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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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... Bill Shorten

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


David Hicks, under laws being introduced now, would be in for some serious jail time. Hicks converted to Islam while in Afghanistan and fought with the Taliban against the Commonwealth. He had met with his hero Osama bin Laden 20 times and was trained in a variety of weapons designed to kill Australians and Americans. 

Contrary to his and his wife’s claims, he was not found innocent at all. A decision was set aside in a military jurisdiction due to a technicality and he could still face charges here if retrospectivity was applied to current anti-terror laws.

Hicks (shown here heckling Sen. George Brandis at a human rights ceremony) maintains his admissions were elicited under torture while in Guantanamo Bay but neither he nor his wife can explain the content of his letters to his mother which confirmed his wish to die as a martyr for Islam and jihad. 

He wrote among other things, “As a muslim we believe in destiny that when it is my time then so be it. If it is my time that is called martyrdom I will always fight for Islam. Real jihad is possible just like before in the Prophets day where martyrs die with a smile on their faces and their bodies stay smelling of beautiful perfume for weeks after death... one reward I get in being martyred I get to take ten members of my family to heaven who were destined for hell But first I also must be martyred.”

His anti West rants place him firmly in the jihadist camp and every Australian soldier should set aside the time to spit on him.

As for an un-Australian fool like Bill Shorten, he should go back to the AWU where he majored in thuggery, rape and theft.



She's a bloke!

Gerard Henderson makes a good point on 'Insiders" on Sunday. If 5000 of the leftist lawyers, politicians and journalists each pitched in $200 for their hero, all his dental and medical expenses could be met with recourse to the public purse. There might even be enough left over to buy a one-way ticket for his groper faced father to return to London where he would feel right at home. Gee,Terry Hicks is one ergly son-of- bitch!

Another parasite that our snipers missed!

@ Hotrocks, I agree Smith is all for Smith and that is all.

When has Lawrence suffered from a Dick?

Oh Dear, it seems the release of information about the Halal scam has struck a nerve.

Well, if you want to talk about being Christian - read that propaganda novel the bible (Arabic equivalent Quran). Full of hate, betrayal, sex and lies. A great read - MURDER INCORPORATED

THE great thing about this story is that should anybody ever raise the flag that islamo-dislikea is racist 2 words are all that is required to dispell the accusation. DAVID WICKS. There's me thinking he's a white fella. Anglo Saxon, call it what you will. Is disliking your own race a racial hate crime? I think not.

Dick Smith - the multi millionaire - champion of the AUSTRALIAN product. Made his money through selling anything else but AUSTRALIAN MADE products under the DICK (rightfully named) SMITH name.

Dick Head .

Yes. Unfortunately we don't have the death penalty which could be used for a number of crimes including sedition. However, we have an INjustice system in Australia that only considers the needs and circumstances about the perpetrators and has no consideration about the VICTIMS and the impact that their actions cause to them. I'm still trying to work out what the difference between a paedophile and a member of the judiciary is because what they decide to do IMPACTS ON THE LIVES OF VICTIMS FOREVER

Something that puzzles me, the MSM keep saying that as a country we oppose the death penalty. If 64% represents the true feeling in the country, then I cannot see how they can claim that Australia as a country does not support the death penalty. Or is that where preferential (like the voting) treatment come in. Even TripleJ survey had more in favour than against.

Bad call by dick .

No, they should be forced to take all the drugs themselves and OD
Snort until you drop.

We get the point and that's what matters.

I think Dick was just trying to give him a fair hearing. Don't get me wrong, David Hicks is a maggot of epic proportions and is dumb as dog shit and should be in jail under Australian law. I cannot believe we have nothing he could be charged with and in jail. He has admitted that he trained and fought with outlawed terrorist groups. I think the American Military has done a great disservice to Australia for letting this scum out of jail.

"Karmichael Hunt" I'm a fuckwit get me out of here.

Dick is a big disappointment .

OT again I am I know., I will probably get howled down for this.... but I wish to say I think this sign language person standing in front of Paletstack (and any other pollie on TV) is completely un-necessary and really this last one yesterday made the whole thing look like a clown show. My question is HOW many people in every 10000 people watching TV would be completely deaf ? one? and if so I am sure they would have someone that could explain it to them.