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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Injunctive relief temporarily preventing Australia handing 153 Tamils back to the Sri Lankan Navy, mid-ocean, simply calls for a brief time-out for both parties to plead their cases, but there seems little doubt the High Court will find Sri Lanka as repulsive as it found Malaysia. But long term it will have no effect on Morrison’s “Sovereign Borders” policy.

There is also little doubt that the Sri Lankan Government needs longer than five years to forgive the atrocities committed by the Tamil Tigers. The Sri Lankan military is no less guilty of the same atrocities but the victor is never found guilty of war crimes, only the vanquished.

The Tamils have accepted defeat, they have abandoned their claim for a separate State and have embraced a federation, but the Sri Lankan Government is not likely to let them off the hook that easily.

Sri Lanka has assured Australia on many occasions that there is no persecution of Tamils. Well, if you believe that then you’ll believe Tom Waterhouse wants you to win.

Of course there is persecution of the defeated Tamils! Rivers of blood have hardly congealed and you can’t simply shake hands, shout a round of beers and say all’s forgiven, not after a war like that one. Reconciliation will require a new generation.

The UNHCR itself has no problem resettling refugees in Sri Lanka, despite the island nation not a being a signatory to the UNHCR Refugee Convention, and that will be something the High Court will need to consider, but those UNHCR refugees aren’t Tamils.

What the High Court will not consider is the armada of vessels (and resultant drownings) that will follow once it is known Australia will take Tamils under the Convention’s rule of “non-refoulement” which prohibits returning asylum seekers back to their home countries if it’s possible they might face persecution.

The trouble is that this is a Convention Australia helped draft and we are already at least technically in breach of it. Today is Morrison’s watershed moment, despite the possibility these Tamils may have already been transferred to the Sri Lankan navy and on their way home.

Over 100,000 Tamil refugees inhabit squalid camps in India right now, and that statistic belies Sri Lanka’s claims of no persecution.

But the Abbott Government is smarter than the average bear, it supplied Sri Lanka with some very expensive patrol boats and there is no need for our navy to intercept Tamil vessels. A quick phone call to give coordinates to Colombo and their navy will happily serve to circumvent any of Australia’s High Court rulings.

Of course Australia will continue to cop international reputational damage because Fairfax and the ABC, who are determined to dismantle Morrison’s plans for secure borders, are in constant phone contact with the illegal immigrants, or in the Tamils’ case, potential refugees.  

The Left’s tiresome bleating about a lack of information is confounding. This is a security matter involving our borders, and our armed forces have been given orders to intercept unknown vessels... why the hell should naval operational procedures be made public?

But Morrison’s quandary is that Tamils are acceptable front-door immigrants, they are Hindu and readily assimilate. They are industrious, appreciative and not potential welfare recipients, but they cannot be accepted by boat under any circumstance, despite today’s imminent High Court ruling.

The problem is how do we differentiate between persecuted Tamils and free-loading, treacherous Muslims without appearing racist?

Or should we care? 


I am sick of the bleeding hearts, if they were really passionate about these illegals then I say they should adopt a family, have them live with them, pay for their food, clothes, medical and whatever other expenses they will incur because at the end of the day the middle working class Australians are paying for every single illegal that ends up here, why should we be forced to pay for the will of a minority, politicians grand stand on Anzac Day talking about the sacrifice and bravery of the Anzacs but at the same time piss on their memory and our sovereignty by allowing illegals to come here.

If you first act of coming into a country is a illegal one then you should not be allowed in.

The Rudd labor government took power on 3 Dec 2007.

o Chief Justice French AC, 1 September 2008 – labor appointed
o Justice Hayne AC, 22 September 1997
o Justice Crennan AC, 8 November 2005
o Justice Kiefel AC, 3 September 2007
o Justice Bell AC, 3 February 2009 – labor appointed
o Justice Gageler, 9 October 2012 – labor appointed
o Justice Keane, 5th March 2013 – labor appointed
Four out of seven High Court judges

How do you think the High Court will rule on intercepting and returning illegals ?

Is this the part where Bill calls in the favours from the Rudd/Gillard judicial appointees? Time for the quid pro quo. They know exactly what this whole matter means.

It is not a question of a nation's security to them. It is a matter of what the Labor, the Greens and the UN wants.

Well....reclaiming starts with knowing what the opposition is up to and getting that out to the apathetic ones....there is no guarantee, but try we must..I think that the article posted is a powerful one and gives good insight....

Oh Dear here comes sharia law to Parramatta. So with that public murder in front of small children and nursing mothers at Parramatta Westfield's, I take it that: So Nabil was murdered just because kazam had previously made love to Neda Esmaeili

just really cant see what the problem is here,these people are illegal immigrants----the way some aussies think---as in poor little asylum seekers--------bewilds me,im over the way our do -gooders think,its beyond me.

Fuck the high court! I don't remember voting for any of them! The democratically elected Government is doing what they said they would do! Stop the Boats! The Boats contain intended illegal entry people, organised by crime syndicates who specialise in people smuggling! It seems aided and abbetted by the Greens, Labor and Rintoul! They were intercepted in international waters! Therefore the pompous git High Court has no JURISDICTION! If these turds want to make and influence policy, then they should put themselves up for election or buggar off! I did not see them sticking their noses in when Comrade Gillarse intriduced the Carbin Tax after denying adnorsium the contrary! Like wise when she conducted secret deals setting up her illegal Government! Unbiased, impartial legal minds, my arse!

CY2, I sympathise with you having exactly the same background but unfortunately 2 serial offenders Vince Kiss and Bernie Connell ruined the impecable reputation of 30 other sterling characters who provided excellent education. I took no offense at Bruce's comment above. The point he makes is so correct. Connell remains at large as the cops mucked up his prosecution by submitting a date 12 months incorrect when this mongrel was indeed offending on an Island mission. Why on earth they never got the date right I will never know. I know 40 people that could have gave exact dates. I am suspicious of a purposeful cover up by the legal system. The evidence was conclusive. Lets hope Connell sues me for naming him, then watch him go to jail. His victims (not me) are now 63 and want him locked u

Sorry LP, mus lim snot a race, therefore technically not rascist. Hindus don't present a problem to Australian society mus lims do. I am an islamophobe and proud to be so, to put it bluntly mus lims will never do anything but harm to our Australian way of life. I just don't know how we will get out of this one?

If citizens of this country ever again enjoy the blessings of liberty and true freedom, it will not be the result of a majority of its citizens having risen up in righteous indignation at governmental abuse of themselves and their culture. If a restoration of the Constitution of our forbearers occurs - with all that this implies - it will probably not be because a plurality of citizens fought for it, supported it, or cared one way or another. If lawful government is reestablished it will come about because a revolutionary majority makes it happen......


How will history judge a Labor Green Moslem immigration, and it's support by Hadley.

Labor Greens put in there own puppets so even if their not in power they have overriding power and influence proceedings.

To my knowledge at least two of the High Court judges were appointed by last labor government.........At first, was labor-greens and left media like ABC / Fairfax that made effort to obstruct the Abbott Goverment's agenda voted for by majority of Australians......Then, it was a bloody minded senate......Now it's the High Court of Australia.......All conspire to emasculate the Abbott Government to the point where it can not effectively govern......It has inherited a total mess and can do little to rectify it.......The High court may potentially lead to a total disaster with a mass invasion of uneducated, poor, fast breeding and incompatible peasants from Sri Lanka, India, Iraq,Syria,Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran etc.

" But long term it will have no effect on Morrison’s “Sovereign Borders” policy."
Let's hope that's not gonna be included in the book of .....
Famous Last Words

They look like a Flock of VULTURES???

All set to pick over Abbotts Bones.

Will these Traitors be HAPPY after Australia passes the Tipping Point???
At which time We CAN'T stop becoming an Islamic Nation.
What are we Now? 2% ?
With THIS sort of Message to the People Smugglers we can expect another Influx to drive us Past the Point of NO RETURN.
Allah Akbar !.

The question for these high-court judges is, what political party put you forward and commissioned your position, and for what legal firm had you worked for in the past.That should provide the answers on how they will adjudicate.

Being a muslim has no more to do with race than a bikey has to do with a pedal-car. It is just an obnoxious medievil reliigion from the dark days of the Desert of arab-land. I am offended that these slags have succeeded in tagging our food and establishing welfare funded colonies in this my country. No citizenship or entitlements unless 7th grade level of English achieved. All "citizens" who have violated their oath of loyalty to be immediately repatriated along with their family. All possessions passed to the state.