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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


A private email address to conduct the affairs of State will ensure Hillary Clinton’s Democratic presidential nomination has all but disappeared into cyberspace. She has handed over 50,000 pieces of email that concern (she says) her activity in the highly sensitive position of Secretary of State.

As was expected, a vast tranche of emails are missing from the period that covered the Benghazi scandal.

Having her own private server has left the Administration open to international hackers who aren’t looking for Chelsea’s baby pics.

A private server does not provide the protection afforded by the secure .gov servers set up to firewall the Administration from its many enemies.

How stupid is a US Secretary of State allowed to be? Hillary Clinton (a Julia Gillard on steroids) has left trails of scandals wherever she has traipsed but this one carries an inescapable death sentence in terms of a presidential candidacy.

Handing over only the emails she wanted to hand over won’t fool anyone and a subpoenaed server and hard drive will show exactly what she has been up to, particularly in relation to four avoidable American consulate murders in Benghazi.

There should also be some interesting correspondence regarding the millions donated to the Clinton Foundation from terrorist harbouring Shariah law Arab States. It’s a quid pro quo when Arabs donate.

Incredibly another major donor of up to $25 million to the Clinton Foundation was AusAID, who now operates under the auspices of DFAT.

That little hard drive of Hillary’s will be hiding some pretty interesting stuff.


Ukraine has donated 10 million, nothing to worry about there, go back to sleep.

Oh no, they will find out about me and Hillary.

A £ to a pinch of shit she's still the next president

Islam 101
by Gregory M. Davis
Religion of Peace? Islam’s War Against the World
Islam: What the West Needs to Know — An Examination of
Islam, Violence, and the Fate of the Non-Muslim World

n England an Anglican bishop calls for the rule of Islamic law for
Muslims. The bishop is obeying Sharia law.
In the schools only Islamic approved texts can be used; this is based
on Sharia law.
Christians may not speak to Muslims about Christianity nor may
Christians hand out literature. This is a political result based on Shar-
ia law enforced by British courts.
Rape by Muslims is so prevalent in parts of Sweden that Sweden has
forbidden the police from collect
ing any data in the rape investigation
that would point to Islam. Rape is part of Islamic doctrine as applied
to non-Muslim women.

ALA will be launching later this year.

Clinton cannot delete anything that is on the official secretary of state email. That is precisely why she played dumb and used her personal email, so she could delete anything at will. Bill probably wanted to be president again using Hiliary as his ventriloquist dummy, he will be well peed off that she has stuffed it up for him. That's probably the only reason he stayed married to her for all this time. If she doesn't get the presidency I'm guessing it will be divorce city.

Thanks Ben about the ALA , keep me in the loop . If they're democratic (and not a one person ego trip) and can stay out of trouble with the Law , I'll join too .

Total stupidity. Much of her email would be classified. What is wrong with her? Classified information must always stay within a protected system. Imagine how much info terrorists, the Chinese or Russians got hold of?

I'm on my old PC, that only occasionally gets cranked up these days. I cannot log on on my laptop. The log in and register buttons just don't work, and even here on the PC, I cannot get into the replies that appear beside the log in box unless there's a message at the bottom of the screen.

Anyone else having similar problems?.

The US could not get better news than this stupid neandathal's self imposed "own goal.... Finally, some clear air for my American mates.

Clinton/s, Bush/s - What's the difference?
Depends on which colour the Illuminati pull out of the hat.

God help us all if it's Jeb. <:-[

Islamic State Is Destroying Ideas, Not Just Artefacts
It is characteristic of totalitarian societies that they feel they need control over the past as well as the present.

So it's hard not to see an echo of Stalin's erasure of his former comrades in the deliberate destruction of ancient artefacts and archaeological sites by the Islamic State.

Good article, see the troll has been expunged..

Every glimpse the Media show of Whatshername in Qld, reminds me of the Reginald Perrin TV series. Every time his mother in law was mentioned up popped a vision of a Hippotamaus in a Mud Pool. Palletchook to a tee.

The Infamous Clinton Criminal Clan have been lifting the bread from the Taxpayers Basket for ever and will continue to do so, until the LAW clobbers them all. One look at Old Hickory Chops tells you why Billy boy was dipping his Dongle in anything that passed by, either sex.

Had a few hiccups with my email account using vpn. Anyone else had a problem?

HERE'S SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE YOUR BLOOD BOIL; I bought some chicken breasts & thighs from Coles recently (I think Woolworths sell it too) produced by Golden Cockerel Chicken. I bought it because it didn't have a Halal logo on it but it was recommended & endorsed by the RSPCA as cruelty free. I later checked & to my disgust Golden Cockerel chicken is Halal approved. What hypocrites the RSPCA are. The RSPCA have now lost my support forever.

Nobodycares - I've joined the ALA some months ago just on the strength of the policies. As for how they'll pan out; I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.

Very good. Thanks Hadenuff.