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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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... so how come my IQ stayed the same?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Gough gave us universities full of dickheads who can now call themselves doctors and professors. Once upon a time a university education was fought for and deserved. Without excellent marks, a scholarship or doting parents prepared to go without, it was hello workforce. 

Now anyone can dodge getting a job, go to uni and the taxpayer will finance you. And we wonder why our education status has slipped well below the international average.

Well Gough certainly achieved his aim because degrees in union thuggery, Marxism, political science, green pursuits, global warming and any other bloody useless subject Left of centre are now held proudly by those who make up the Labor Party... the party of the struggling "working man".

Higher education will never make a person smarter, nor will it increase any person’s IQ. It may make a person more aware of a chosen subject, most of which could be gleaned from the net but the net doesn’t offer fair dinkum doctorates. 

Left wing law firms, like Slater & Gordon and Maurice Blackburn, soak up the rubbish with law degrees, like Shorten, Bandt, Roxon and Gillard... all utterly unemployable outside the Labor fraternity and all locked into a Marxist philosophy of new world egalitarianism.

Those who can’t enter the Labor movement return to uni as lecturers to recycle the same garbage that made them unemployable in the first place. And the uni lecturers I know couldn’t teach a bloody fish to swim anyway.

Shorten this morning launched his campaign against Abbott’s university reform policy. A reform that is critical to repairing a broken education regime that Gough started and Gillard perpetuated. 

As usual, Labor’s solution to correct its own failures involves dipping into that bottomless piggy bank of the “privileged elite”, ergo those awful employers.

Gonski’s billions won’t mend our illiterate educators any more than the billions thrown at aborigines will mend that disaster.

Fixing those things requires not money but common dogfuck and Labor continues to prove it has precious little of that. 

Higher education should be a reward, a privilege earned from dedicated hard work in secondary school. 

As long as taxpayers are forced to finance dickheads through uni we will finish up with Prime Ministers like Julia Gillard and, perish the thought, Bill Shorten.

But you’re entitled to disregard my opinion, I left school at 14 and never returned.


We still have the greens to contend with

Lets not forget the way Gough stole pension funds from the military. It was done overnight in 1972 and unfortunately it nothing has changed. He ran the country broke then wanted to borrow money from the Arabs. Fortunately it was stopped and he was eventually thrown out on his evil arse. Unfortunately the military DFRDB he created is still giving us increases in line with the CPI. This has been bandied around with all governments since. Nothing has changed but if politicians want a raise they all vote for it.

So that dumb socialists [children of good for nothing parents]can get a Degree and get a job in Politics and F..k the country with the same bullshit Fabian Socialist dreamer policies ,where the owes them a favor and a living !!!!!!!!!!!

So that dumb socialists [children of good for nothing parents]can get a Degree and get a job in Politics and F..k the country with the same bullshit Fabian Socialist dreamer policies ,where the owes them a favor and a living !!!!!!!!!!!

Rodney Rude and Chopper Read what a double, no bookie would lay that double except if the bookie was Roger Rogerson

did anyone see the interview with Minister Hunt, and Leigh Sales tonight on 7 30. What a shifty, dishonest, squirming,dishonest, lying, shivering shitkicker he turned out to be. He was most uncomfortable because Leigh tied him up. Fucking cretinous grub he is

M60, Point taken about the soldiers and their plight. Should go on strike and Obamma will ring Abbott and kick his arse. We are Governed by morons but they know how to bleed us. You never hear about how they will cut waste or costs, just how they are fiddling with the GST or petrol rises or doctors fees and when the time comes, up go their salraies. Bunch of thugs. Both sides.

Several chairs at an unspecified university are held by excolleagues/exacquaintances etc. THAT is the sort of thing that scares the hell out of me. None of them bad, but all: company motto mouthing plodders who do and say the right thing and work hard. Good Luck to them but it says a lot about the system as only those who toe whatever line is set get in but you can be certain those who are better, but refuse to bleat, wont. Some things never change.

The Federal Government To Exercise Tighter Controls Over Farm and Toxic Chemicals - ABC News


"Fluoride An Invisible Killer"

"We would not purposely add arsenic to the water supply.
And we would not purposely add lead. But we add fluoride.
The fact is that fluoride is more toxic than lead
and just slightly less toxic than arsenic." -

* * * * * * * * *

"The federal maximum contaminant level (MCL)
for lead is 15 parts per billion (ppb), 5 ppb
for arsenic and 4000 ppb for fluoride."

* * * * * * * * *

1952: The Delaney Committee 82nd Congress Hearings on Fluoride
revealed that there was no actual scientific basis for the fluoridation
of water supplies in the prevention of tooth decay. The recommendation
of the Committee was that more research be done, before proceeding with
this national mass medication. Their recommendation was totally ignored.

Cont'd: Need I say more. Once these dumb asses say "Climate Change" this report of theirs is flawed and nonsensical. They are products of Whitlam's legacy - plain idiocy.

O/T: quote: ""Sydney (AFP) - Australia's plans to protect the Great Barrier Reef are inadequate, short-sighted and will not prevent its decline, the country's pre-eminent grouping of natural scientists said Tuesday.

The draft plan, released for consultation last month, was supposed to allay concerns by the United Nations about the reef's health after UNESCO threatened to put it on the World Heritage "in danger" list.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt has said the proposal reflects an effort to balance the priorities of protecting the reef, which is teeming with marine life, and long-term sustainable development.
But the Australian Academy of Science warned that the plan ignored the impact of climate change and failed to address problems ....... (Cont'd)

Nursing was ruined by making it a degree.\the old way eliminated the pretenders in the first year sand hence 90% were GOOD.cNow it attracts the group who once were attracted by Social Work (nice middle class girls who do not want to get their hands dirty) and of these 40% are excellent but go straight into specialist wards. The other 60% break up into : those who want to be doctors and will argue with them (and I do not mean with first year interns) and the other half who want to marry one. The wards are full of these and it is no accident that some of the best general nurses are male. Flak storm expected but don't bother as I have had 50 years of watching behind these comments and I do not care what you think.

Diddums, I hope they encourage the kids to go as soon as they leave school and begin their careers as Centrelink clients.

Guy in the picture might be Kevin's long-lost brother, Vladimir Illich Rudd . . .

Had a vet at my place who asked me how to undo a click on fitting on a hose,WTF do they teach at uni, maybe there should be a degree in common sense.(the hardest thing to hire when I ran a business)

Question time , started with infantile antics then deteriorated into complete farce as one stupid , irrelevant question was batted away with sound policy expression. Labor members would be ashamed of their policy position if they had any brains or interest in the welfare of Australia which would be devastated if they regained government under the current leadership and policy intent. There must be some Labor supporters who can correct this blot on our country, please come forward.

Thank you Larry, I remember the taxpayer funded professional students, some of whom were still attending university in their thirties with doctorates, courtesy of the "unenlightened" taxpayer.

Not wishing ill on the dead. But I will anyway. Good riddance! Give them all passports to Syria and let them kill each other.

My Offspring are also doing very well thank for asking and without the claptrap from a Higher Education clouding their minds and expectations.