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Saturday, 19th January 2019

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Renny Carter

Renny Carter, 53, is an old journo and one of the Liberal Party's faceless men, who has opinions on anything and everything in contemporary life.


I've worked out why it is that these bloody Laborites, having left us behind in the flotsam and in Kevin's case, jetsam, of the shit fight they created, feel they have to madly get pen to paper quick smart. The tomes are literally queuing up at University Press and others in the wake of the worst 'Gummint' we have ever endured. Barbara Cartland has nothing on these pricks!

The reason is not only did they not get to finish the job (for which we can be eternally grateful) they didn't get time to explain themselves or justify what was six years of unmitigated garbage as a party before being elbowed off the rostrum by a happy, but extremely bewildered, Liberal Party.

The mess, when coupled with the residual joke that is today's Senate, is going to be the toughest that any government has ever had to deal with.

So our bungling Kruddsters have been belting their keyboards well into the night turning out volume after volume of fanciful crap, essentially a rewriting of history, except for the bits where they bag the man they all stood behind at some time or other. On that they are rock solid. Kev was a cretin. Kev was an arsehole. Kev was a control freak. And Kev was a bully.  A bad tempered one according to Wayno.

Which is undoubtedly why Kev hasn't written his book yet... although I will lay London to a brick that he will have the last word. It's his nature.

Former Governor General, Quentin Bryce will formally launch 'My Story', the memoir of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard next month. This will probably live in the fiction section of most libraries because if she actually tells the truth about anything she will be locked up. 

The nine books by Labor figures, from 2012 to the present are:

• My Story, by Julia Gillard; a work I am sure of complete fiction. Probably about the fight against misogyny or something equally ludicrous. 

• The Good Fight, by Wayne Swan; another work of fiction except for the bits about Kevin.

• Power with Purpose, by Lindsay Tanner (2012); A work about power withOUT purpose.

• Hearts and Minds, by Chris Bowen; A nice lead up to Bill Shorten's book, which may be called Tits and Bums.

• Diary of a Foreign Minister, by Bob Carr; a work of complete delusion by someone up the sharp end of a jet with too much time on his hands when he wasn't listening to opera or his wife snoring.

• The Fights of My Life, by Greg Combet; another 'fight' themed book. It's all about fighting in the Labor Party, but we knew that already.

• A Letter to Generation Next, by Kim Carr; er, generation next doesn't exist yet, basically more bullshit about Labor realignment strategies that will never work. 

• Tales from the Political Trenches, b Maxine McKew (updated 2013); political trenches? Get outa here! The silly cow knew as much about politics as she did about responsible broadcasting! The only time she went near a trench was when she fell in the gutter carrying three bottles of bubbly from the Crow's Nest Deli.

• Glory Daze, by Jim Chalmers (former Swan adviser now an MP); Jim got that right at least. It was a daze! A complete daze. And we are still dazed. One thing it wasn't. Happy Daze!

Happy reading, NOT.


Well said linjohnwat. Mr Swan who could not spell surplus, let alone deliver one!

thanks forgot all that stuff and so on goes the long list, but it was all in the means of a balanced budget according to Mr Swan LOL

A $120 million 'grant' to the Adelaide Uni a couple of weeks before she walked the plank then offered an honorary professorship by said uni.$340 million to a womans help project for the pacific islands.Increasing overseas aid from $3billion to $6 billion using borrowed money from overseas

Thanks for reminding us of their management of taxpayers money.

remember the Moree Solar and Wind Farm Project, oh never heard of that one either? well it had a budget of $1.1billion, after 12 months it went into liquidation, it was written about in the better papers, not mentioned on the ABC however, because they did not want you to know that Gillard had just blown $645million, the feds share on the idiotic deal

Gillards carbon tax killed a lot of jobs, like the one in Adelaide which made carbon blacks, and product widely used in industry, it had been there for 70 years employed close to a 100 people, the carbon sent it to the wall, it closed and all the workers lost there jobs, then there is Manildra Flower company, if you have ever heard of them? Ring them up and ask them what Gillards carbon tax did to there business, people like you really only listen to the ABC and don';t really have a real clue what is actually going on around the country

If Kennett had not of come along, I would hate to think what kind of mess Victoria would have ended up in the hands of on going Labor govts. remember, they never ever, at any time, pull the reins, they just keep spending keep borrowing keep on putting on thousands of useless bureaucrats with over inflated pay packets, all of which has to be paid for the tax payer once.

Remember Joan Kirner, it Paul Keating who labelled Victoria the rust bucket state and said to Kennett you fix and I will back you, which he did, another little fact forgotten by many as well.

the old SEC state electricity commission had racked up a debt of $9billion, so Kennett had not of sold it, who do you think would have had to pay the debt plus the interest, many folks seem to forget about that part of the equation, plus there thousand of workers in the old labtrobe valley work shop etc who never did any work, I personally knew one, and the things that went on the went, it just had to be stopped

Businesses large and small will continue to leave ghost town Victoria as our only competitive advantage that we had was cheap electricity has now gone .

It was just a cash grab because businesses couldn't do anything about it

linjohnwat yes i do remember when Vic labor got in after Kennet and my workers compensation annual bill i think it doubled overnight that is with no claims for many years past.

Remember(late 2012 i think)when gillard was promising government(gonski admin) jobs to all the Ford And Oil refinery job loses down in Geelong.That's seems to be the only way the alp can 'create jobs.Lose a whole industry then make up jobs like in the ministry of climate change.Remember NBN Co median salary was just over $150,000 a few years ago.Who do you think those guys are gonna vote for come election time ?

So we have a sorry little lefty doing a broadside through the site. The only effect you'll have here is to leave skid marks - probably in your undies.

All I can say if your in business and andrews becomes premier the best thing you can do is either shift your business out of Victoria or get out of business full stop. He is just a union puppet and will only flick the switch for full on union anarchy, just like Jilliar did. If you don't believe me, just watch the unemployment figures over the next few years. I'm only thankful I'm very close to retiring, and won't be a part of it.

"Any statement in a politician's memoirs can represent one of six different levels of reality:
a. What happened.
b. What he believed happened.
c. What he would have liked to have happened.
d. What he wants to believe happened.
e. What he wants other people to believe happened.
f. What he wants other people to believe he believed happened."

Poooot! Feel better diddums after spitting your dummy? Now go back to your sand pit and play with your toys! Loser!

Nobody buys newspapers any more

Why then did the public service allow it to happen , if they saw that finances were depleting , wouldn't they do something about it ?

Where was the money borrowed from ?