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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Head for the bullshit shelters as an avalanche of global warming crap rains down from the UN. Even the Pope, beguiled by the outgoing Ban Ki-moon and his IPCC bullshit, has been preaching a new Armageddon.

And of course ‘The Age’ is doing its bit with a Page one splash. Naturally our ABC and ALP warmists are spreading their fetid fertiliser in a frenzy of last minute deceit prior to the UN’s last-ditch warming conference later this year.

It seems you can’t turn around without being pummelled by puerile propaganda and mendacious global warming misinformation.

This is the crooked UN’s last chance to herd compliant warmists like Obama and European socialist governments into a coalition that has agreed to “donate” ten per cent of their carbon taxes to dodgy UN pursuits with no doubt enough left over to fill a few UN and IPCC pockets.

And they have to convince us to kick the tin by December this year when the Paris Conference will need long-term commitments from short-term governments.

It’s their last hurrah and they are spending billions on cable channels, FTA TV networks and the Press. Of course Fairfax tabloids have voluntarily joined the fray to help kick the hoax along.

The Chinese, who open a new coal-fired power station each and every week, have also agreed to come on board with a promise to cap their C02 output by 2030. WTF! “Cap”??? “By 2030”??? If the UN can see value in that then they are playing with each other’s dongers. India plans much the same, and once Obama has gone, it will be back to business as usual.

The Pope suggested that, while he was at it, he will also agree to “cap” the number of little boys being abused “by 2030”.... Phew thank the holy ghost for that!

But there’s a couple of problems for the UN, you see the polar caps are still increasing in size, ocean levels and temperatures have remained the same, the Himalayas haven’t melted as predicted, polar bears are still menacing Churchill, billions of penguins are still being studied by university ice fairies, walruses have figured out how to fornicate in rocky inlets, see,…/prepare-for-a-litany-of-lie…/3902

Manhattan isn’t under water as Al Gore predicted, those pesky volcanoes are still raining on the UN’s parade, there are fewer tornados than a decade ago, and parts of Asia are getting record rainfalls while desalination plants lie strewn on foreshores oxidising in the afternoon sun.

Meanwhile Europe and North America are heading for their fifth straight winter of record low temperatures.

But here’s the funny bit; fancy holding their UN Climate Conference in Paris in December? Slow learners I guess, because it will be a bit like their failed Copenhagen Conference when delegates had to be treated for frostbitten balls and ovaries

... they all went home, the warming thing just didn’t seem very logical at the time.


The Popes comments are just a dog whistle to take the heat out of the child abuses scandal that the church covered up for years.

Never mind Boys & Girls, It's ALL going to be Over SOON.
Mark your Calendars - 28/12/2019
That's when this World will END.
No more; Moslems, Terrorists, Same Sex Marriages, Corrupt Politicians etc etc etc
All GONE in one Massive POLE Switch.
Sorry 'bout That :-[

Back in 1930, a Yank named Henry Moray invented a FREE ENERGY MACHINE but it never got out of his Laboratory. The Patents Office wouldn't let him patent it, The Rural Electrical Co sent a thug to his Lab to SABOTAGE it with a Sledge Hammer. He was Shot at by FBI Agents ect.ect. Yet these same people now carp on about ; Coal, CO2, Oil, - WHAT A (sad) JOKE?

me thinks the world will be or can be totally destroyed by the mad ISIS mob and a Nuclear Powered radical Muslim country, long time before Climate change ever gets around to making life un-tenable, here! Now!? What is the Pope and ALL of the Catholic Church doing about these murderers etc ? NOTHING!! Or...NOT MUCH !! With the ISIS hate for Christianity!!?? How long before the Vatican is 'terrorised' !?

Ummmm, no rise in world temperatures for 17 years? How does that work then?

Popey in the photo above looks like he's posing for the painting The Scream by Edvard Munch

da pope and his bullshit mick tike money making church have always banned contraception so they will have millions more tikes to tithe their money on sundays in the hope of the impossible everlasting life, and guilt clearing forgiveness of their sins...what a scam. now the tikes have gone forth and still not stopped multiplying, da pope is whinging about global warming BECAUSE THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET THANKS TO SCAMMING FUCKHEAD WANKERS LIKE HIM AND HIS STINKING CHURCH.

Did you do what I suggested? It's all a wank isn't it?

If you read the first chapter of the Bible you quickly find that Man created God in his own image - not the other way round. After you realise that, the rest is a real laugh. A big joke in fact. If Il Papa believes the stuff he spouts on about why doesn't he just put in a request for God to fix it. Now go back to the start of this post and read on.

so if the pope is so worried about climate change, why doesnt he just contact his god and ask him to turn the turmoil down abit....................(crickets chirping)

He sees Climate Change overtaking the churches as the new religion and is smart enough to know that the church needs a piece of that action if it is to survive.

Shouldnt Papa put his faith in God instead of grovelling to Politicians and other religious Leaders and worrying about Climate change ?

Two country priests go to a rodeo. The younger priest, spotting a sign at the bull display saying “Anyone that can ride this bull for 8 seconds wins $500” says to the older priest “Hey Father,the parish could do with that kind of money, your’re a country boy why don’t you have a go?”
The older priest takes up the challenge and 10 minutes later he is released from the stocks and starts riding the bull. The bell goes off after 8 seconds but he just keeps riding until a couple of cowboys ride up beside and pull him off the bull. The young priest is impressed and asks the older priest “where did you learn to ride like that father”? He brushes the dust off himself and looks the young priest in the eyes and says “ I have a young altar boy back in the parish that suffers epileptic fits”.

Papa's boss has His opinion on climate change and a few other areas where science is manipulated to push Satanic agenda: Unfounded climate change 'science' is called profane and vain babblings foisted upon people to scare and rob them of their quality of life,

'O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:' 1 Timothy 6:10

You're at liberty to critiscise whomsoever you ilke Antonia. Is your problem that you don't like others exercising their right of free speech in reply?

HOAX believed by foolish people.

He should contact his boss and get it all fixed in an afternoon!

Why are not surprised?


Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has stopped short of backing Prime Minister Tony Abbott's strong-armed attack toward the ABC for allowing former terror suspect Zaky Mallah to appear on Q&A.

Turnbull was repeatedly pushed to answer whether he supported Abbott's claims that the ABC had "betrayed" Australia and "heads should roll" for the rebroadcasting of the program in an interview with Leigh Sales on 7.30 Thursday night.


Pinko Turdbull, ABC’s apologist in government, all piss and wind as usual.

OT so Gillard like all ex PM's gets an office in SA only costing the taxpayer over $500K, what a scam and a joke they are EX'x like the rest of the blood suckers LNP and Lab, all are retired and should just fade away, they have past their use by date stamped on their foreheads > wake up Hockey and stop the exes scamming the public purse anymore

I defy anybody to tell me that the head honcho of the mick church (I can't call it the poop, as I have more respect for a snake in the grass) never had dealings with child raping paedophile priests, nor moved a child raping priest to a different parish to continue its child raping. I loathe all those scumbags and they should all be taken to the outdoor dunny (remember the dunny man coming in, dressed in heavy black apron down to the knees, gumboots and thich rubber gloves?) and drowned in the body wastes. I don't really understand though the need to have a Royal Commission into child raping that occurred 4 or 5 decades ago, when the coon and ragheads, who rape children with impunity, almost with the blessing of all governments such is the inaction, get a free pass.