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Monday, 26th February 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


If Malcolm Roberts is allowed to return to his Senate seat then so too should the other six, but it’s not likely the High Court will bring down a blanket judgment. Chief Justice Susan Kiefel, who was recently appointed by George Brandis, could make various rulings during next week’s sitting, and that should make for some fun and games.

Kiefel, who was an obligatory female appointment, does not appear to be up to this required level of subtle justice and has previously made some very curious and damaging decisions, in particular regarding the four kidnapped Italian girls a few years back. 

In doing so she made no reference to the illegal complicity of Julie Bishop’s DFAT and its incompetent staff who assisted in the kidnapping and flight to Australia of the mother and four daughters. 

The program 60 Minutes has since exposed the details and the mother’s and DFAT’s criminality… naturally nothing eventuated, despite Australia being a signatory to the Hague Convention.

DFAT, under Julie Bishop, has also refused to disclose how $60 million of Australian taxpayer funds is spent in Cambodia each year, with very little to show for it. And that’s just the notoriously corrupt Cambodia. DFAT still refuses to comment on $100 million donated to the Clinton Foundation.

Kiefel’s appointment was applauded by Fairfax and the ABC so that in itself should raise concerns.

And we shouldn't expect a Solomon type decision on the seven doubtfuls when any decision will require far more astute wisdom than that of mere Solomon.

The only important sloppy person is Barnaby Joyce. The rest don’t matter in a Parliamentary sense where Senators are simply replaced from the same Party. If the Court rules Joyce ineligible to sit, then a by election will follow but, as the Turnbull Government only rules by one seat, it puts all previous legislation under the spotlight. 

Divisions in the House could be ruled out of order in retrospect. But how could legislation be recalled once gazetted? There is no precedent for that, not that the High Court needs to concern itself with precedent, as it makes its own precedents and sees no need to even follow them.

So the High Court is likely to put justice aside in the interest of government stability and declare that Barnaby is no bloody Kiwi. 

The Senators, apart from One Nation's diminutive Malcolm Roberts, seem relatively safe. 

But there must be some penalty for being in breach of Section 44 or the Constitution becomes violable. The High Court cannot, and will not, allow that to happen.

Upon application, the High Court is able to impose penalties on those who are in breach of Sec. 44, while allowing them to keep their Parliamentary status. But any fine needs to be substantial (at least $10,000) or Sec 44 could again be ignored.

Ignoring the Constitution is something the High Court will never tolerate.

If Barnaby is held to have been a bloody Kiwi, there is little doubt he would win a subsequent by-election in New England as his only serious opponent, the despised Tony Windsor, is part of the duo who gave us Gillard. 

One thing is certain, there must be an updated interpretation of Sec 44 so that this farce is the last of them. 

Huffington Post says that in fact, “Everyone is ineligible to sit in Parliament” and that is bullshit of course,

… but it does show the loose impurity of the Section. 


O/T not a windup PORK IS NOW HALAL SLAUGHTERED all the goat fuckers do is to say over the pig before sticking the animal and this Kung turd will do SFA under instructions from Saudi Arabia

Here's a good question for the High Court. The U.N. FAIL the Commonwealth Constitution S44 test by NOT BEING AUSTRALIAN citizens, and they represent every foreign power so how can they hope to or expect to govern us?? Watch out for moves to abandon our existing Constitution for a new one, because you NOW KNOW WHAT COMES NEXT. Our devious Government will seek to remove the current Commonwealth constitution so the U.N's New World Order can take over. It's called TREASON or SEDITION. Sedition applies to anyone who seeks by any means to overthrow a legitimate government, and that is exactly what Turnbull, Bishop and others, Labor included,
are up to. Please share with other patriotic Australians. We could put a stop to the new world order threat using a High Court challenge to the Agenda's our Government accept that they slavishly follow and apply to our citizens. This is a defacto control the U.N. already have exercised over our elected members of parliament and legislation that affects Australia's security, prosperity and future. A few politicians locked up for sedition might slow their enthusiasm to commit treason.

What about the other High Court judge in this matter? Justice Patrick Keane. High Court career
On 20 November 2012, Attorney-General Nicola Roxon announced that Keane had been appointed a Justice of the High Court of Australia effective on the retirement of Dyson Heydon on 1 March 2013. Keane became the 50th Justice appointed to the High Court. Keane's position as Chief Justice on the Federal Court bench was filled by James Allsop, the president of the NSW Court of Appeal.
Personal life
The Australian reported that Keane is said to have been close to former Prime Minister and fellow Queenslander Kevin Rudd and that Keane has been described by one unnamed Brisbane barrister as a "Labor man". Why aren't Labor politicians being made to disclose their citizenships?

You have just made yourself look worse than what you describe Billy as .

When it comes to gulags, the USA has taken over from Bolshevik Russia
100,000 U.S. Prisoners Are Trapped in Isolation Units Alternet – by Bill Berkowitz Portrait of a young man in jail Photo Credit: CURAphotography / Shutterstock A travesty of our criminal justice system. There are nearly 100,000 people being held in solitary confinement today in America’s prisons. They are locked up in cramped, often windowless cells […]
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Another brain storm from Shorten with his $1 billion development fund and with the possible fall of Barnaby Joyce he just might get a chance to put his money where his mouth is. The reality is this will just become another Labour Party slush fund. If he is serious about it he should check out the disaster that was called the VEDC (Victorian Economic Development Corporation) staffed by dim whit public servants who wanted to become business men and got ripped off with every deal they made. Another $1 billion down the gurgler for sure.

Israel very excited that Trump’s speech may start a war with Iran
Israeli Minister Says Trump Speech May Start War With Iran JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel’s intelligence minister said U.S. President Donald Trump’s speech against the 2015 international nuclear deal with Iran on Friday was “very significant” and could lead to war given threats that preceded it from Tehran. Israel’s Channel 2 TV asked Intelligence Minister Israel […]
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Youse all know youse need a bit of spirituality . ! .

With the end of Australian Car Making, lets look at the Abbott action when PM and what Trump would have done
Tony signed FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS with the cheap car makers Sth Korea and China and simultaneously stop Government incentives to the local manufacturers

Trump gives local manufacturers incentives ( like Carrier) threatens Mexico with large import duties and cancelling onerous free trade agreements and also threatens any manufacture transferring jobs offshore
It is hard to see the many who support both with equal fervor, as anything other than unsophisticated. They are opposites .

I would like a second opinion of the Penguin deaths in the Antarctica going on the prognosis of a climate change scientist who lives on site and reckons 40 thousand chicks have died from malnutrition from lack of krill because of changes in the ice geography . The photo's in the media don't prove deaths of Penguin chicks .

O/T LA shootings: Extract from latest official report:-

"Sheriff Lombardo again revised the number of injured to 546, with 45 people still hospitalised, including some in critical condition.

The sheriff said a visual inspection during a coroner's autopsy found "no abnormalities" in Paddock's brain. He said the brain had been shipped to a facility to do a microscopic evaluation."

I'm no medical expert but after viewing photos of the deceased I would find it hard to believe there were 'no abnormalities' in the brain.

FFS most of his brain would have been splattered on the ceiling from the gunshot to the roof of the mouth.

I fundamentally object to Dual Citizenship....It is my personal feeling, that you must Swear Allegiance and Total Loyalty to Australia, to be an Australian Citizen...Full Stop..... I have no problem with people identifying with their heritage and cultural customs that are Legal and fundamentally Consistent with Australia's Western Culture and Values. Being proud of one's heritage is a good thing...I just don't believe having a foot in each camp is acceptable...Each to their own...but I prefer Australia for Australians with Australia Foremost in their my humble opinion anyway...

When it comes to the Paris Agreement, even the best-case scenarios promise tiny improvements at too high a cost.

Why don't we just sack the lot of the bludgers and use administrators to run the country, whom are on one year contract's. No perform, no new contract.

For PP seniors who will remember - SABRINA - real name Norma Ann Sykes - died last year aged 80. She had been one of the 50s biggest stars - the "British Marilyn Monroe" but fell so far from fame that her death only emerged this week......I remember Sabrina well - I was a child at the height of her fame - a child addicted to reading newspapers including British - so she was part of the pantheon of busty blonde stars of the US and UK the media featured in almost every edition - these girls sold newspapers - so its very very sad to find Sabrina lived the last decades of her life in penury, agony from a botched back operation, addicted to pain killers and beset by guilt over the death of her mother , and carer, from heat exhaustion because Sabrina's humble North Hollywood home

Now this is one for the books the world gone crazy, safe us from the PC nazis

Hilarious, DPM, the Honourable Peeled Tomato Joyce, has described his citizenship case as being forced on him by "malicious fate" and accused others of using it to "open wounds and play a very poor game". Isn't that hypocrisy at the highest level? This bloke is a long serving, taxpayer trough gouging politician who has spent decades lying, obsfucating, deceiving and displaying utter incompetence in the art of politics, the most disloyal and shonky trade on this earth. And now he complains about the rules of the game?? Ha ha ha. Suck it up fucktard, shit happens. I hope these clowns who are in non-compliance with the rules of parliament get kicked out on their arses. Harden up Princesses.

Jean-Claude Juncker today warned that Britain will have to pay for Brexit if it wants to begin talks over trade and a transition deal with the EU during a remarkable speech in which he thanked the UK for the Second World War and claimed the euro had prevented other wars in Europe.

The European Commission president took the hard-line stance as it emerged that EU leaders were considering taking the first steps towards trade and transition negotiations.

The EU is refusing to fully engage in those negotiations until it judges that “sufficient progress” has been made in the three issues of the co-called Brexit bill, Ireland and citizens’ rights.

“I am not hating the British. The Europeans have to be grateful for so many things Britain has brought to Europe, during war, before war, after war, everywhere and every time, but now they have to pay," he

Man behind charlottesville rally on CNN payroll, what a surprise