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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


What a day to celebrate! Tommy Robinson walks free from jail, still alive. What a blow to all those intent on destroying our societies and turning our countries into Third World hellholes.

Ok, I’ll admit that Tommy is a little unconventional (choke). I’ll admit that he isn’t an intellectual and that he tends to rush in where angels would fear to tread. I’ll admit that he doesn’t always have the coolest head.

But what exactly have the cool-headed people done? SFA is the answer. Tommy has put his life on the line. He has even had to put his family’s lives on the line. How much of a sacrifice does that entail?

Of course, the Establishment goons and their Hard-Left, brain-dead minions are wailing and gnashing their teeth in rage. That is to be expected. I have however, heard anti-Tommy opinions from people who I consider to be fellow travellers.

In recent times, Tommy Robinson has been working for The  Rebel Media which is run by Ezra Levant. Ezra is Jewish. Some people think that Tommy is now a shill for the world’s organised Jewish community.

I’m not taking sides here. I’m not saying that there aren’t Jewish individuals or organisations which wield considerable financial and political power. I’m not commenting on what that means because frankly, I don’t have all the answers.

What I do want to know however, are the answers to the following questions.

Firstly, are the British Government and British Establishment entirely controlled by a global cabal of Jews? Secondly, are all Jews part of a plot to advance Jewish power and control? Thirdly, is Tommy Robinson now working for this cabal of global Zionists?

Finally, if you answered yes to all of the above questions then please can you answer this one?

If Tommy Robinson is working for the people who control the Establishment, then why does the Establishment seem so intent on utterly destroying this poor person. Why do they even put the lives of his family members at risk?

Why do the establishment media insist on revealing Tommy's real name in every article they publish about him; presumably in the hope that he will be tracked down and murdered by the rampant Jihadists who infect his town?

I am not trying to be facetious or derogatory here. These are complex questions to which I would really like a serious answer.

If you can’t answer these questions however, then I think in the meantime that you should at least give Tommy the benefit of the doubt and consider the possibility that he is one of the greatest heroes of our time.


Jim Traficant: Exposing Israel’s Control of America
August 7, 2018 renegade 4 Comments
James Traficant was one of the most heroic politicians in the past hundred years, and that’s why his tractor flipped and killed him.

Jim Traficant: Exposing Israel’s Control of America
August 7, 2018 renegade 4 Comments
James Traficant was one of the most heroic politicians in the past hundred years, and that’s why his tractor flipped and killed him.

Jim Traficant: Exposing Israel’s Control of America
August 7, 2018 renegade 4 Comments
James Traficant was one of the most heroic politicians in the past hundred years, and that’s why his tractor flipped and killed him.

I think the whole thing has demonstrated how 'political correctness' has been used as a social engineering tool manage individual thought. Also I believe that this has been orchestrated by the un-elected 'World Government' that is the United Nations.

..and now to reopen or better "report the truth about Muslim rape gangs that the police were gagged in reporting"

Well he is not the only political prisoner in Britain today our mate Julian has not seen day light for about 7 years another sheila by the name of Melanie Shaw still in jail after 2 years for exposing grooming gangs in Nottingham not to mention the re3cently release Peter Golding and Jana Franzen makes me womder how many others are there in the police state of Britain ????

Crazy winds blows tents away at festival.....

Justice Victoria style. Frankston personality, Ryan Wells, the guy that coward punched a total stranger causing severe injuries was today granted bail by a magistrate. Dozens of police were out in force to protect Wells from angry crowds. However he will not be charged for the police protection as he is not considered a highly dangerous 'right wing free speech advocate', but merely an ordinary everyday non-law-abiding, drug-addled thug going about his business. Dan's yer man!

Mark Latham's Outsiders
3 hrs ·
Tim Soutphommasane Admits He Has Failed As Race Discrimination Commissioner

Dr Tim is giving his last speech tonight, complaining that Australia has become "socially divided" on the question of race. Yet it was his job over the past 5 years to stop this from happening.
Typically, he's blaming others. But in effect, the speech is an admission of his own failure.

How did Soupie get it so wrong? There are many reasons:

He failed to condemn the rise of identity politics, which has divided Australians on the basis of race, gender and sexuality.

He failed to condemn the rise of anti-white racism, turning a bling eye to white people being attacked solely due to their skin colour.

He failed to take action against the rise of racial segregation in Australia, such as the recent Melbourne University dance performance where white people were herded into a special area and harangued about their skin colour.

He failed to defend the essence of multiculturalism, to have an integrated, blended Australian society. He turned another blind eye to the alarming rise of ethnic enclaves, such as Lakemba in Sydney, which is now 65% Islamic. (He is speaking at the Whitlam Institute tonight, yet he has betrayed the Whitlam/Fraser 1970s vision of what multiculturalism should be).

He failed to promote the importance of English as our national language, whereby Australians can get to know each other across racial lines, by the simple practice of speaking to each other.

He used his position to pursue political vendettas, such as the Human Rights Commission's hounding of Bill Leak into an early grave.

He persecuted innocent Queensland University of Technology students under 18C, without even telling them upfront they faced court action to clear their names from a false, malicious claim.

He lied to students at his old school, Hurlstone in Sydney, by saying no Asian Australians had fought at Gallipoli.

He promoted victimhood among ethnic groups at every turn, instead of acknowledging the overwhelming international evidence that Australia is one of the most tolerant nations on Earth.

He has been a complete and utter failure, who has set back race relations in Australia many years.



"Here is the PROOF that You Tube is SHADOW BANNING BOTH SGTREPORT YOU TUBE CHANNELS. I am asking President Trump to ‘Look into it” immediately as he has vowed to do regarding TWITTER’S shadow banning of Conservatives and Libertarians."

Chumpy you have well established yourself as the site fool. No need to dig your hole any deeper. Haven't you got Jew to burn or something?

Everyone's favourite Nazi, Blair Cotterell has been banned by Sky. The new post 'covers' the story. Disgusted1 will be disgusted too.

I thought I'd start the dinner thread this evening. We are starting off with baked camembert with a glass or two of red Bordeaux followed by Moules Marinieres accompanied by a blond ale, then to finish off I am whipping up a Pithiviers and to accompany a small glass of Amaretto. What are you all having for dinner tonight posters?

new post up

THE Mind-blowing Costs Of Global Warming Hysteria

It's a bit early Granny. You do your best trolling after 11. You know after you have given your arse to a few deros in the gutter outside some sleazy Port Augusta boozer.

Soupspoonman on his way out the door, stepping down tonight with a farewell speech. Good riddance.

Here's a quick primer on the A B C’s of Islam for Inkeemegee, Tigerbalm and any other slow learner or useful idiot who may comment here or chance upon this website;

A is for Allah

B is for Beheading (and the sexy Burqa)

C is for Caliphate, and Crucifixion (refer 5.33 of The Unholy Koran)

D is for Dhimmi

E is a letter to follow D

F is for Fitna

G is for al Ghazzali, one of the great scholars of The Religion of Peace™

H is for Halal, Haram, Hijab, Hajj, al Hijra, Hate …..

I is for Islam, and Islamofauxbia — of which you must aggressively and incessantly accuse all who dare criticise Islam

J is for Jizya (refer 9.29)

K is for the Kaaba and Kuffar (the vilest of creatures) and Khalifa (funnily enough)

L if for lopping off of hands and feet (ibid 5.33 of The Unholy Koran)

M if for Mosque, but above all, the murderous, misogynistic, megalomaniacal Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him)

N is for Niqab

O is for “O Ye who believe! etc etc blah blah” ….. throughout the Unholy Koran

P is for Polygamy and Pedophilia (both fully permissible in Islam)

Q is for the Holy, the Noble, the Sublime, the Glorious Qur’an (if swallowed seek urgent medical advice)

R is for Ramadan, and for Racism — which you must viciously accuse all critics of Islam of, even though Islam is a Religion and not a Race

S is for the Sunna and Sharia and suck it up

T is for striking Terror in the hearts of the Unbelievers

U (as previously noted) is for Unbelievers, the vilest of creatures

V as previously noted, also refers to Non-Muslims, the vilest of creatures

W is for al Walaa Wal Baraa — the doctrine of Loyalty to Islam and Disavowal of everything non Islamic

W is also for Wikiislam — an excellent resource, chock full of articles critical of Islam, here's the link — ….. it's currently down, probably due to a massive DDOS attack by pious devotees of The Religion of Peace™ (or their Dhimmi enablers)

X is for Xenophobia, which in similar vein, is a smear you falsely label critics of Islam

Y is for Yathrib, which must never to be called that, following Muhammad (peace be upon him) invading, raping, dispossessing and murdering all Jews, Christians, polytheists and assorted opponents, renaming it Mecca

Z, the last letter in the alphabet, reminds us Islam continues to threaten, torment and terrorise everyone, exactly as Allah (AKA Muhammad) commanded

And remember that the penalty for blasphemy (of anything Islamic) or apostasy (leaving Islam) is death. Sweet dreams, little children.

Hijab Chronicles
by Majid Rafizadeh
August 5, 2018 at 4:00 am

"Will Allah hang me from my hair? The religious and Quran teacher at our school told us in class that if we show our hair in public, God will hang us from our hair in the afterlife and torture us for infinity."

Many Muslim women, including members of my own family, are afraid to take off their hijab, even though they are adults and who may not be religious anymore, and may even live in a place where they are allowed to take off their hijab. The fear of displaying their hair, and the consequences they could face physically and spiritually still haunt them and influence the choices they make in their everyday life.

My sister is still afraid to take off her hijab because of those horrifying stories that the radical Islamic teachers taught her when she was tiny....I still hope for a day when my sister will have a good night's sleep, when the little girls who are sitting in those same classrooms, their minds filled with horrifying scenes, will one day feel safe to uncover their hair, and safe to lay down their heads at night. Until then, I will not rest, either.

"Be Cursed Forever": Extremist Persecution of Christians, January 2018
by Raymond Ibrahim
August 5, 2018 at 5:00 am

"Nigeria security has declared war against Christians in this country." — Pastor Kallamu Musa Ali Dikwa, executive director of Voice of Northern Christian Movement, Nigeria.

While uncritically taking in and conferring refugee status on countless Muslim migrants, European authorities continued singling out those most in need of sanctuary for deportation.

"Afghanistan is not a safe place for a Christian convert. The Court should ask Switzerland to stop turning a blind eye to the situation of religious minorities in Afghanistan... Sending a refugee back to a country where they face persecution because of their faith is incompatible with the Convention." — AFD International.