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Friday, 14th December 2018

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WTF?... Hinch of all people

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I first met Derryn Hinch at the SMH and I took an immediate dislike to his small man’s arrogance. It’s fair that I say that because this piece is about the ugly side of Hinch and his willingness to go anywhere or do anything to get his face noticed and his predatory nature (he will call it skills) with women... and I have no time for Kiwis anyway.

To be honest the bloke is a piece of shit who admits to bedding a 15 year old Swiss girl. He says he had no idea of her age. The truth is she told him her age prior to him ingratiating himself... although the rumour was she was only 14, she told him she was15 years and 4 months, but nothing will dissuade Hinch once he gets a sniff of a front bottom.

So for this bloke to be outing sexual predators under Parliamentary privilege would make sense, but only if he has himself at the top of the list.

I used to play cards every Wednesday night at another shock jock Bob Rogers' place in Balmain in the late 70s. There were about six of us including Hinch. My girlfriend at the time was a beautiful girl who regularly graced the fashion magazine pages. She used to come with me to Balmain and read a book or knit while we played cards.

When Hinch would go missing for longer than it takes to have a leak, he could be found regularly propositioning my girlfriend.

At social functions Hinch would resemble a crazed dog sniffing up every skirt to see who was on heat. It didn’t matter that partners and husbands were present. He was shamelessly oblivious to everything but his raging testosterone level.

Anyway when I was in Melbourne for a couple of weeks Hinch found out where I lived and had his one night stand with my girlfriend who at least admitted it. I packed my stuff.

Derryn Hinch is just another small Kiwi with a big head. And most Kiwis leave a disaster back home looking for a new start here, but they never change, and nor will Hinch.

                                      Hinch enjoys lunch with his current wife Chanel

There are no compliments coming from his many exes. Most agree he is an oversexed grub and his recent ex, Natasha Chadwick, unloading on him says, “... he has been back on the booze for more than 12 months. So much for respecting his organ donor’s (liver transplant) gift of life. Fave wine, cheap Gossips. No loyalty." Derryn Hinch is not who he wants you to think he is. He has only new friends and no old ones.

Do yourself a favour Pauline and stay away from him, you are a few classes above him.


That other left wing f/wit with a beard that worked for Gillard is worse. Over talks everyone all the time. Totally dickhead

Stopped watching PM Live when Hinch is on - he actually interrupts others to tell them why they are wrong about disagreeing with is view. He takes over the show while PM sits there looking like a goose. Think in Queensland for many years he was known as the mouth from the south. Luck was on his side No1 on the ballot paper Mickey Mouse would have got the same result.

Glad to read so many emails showing up this despicable man. He has nothing to offer decent Australians. Get rid of him. OLDIE

Glad to read so many emails showing up this despicable man. He has nothing to offer decent Australians. Get rid of him. OLDIE

Karma will catch up him a lot sooner than he thinks....

As former NZ prime minister Robert Muldoon once said "every kiwi that leaves NZ for Australia raises the IQ of both countries"-I Love that Kiwi sense of humor.

Lance : There must be a lot of inbreeding with their sheep .

Don't worry lg, you were nearly one of the chosen...we're EX now so we're all one family.

Petdon. Hinch is a loose cannon who obviously has no idea of what the US election is about. The world stands on the brink of nuclear war with Russia - all caused by the insane policies of the Zionist Neocons who determine the foreign policy of the US. Clinton is in cahoots with these criminals. Trump is the Messiah who has come to clean-up the whole filthy mess. He has financed his whole campaign himself and is therefore independent of the monsters presently running the show. May God protect him - otherwise he could end-up like J F Kennedy.



Hinch, the human headline has just woken up to tell us Trump is a sexual predator, where is the proof ? Why has he been sleeping on this news for decades when he is so quick to expose sexual predators here and that'e why he entered Parliament. Hinch has lost ALL credibility with me

Lesser . . . greenie, Jack.

Stoker lg?........................or some lesser branch?

Hinch. what business is it of yours what happens in the USA? If you are going to take an interest, have a look at the Clinton crime gang and their history. Trump may have made some off the cuff remarks, but that is all the were, remarks. Why do people that go against the Clinton's die in suspicious circumstances? Check out the latest Wikileaks dump.

There must be quite a lot of inbreeding going on in New Zealand. It's the only way to explain the genetic stupidity of the average Kiwi.

Best of both worlds Ig ! ... a family member (years ago) Lt Cdr in RN ... his destroyer sunk by a German U-Boat in the Baltic (in winter) ... luckily he survived !

His brother killed by German Dive Bombers while on a Hospital ship in the Mediterranean ... revenge was taken .. the RAF strafed their hospital tents

RAN Gent, 1963 to 1972. On loan to RN 1965-1967.

Ig .. that the RN or RAN ?

I like Kiwis. Served with a few back in my Navy days . . .