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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I feel a little bit sick this morning because I believe I have finally worked out what Gillard, Macklin and their rabid Left sisterhood were up to promoting late-term abortions. It was a major plank in the hideous policies of Gillard’s Socialist Forum. But why? Why wouldn't a woman opt for a six week abortion of an unwanted baby?

Gillard and her twisted sister Jenny Macklin also legislated for Centrelink bonuses of $5,000 cash for any stillborn baby. Well, surprise, surprise, “late term” abortions are always recorded as “stillbirths” because the baby is dismembered prior to extraction to make the experience easier on the mother.

You see, women of the Left believe only they have rights when it comes to pregnancy, it’s all about “MY BODY”, certainly the father has no rights and the baby itself doesn’t get a say either because it can’t talk, it can’t breathe, it is immersed in water and cannot make a sound when it is suffering dismemberment.

Yet it has a fully functioning nervous system... so it feels pain like you and I do. And having your little arms and legs torn off, and then your head, could be a fraction disconcerting if you can’t offer any note of protest.

The torso and the head are of most value as organs are in high demand on the black market for use in stem cell research and for whatever else is required.

But why “late term”?

Well, the later the abortion, the more fully developed the parts and therefore the more valuable.

Hillary Clinton, like her Socialist Forum sisters Julia Gillard and Jenny Macklin, is a promoter of the misnamed “Planned Parenting” movement in the US. It is a series of Federally-funded abortion clinics that has flourished across America under the Obama Administration. It secretly secures and sells body parts of developed foetuses.

Now there is no way I will post pics of dissected babies (it’s there on the net if you have the stomach, just type in “late term abortions”) but a recent hidden camera expose now explains how these lame excuses for women operate within these clinics selling baby parts on the black market.

The Gillard/Macklin Centrelink payment of $5,000 neatly circumvents the illegality of selling foetus parts and Planned Parenting denies it pays the mother. But someone is making very good money in the US clinics and to suggest the donating mothers are not paid anything beggars belief.

And killing the unborn baby in the womb neatly circumvents a crime because, if it is born alive, vivisection then attracts a charge of murder. Yet it is reported that many are born first and then dissected alive, depending on the part required.

It's hard to determine what exactly baby parts are worth, but reported going prices for adult body parts on the black market are as follows:

Pair of Eyeballs: $1,525
Scalp: $607
Skull with Teeth: $1,200
Shoulder: $500
Coronary Artery: $1,525
Heart: $119,000
Liver: $157,000
Hand and Forearm: $385
Pint of Blood: $337
Spleen: $508
Stomach: $508
Small Intestine: $2,519
Kidney: $262,000
Gallbladder: $1,219
Skin: $10 per square inch

Baby or foetus parts of course command nowhere near those prices as they are used mainly in stem cell research by universities and private research companies.

Clearly, harvesting late-term foetus parts is the empowerment of women at the expense of disempowered foetuses and would be seen as despicable by any fair minded person. But more worrying are reports raised in Australia that ice addicts are now using permanent pregnancy (at $5,000 a pop) as a means of funding their addiction.

When asked about how the babies were obtained for research, Dr. Karen Holbrook of the University of Washington, Seattle said this:

“Hopefully they are not born alive. It’s better to avoid that. The skin is taken after foetal demise.”

Foetal skin specimens are used by Dr. Karen Holbrook for her work in biology. She was Government granted $240,000 to carry out work on sixty human foetuses or embryos.

An ex-employee of Planned Parenthood said she was revulsed after she poked at a baby’s heart on a surgical dish and it started beating again.

Hidden camera interview here:



No wonder they are so Pro Abortion, its the money $$$$$$$$$$$$$ ,same as the Free Blood Donations for blood transfusions ,another money making racket they want to keep going even though they have safer, healthier alternatives ,''Greed for want of a better term is Good "

That was the excuse they used and they were never registered members of the party that's why the court cases and remember PH was Federal not State so needed the 500 members to register a party. Even on the back of that membership form it state you were only a member of the supporters group not the actual party.

That was the excuse they used and they were never registered members of the party that's why the court cases and remember PH was Federal not State so needed the 500 members to register a party. Even on the back of that membership form it state you were only a member of the supporters group not the actual party.

Also CS Bruce has gone to ground now wonder why

Hit the nail on the head but the problem for PH was that those members were not actual party members and had no rights in the running of the party and as such lost the civil case then the criminal trial but got off on a technicality.

CS I cannot add anything to that and yes he has convinced himself he was the one to take PH to success however he really doesn't know what really went on in most cases before PH dumped him and after and only making things up as he really doesn't know much at all. The Support movement was recommenced at the formation of the party however that was their undoing.

Where were the abortion doctors when this scrag was fully developed in the womb? Her bits and pieces could have fetched a hefty sum, benefited good people and relieved the world of a heinous murdering witch.

Evil prospers when good men do nothing.....quote.

They claim to be the party who cares most for our young but were happy for that child to be murdered a few years prior. You simply cannot argue to be the champion of someone you wished might be cut up and discarded pre-birth. Labor has been sent here by Satan.

Let's not overcomplicate the reasons Gillard/Pliber/Macklin etc have dedicated their lives to the cause of cutting up unborn babies and throwing them in the trash. See, once you have won that battle nothing then is too evil. Nothing crosses the line. Nothing is too outrageous or vile. There is a very small minority of people in Oz who are rotten to the core. Unfortunately they have all congregated in the one place called the Labour Movement where morals and ethics are regarded as traits to be sneered at whilst lying, cheating, blackmail, fraud, theft and bastardry are richly rewarded.

BlackRoo. Ten-four big buddy.

Absolutely disgusting. These women are sick.

What an inane rant there Brucey, you've now lost it. The sweet liddle old gent has blown his gasket. You actually do have a temper, ha ha. Doing all that you claim you don't. Calling names, accusing etc. Its easy isn't it Brucey. WTF is this "jealousy" crap? For fuck sake, you are nuts, and clearly right up yourself!!

Well CS, I'm interested, why did his woman walk out on him? Nah, dunno wanna know, why wouldn't she?

Tend to agree with you he still believes he was the chosen one to lead Pauline and that was never going to happen and is a legend in his own lunch hour. He really knows nothing of really what went on. But that's his life to do what he wants and say but keeps making a fool of himself.

Bruce don't know what you on as I don't even know CS, now CS that comment was not meant for me was it? Bruce the story ended with Sharples sacking his lawyers Everinghams and then Sharples had no more contact with Abbott, Samuel's or Everinghams when can you get it through your think skull. Bruce I know the truth you don't and that's what is eating you up and wanting to find out but you will never know and that document you have no clue where it is, however its quite safe. You cannot take it knowing others know more about the facts behind Pauline's downfall and you desperately want to know what happened pre and post Abbott but you will never know.

You have nothing to be proud about, and you are not a Christian.

Bruce you still don't get it, Everingham lawyers, Abbott and Samuels had no more contact with Sharples after Sharples moved away from Everingham Lawyers and that was well before the 1st trial and that was the Civil case. Some others who you have no idea who they are took over and helped Sharples. Pauline's undoing was her own greedy fault and the way the Party was registered and She and the 2 David's knew what they were doing was illegal, Bruce you are just jealous that Pauline kicked you out when you thought you could control her and the Party but you were never in that league or had the capacity to even do that. By what you write lets me know you really don't know what happened after Sharples left Everinghams and that grates on you trying to say you know but Bruce you have NO idea at all

contd....2...Brendon O'Neill on gay marriage.....".AND TO POLICE WHAT WE THINK" And from myself...blogging as .Winston..... Political correctness that terrible insistence that some things must remain unsayable even if they are patently that also add ......some things must remain unthinkable even if they are patently true.

Brendan O'Neill......"My beef with gay marriage"....Bolt Blog.....Gay marriage allows the state to increase its already considerable clout over both our personal/family lives and ouR consciences. The ugly tactics of the loudest gay marriage proponents are no accident: they speak to the illiberal heart of gay marriage. O'Neill says "There's one question I've asked every liberal I've encountered in Australia, all of whom harrangue me fro my views on gay marriage : why are western government that are so allergic to freedom and autonomy passionately embracing gay marriage ? They've all struggles to answer. I think it's because gay marriage chimes brilliantly with these governments insatiable desire to diminish the sovereignty of the family and intervene more in our personal lives....contd.....