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Tuesday, 17th July 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


What’s most annoying is that people I have known in the media and politics displayed shock and horror at Trump’s pussy clip. Yet these blokes have conveyed their lascivious wont to me over a particular female during a visit to a urinal, and now they choose to play the holier than thou role. 

There must be a word stronger than hypocrisy to describe these blokes. Maybe sanctimonious casuistry might do the job. Nar, nothing can really adequately describe it!

But Trump screamed back from a disastrous first debate to back slam Hillary to show her as a fraud and him as still a winning chance. Of course the Left pundits thought otherwise but those people have never thought rationally.

It’s not easy for a 6ft 4in bloke to get on top of a 5ft 4in female in a debate and still carry the audience, but he did do it, and her glassy lying eyes said she knew he did it.

I have seen this scenario before when a strapping Ronald Reagan took on a hopeless 5ft 8in  Jimmy Carter, and we all know who won that election. Carter described Reagan as a dangerous Right winger who was unfit for the Presidency. Hmmmm, didn’t work then and it might not work now.

Against all odds America voted to change from Democratic destitution to Republican reparation, and it paid off. 

The biased imbalance in the distribution of electoral college votes might yet sink Trump, but he has had the Press and TV networks working to sink him all along. He is a survivor and can’t be underestimated as I, along with many others, have underestimated him and his ability to fight off the detractors from his own Party who are seeking re-election and crawling to the “respectable” vote.

Trump wove a difficult path, surgically laying Hillary’s smelly innards bare. He did it with meticulous precision and without demeaning himself as a worthy potential President. it was well done.

His quip about jailing her if he wins will be lost in national healing, you know how it works, just ask Julia Gillard.

Don’t know about you guys, but I am hoping he can win this thing.



Alan Jones came out the closet this morning with Karl Marx and spewed on the Don in a disgraceful manner. Well, he's clothed himself in shit as far as I'm concerned. He would know what criminals the Clinton's are, yet it didn't stop him having a verbal wank over a little pussy talk.

Tonight Pauline Hansen on BOLT SkyNews was bloody GOOD . She's getting better each performance. GO GIRL , YOU GOOD THING !!

Breitbart : "Wake up Europe": Polish libertarians warn of last chance to save continent. Activists and supporters of Poland's libertarian Freedom party marched on Saturday under the slogan "Wake up Europe", warning that it's the last chance to save the continent from "Islamic invasion". Crowds gathered along Warsaw's main historic thoroughfare to oppose the political correctness pushed by the European Union (EU) ,which speakers from Freedom warn is a "gangrene" plunging the continent into "catastrophe". The party's head, popular Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Janusz Korwin-Mikke, said it's "already the 11th hour" for Europe. "This is the last moment to stop the Islamic invasion and save Europe from being led to catastrophe by EU socialists".

The Greens can walk out again. Arseholes

PH One Nation Brian Burston giving his maiden speech AND stupid damn greenies do another walk out article on SMH. He was talking about ABC

THIS is the sort of shit the Turd will get from the greek and his lemmings Nick Xenophon Team senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore used her first speech on Tuesday to decry discrimination against Muslims in Australia.
Living in the Islamic country of Oman with her family for 10 years taught her that respect for one another was the key to living peacefully.
"That is why the hatred and wilful ignorance of some Australians to Islam and multiculturalism cuts me so deep.

Here's a song a johnathn 'richmon and the modern lovers.

7.30 counter with some face-saving, bleating opposition to Baird's change of mind on the greyhound industry. Oh, dear, the ABC may not be as powerful as they imagine themselves to be, in the light of the backlash from the greater community. We will need much more of the same, if the ABC are going to keep promoting the Leftist agenda the way they do.

Oh yes, they are all choirboys, but Bubba acted on it at least four times and had to pay Paula Jones off. You can tell Trump is showing off, he is a braggart, but I HATE Clinton and her hectoring, ear-splitting, I so hope for deafness, voice. Why didn't she leave him when he screwed around. No pride, POTUS her prize for his stray dick. People go to her rallies to see Bubba, they forgive Bubba everything, oddly. But he acted on it, Trump only talked about it, and rather inanely when you analyse what he said.

The Green Communists are in panic mode, becoming obviously less relevant each day, hence their stupid, childish performance today.It even rates zero in the humour index.

Seeing Qld is now neck and neck with weatherill Jug ears and now PIGGY , as rowan wrote that piece about the silliest premier i recon the sow pig is now a mile in front in regards to curry munching goat fucking cab drivers ,no C V needed no english needed knowing where you are and going NOT needed No need for cleanliness and B O will be the aroma of the day , this is what was passed by these fucking Idiots from Both sides of state parliament QLD style , i feel ashamed that this load of puss called the labor party could inflict this on our mothers daughters wives , and who will these fucking morons blame when unfortunatly the first female is assaulted or raped , pity piggy doe,s not use cabs

Bombard the prick at Vinnies Eltham. [email protected] Let Russel know what a cunt he is and his blood sucking, parasitic 'charity'. I just did.

I call on PPosters to vehemently object to the Labor Party's decision to object to a vote on the plebiscite. This isn't a matter of deciding which side of the road we drive on. This is huge. So lets flood such mongrels as Wong, Plibersek and Shorten with real letters and phonecalls to their offices demanding a plebiscite:
Plibersek: 150 Broadway, Chippendale, NSW, 2007. Phone: (02) 9379 0700
Wong: PO Box 6237, Halifax Street, ADELAIDE SA 5000. Ph: (08) 8212 8272
Shorten's homepage didn't provide any contact details other than twitter and Facebook. But here are his parliamentary contacts: PO Box 6022, House of Representatives, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600. Phone: (02) 6277 4022

Go for it, people, because this is our last chance to stop the insanity.

LARRY PICKERING , you said, " I hope he can win this thing. " A referral to TRUMP winning the election. After he demolished Hillary and Bill in the debate I consider that one of the great moments in modern Politics. A businessman with no great political experience rebuking and exposing a seasoned politician was absolutely a David pulling down Goliath. Its always amazing how truth can prevail and triumph over a lie and error. I will be happy for a long time.I will never forget that debate and Trump whether he wins or not at the final election has done exceedingly well ! The establishment could rig this election because there is so much at stake.I do not trust the Democrats.

#Podestaemails2 - the second Wikileaks drop

#Email3774 - ...."we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region....."

ONE NATION SENATOR..made his maiden speech today and wants to get rid of the anti conservative ABC. He the man ! Watermelons walked out again !

Funny how ONWA want to use the One Nation connection to gain some recognition but like bruce puts shit on One Nation every chance they and he get, even if he has to use a second nom-de-plume to back himself up.