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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


After around 12 hours of misinformation, denials and uninformed aviation garbage, European leaders like France’s Hollande are close to spluttering that the MS 804 crash could be related to terrorism... but that doesn’t make it Islamic terrorism does it Mr President?

Obviously not! You see, we must never jump to conclusions, it could quite easily be another pesky Presbyterian problem.

There is only one conclusion to be drawn from this the latest in a string of Islamic atrocities--- Muslims and public transport aeroplanes simply don’t mix.

Never enter an aircraft if you see a Muslim up the pointy end fiddling with switches because you reckon life is important and he reckons death is more important.

Why bother with security measures, if another EgyptAir pilot wants to commit suicide there’s not much you can do to stop him. And if a so-called radical Muslim passenger wants to go out in a blaze of glory he can’t be stopped either.

EgyptAir and the Egyptian Government are still flat out denying the US NTSB findings of Flight 990, which declared the crash that killed 217 passengers, was “suicide by pilot”.

Gamiel el-Batouty (pictured) was an EgyptAir pilot facing ruin over allegations of sexual misconduct in America, including exposing himself to children, propositioning hotel staff and stalking female hotel guests.

On board the doomed flight was Hatem Rushdy, the chief of EgyptAir's Boeing group, who had reprimanded el-Batouty, telling him that as a result of his sexual activities he would not be flying the lucrative transatlantic routes again.

Rushdy told him, “this is your last flight” and el-Batouty's attitude was, “this is the last flight for you too, my friend”, the former EgyptAir captain Hanofy Taha Mahmoud Hamdy told the Los Angeles Times.

The cockpit voice recorder caught El-Batouty saying, "I rely on god", after which he switched off the fuel lines and the auto-pilot and pushed the plane into an irreversible vertical dive. "Pull with me! Pull with me!" he screamed.

Now there is no way of knowing whether Flight MS 804 was being piloted by another mad Muslim but reports that the plane “spun” 90 degrees left before spinning 360 degrees right make no sense if the aircraft was in normal forward flight. Those movements imply a stalled aircraft.

Had some aviator got out of bed the wrong side yesterday and decided to go kill himself and 65 innocent people? Or had an ISIS bomb found its way into the luggage department?

There are a few problems with the bomb theory:

The target was clearly EgyptAir and the Government of Al Sisi that ousted Egypt’s original terrorist organisation, the Muslim Brotherhood Government of Mohammed Morsi... the hapless organisation Obama was influential in electing. Today his Administration is top heavy with beloved Muslim Brotherhood members.

EgyptAir will now need a name change if it is to survive, as did Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia’s CEO cowboy, Tony Fernandes, (pictured) after the crash of flight QZ 8501 in December of 2014 killing all 162 on board.

The MS 804 black boxes will be found in the next day or two and the truth will prevail. In the meantime stay away from Muslim owned airlines, including Indonesia’s Lion Air and the incompetent Garuda and all Malaysia airlines, a raft of Turkish airlines, Iranian and Syrian airlines... in fact don’t go near anything Islamic that flies...

Their aeronautical priorities differ from ours.   


Sometime psychiatric nurse!

I would never fly an airline with any connection to Muslims. I would never vote for any party led by Malcolm Turnbull. And I like brocolli.

If Turnbull has $200 million in the Bank, basing your donation to the LP on the % ratio of your stash in the Bank how much do you think Turnbull should donate to his own campaign?

Does this also mean we shouldn't be flying quantas? Aren't they partly owned by the Emirates?

On TV tonight there is a Muslim community being established at Melton in Victoria where they will have their own mosque, school etc. there are 75 lots to be sold with Sharia finance with a couple already sold. Also, there is a multi million dollar Indian community being established at Tarneit in Victoria which will have all things Indian of course. Victoria also has a retirement development at Ballan for the alphabet people. Victoria is leading the way to multi tribalism.

Oh my stars! Yet another 'begging letter' from our illustrious prime minister... he wants money! Heaven help us!

Why is it so hard for these wankers to say Islamist, Muslim and Terrorist in the same sentence? These fools al most have cardiac arrest when it is said, wanting to arrest those who say it, while the terror perps go on unchallenged!! Go figure?


I don't think so, there are so many empty heads now in Gen Y , they don't give a stuff about the future of the country rather they are for ME. Reply

No, but I would gladly provide a space on an orange coloured life boat headed back to Indonesia.

We all said that at the start didn't we? We who are now called Delcons! and we who were told we do not matter, by Mr Texter! See now Turdbull is sliming his way into 2GB after his self imposed exile ( because they called him out on his treachery back in Nov 2014). Turdbull and co just don't get it. The Leftards who wanted him as PM were never going to vote LNP. Hence he is still preferred PM, while Labor leads the polls. " We are nit a poll driven party" said Chris Pyne. BS! The polls are corrupt and if intelligent people viewed them correctly you would see the architects of the poll manufacture their intended results.

Pity he can't take that fat bludger Lazarus and that other moron Lambie with him

With any luck, I hope they go the way of the Democrats!

Definitely not.... a number of the kind hearted who generously gave rooms to "refugees" in the UK lost their lives , were fleeced bullied etc. The true number of those who were killed letc. is probably being usual.

We would like to know the demographics of who they surveyed as if they asked the 35s & under they probably still live at home, sponging off mummy & daddy so I would suspect that all of a sudden a refuge showed up the parents would say something to the effect of WTF.

New story up.

Hi Donna :) .. I want to know why the page has not been removed.

Here's an interesting article for Stinky to read ...from a realists perspective of crooked unions.

What about the smell ?

LGBTI stands for: L - Lesbian; G - Gay; B - Bisexual; T - Transgender; I - Intersex.

I'd suggest a more appropriate term, CFCMD . . .

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