the remnant effects of The Great Depression and a World War. 

                                                     Hosting a Royal visit

He would not allow unions unreasonable ascendancy over business. He stuck to the letter of the law. He was an emotional Monarchist despite never resiling from Australia’s interests when it came to challenging the might of the British aristocracy.

            Turnbull appears to grit his teeth as he greets Menzies' daughter, Heather

Australia as a Republic in the mind of Menzies was unthinkable pornography. Gay marriage was never a possibility as gay meant “happy” and homosexuality was never spoken of except in jest.

He was loosely a Presbyterian, but more a fellow traveller, as he never discussed religion or referred to a God with me. And I never heard him swear.

Can anyone except Turnbull seriously compare Turnbull to Menzies?

To have Menzies as a friend was a lasting and awesome experience. He exuded intelligence and natural leadership. His voice could rattle your bones or allay your fears. 

His company was inspiring. His awful death came as I worked in the Canberra Times where few admired him.

           The grave of Sir Robert and Dame Pattie at Melbourne General Cemetery

No Mr Turnbull, unlike your mind, this is the clear spoken mindset of a true Liberal Centrist: “In a country like Australia the class war must always be a false war. But if we are to talk of classes, then the time has come to say something of the forgotten class - the middle class - those people who are constantly in danger of being ground between the upper and the nether millstones of the false war; the middle class who, properly regarded, represent the backbone of this country.”

I cannot tell you of the amount of annoyance I feel when someone like Turnbull aligns himself with Menzies… it is such a depraved comparison.

As a lowly paper boy I have no idea what effect I had on him. I only know he waited for me every Saturday morning without fail in his pyjamas and dressing gown. 

Maybe I was some sort of link to the lower class, maybe I had the unusual political outlook of a dumb novice… I don’t know, but it could never be equal to the effect he had on me.

...but I will always vainly believe there was something.


Talcum will be blown away -- but who by? The loyal backstabbing deputy Bitchop, Snot Morrison who makes Wayne Swan look good -- he of the "we thought the economy would have WENT this way" Queenslander can't even speak English properly -- Shanghai Pete - if anybody could claim dual citizenship it has to be Peter Dutton, Minister for Everything. His mother was seriously frightened by a Chinaman in a compromising position.

That's it Stoney. I will not say that I know the ins and outs of the ongoing feud - and nor do I want to. I just wish they'd stop causing strife -- whoever they are.

I don't want to offend the wrong person(s) but this shit is way over the top and really REALLY detracts from the excellent (I don't always agree totally with LP) articles that Larry writes. It waters down the subject matter more than any other "off topic" posts and it takes so much away from those that want serious discussion. I wish that the actual perpetrators would just go away for ever and rot in a hole. Like having a turd floating in the drinking water!

" Especially during the fourth century BC, after the restoration of democracy from oligarchical coups, the Athenians used the drawing of lots for selecting government officers in order to counteract what the Athenians saw as a tendency toward oligarchy in government if a professional governing class were allowed to use their skills for their own benefit.[5][page needed] They drew lots from large groups of adult volunteers that pick selection technique for civil servants performing judicial, executive, and administrative functions (archai, boul?, and h?liastai).[6] They even used lots for posts, such as judges and jurors in the political courts (nomothetai), which had the power to overrule the Assembly.[7] "

As a young teenager, I watched and heard Robert Menzies address and take questions and heckling from a crowd, from the back of a flatbed truck in Forrest Place outside the GPO in Perth. Which of our current representatives, with the exception of Abbott, would have the courage, or wisdom, to do so today.

Spot on Larry.

Apologies. Should have posted in replies. Whack.

“This is really a way to bring the whole issue to a head,” Industry Minister Arthur Sinodinos says in a statement announcing the review.

At this pace we should have a space agency around the time Burkina Faso sends its first manned mission to Pluto.

Currently there are 70 nations around the world who have space agencies. Australia is not one of them. Thirteen of these have a launch capability, not counting North Korea who seem to be making a decent first of it, although there might be some confusion over applications. Six nations or collective groups have full launch capabilities but only three — Russia, China and the US have the capacity for manned flights.

It doesn’t take a latter day Jules Verne to figure out what’s going on here. The future belongs to those able to colonise space and we currently are not part of the group.

If there’s one thing we know about space, it’s really, really big. But will it be big enough? After all, we’re Australians and we like a lot of room.

The Chinese are, if nothing else, inscrutable and when they exhaust the Australian property market, they’ll have to get about buying up real estate in distant galaxies. The basic laws of supply and demand will dictate Australians buying into the market in Mercury or Venus will find it as pricey as buying a semi in Sydney. And if that’s the case, what’s the point?

Entire planets will be owned lock, stock and barrel by oafish Russians, meaning what planetary life that has been brought to heel will be getting about in acid wash jeans, white runners and bearing bulky gold necklaces. Meanwhile, the Americans will set up resorts with 36 hole golf courses, garish interior decors, rides for the kids and plenty of parking which might be nice for a holiday but really, you wouldn’t want to live there.

I don’t want to see us have to share a galaxy with Costa Rica because we were too slow off the mark. Or get stuck into the colonisation of a sector of the universe with the Spaniards who have a pretty poor record when it comes to colonisation, as anyone with a working knowledge of the conquest of the New World knows, where several million Caribbean, South and Central American indigenes disappeared from the face of the planet. Spaniards don’t like to talk about it much now but I’m pretty sure the locals didn’t all come to grief after a spate of trip and fall accidents.

Anthropologists claim there are lost tribes in the Amazon. I think these tribes aren’t lost at all. They know precisely where they are. They just peer through the bushes at anyone passing by and think, “Those guys look like they might be Spanish” and head for the hills. Wouldn’t you?

So why is Australia so tediously slow in developing a space program? If you ask me it all went to hell when one by one state and territory governments banned fireworks and cracker nights. I think they still allow bungers in Darwin but Darwinians tend to waste opportunities by placing pyrotechnics in orifices not designed for successful lift off. I have learned this from reading the NT News and it never lies.

Men and women of my vintage have experienced the allure of space by sticking sky rockets in milk bottles and aiming them at the heavens when not aiming them at each other. We felt the pull of space by exploding things in the troposphere. Sure, a few of our dimmer brothers and sisters caught fire but that provided an important lesson in pyrotechnical safety for the rest of us, not to mention a constant reminder of the rigid laws of natural selection.

Bring back cracker nights and it will only be a matter of time before the nation’s youth disconnect from their smart phones, look skyward, then head off to the shed and get to work at making their own rockets. Pretty soon we won’t need government assistance at all. OK, it might be an idea to keep the burns units in good standing.

Our PM, Malcolm Turnbull, constantly hectors the nation to be agile and to be innovative without having the nous to get stuck in and build an Australian space agency starting today. Not by some torturous bureaucratic process that could literally take centuries but today. Turnbull stands to reap immediate rewards not least of all if he is able to convince Tony Abbott to become Australia’s first astronaut to land on Mars. And just as Tony clambers into Australia’s first spacecraft, Malcolm could change the co-ordinates and set the thing on a direct course to the Sun.

Two birds, one stone.

Jack The Insider. "Put aside the rubber band and icy pole stick jokes. Australia is going into space. Soon. well, soon-ish. Weather permitting.

In typical Australian fashion, the government has decided a space agency sounds like it might be a good idea and have immediately announced a committee to see if it really is a good idea and after that committee reports, the government will review it immediately or in the fullness of time, whichever comes first and move straight to establishing a working party to announce the formation of a commission to get cracking on creating a new committee to conduct a feasibility study. When that’s done, the sky’s the limit or it might be if a bunch of government consultants decide it is". Cont'd.

Roll up roll up get ya guns folks.

Menzies would have passed a law against Halal and declared Islam a cult (and a non-religion) and had it denied any Government tax benefits. The Turd will do nothing.

The place for Sharia...the fecken rubbish tip, together with all copies of the Koran. (now the goat fuckers will behead me for sure).

Right on Stoney.

New post up folks.

And this is how it all begins to ALLOW MUSLIM Sharia filth law ..


Left looks away from Islamist threat......Peter Baldwin (Aust)

Just a taste as to what could be if there are several million or more let into the country,we already know that in the UK and the EU, sharia laws are in place ,(unofficially)) in many areas, i expect that the same is true wherever numbers of Muslims are settled, This is the problem, Its Islam, Its the religion and the adherence to Islam by an increasing number of people , , Consider that if Muslims had no religion ?or like Anglicans or Buddhists, their religious views . and indeed their social views, were benign ,we would not be having this argument as would millions of other people in the world whose societies are under attack by Koran wielding religious fanatics.

So the left twitter is in outrage again at Trump because he said to Macrons missus that she looked in great shape and beautiful.............. What do they want? That he call her an old ugly pig?