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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I was tempted to use a different headline; “Shirtlifter Gets Shirtfronted” but that would have been grossly homophobic, so I will stick with that one. 

The darling of the ABC and the gay community, the sexually- and intellectually-confused David Marr, was once again caught out lying by his nemesis, Gerard Henderson, on the One sided Insiders, and for once it was good television.

Token conservative, and outnumbered by three-to-one panellist, Gerard, has once again punched above his weight in bringing the rampaging Lefty Marr to heel over his dishonesty.

It was unintentionally good viewing as Henderson refused to allow Marr to exhibit his supercilious bias despite the support of nauseating Lefties Fran Kelly and Barrie Cassidy.

The ABC’s canonisation of Gough Whitlam and the It’s Time campaign has left many viewers close to retching, and another It’s Time campaign is gathering a head of steam in respect of a scandalous ABC, free from accountability.

I know of no other publicly funded organisation where half its budget is usurped with bloated, out of control and unjustified salaries. 

It’s Time that Malcolm Turnbull resigned from his presidency of the “Friends of the ABC” club and got on with reforming the public broadcaster.

It’s Time that a free-wheeling ABC stopped flaunting its Left bias at taxpayers’ expense. It’s Time it stopped thumbing its nose at free-to-air television and newspapers that are confined to death row while it increases its own advertising budget by 40 per cent.

It’s Time the Managing Director of the taxpayer-funded arm of the ALP, ex Fairfax person, Mark Scott, was prevented from paying himself in excess of $800,000 per annum.

It’s Time Malcolm Turnbull ceased his love affair with the unrepresentative media mutant and resigned to allow someone else the task of reforming it.

It’s Time the duopolistic SBS and ABC were amalgamated and forced to survive on a combined budget of $500,000,000 with limited advertising.

That’s a saving that would more than cover a modest pay rise for our servicemen.

After all, the ADF is tasked with our security and they certainly wouldn’t think of spending it playing partisan politics with our airwaves.


better to cut funding to both the GAYbc and SBS (Slease Before Sleep) by 100%. Let them all get a real job in private enterprise journalism or become self employed like Larry and then we will see how popular their communist propaganda really is?

Mine's this big! (Is there any correlation between a conceited, attention-seeking, leftie poof's dick and his brain?)

yes MANKIND and beyond Marr is just despicable, uninformed and a complete and utter fool. There is no parity for brains when it comes to the OUTSIDERS and that other idiot lefties dog face Fran Kelly and squeaking budge brain Cassidy.

This dip shit grub Marr is the most vile and punch in the face inviting grub that aggravates everyone and anyone on any media in Australia. But of course who should be paying his wages? Of course our ABC and the taxpayers of Australia. GO AWAY MARR NO ONE INTELIGENT IS INTERESTED IN YOUR OPINIONS and you are a complete and utter fool. The sooner we get rid of these sorts of lowlifes the better we will all be politically, financially and domestically.

There is only one reason that Abbott declines to do anything about the ABC, they must have some serious dirt on him that will publish if he steps out of line.

If the ALPBC only broadcast to 40% of the population they only need 40% of the funds.

Marr is exactly the type of man who when garbed in an orange jumpsuit on his knees would complain "Yes I'm gay,but I'm on your side" and then wonder why he still had a suitably blunt knife digging into his neck.

sailor2 - I think you are on the wrong page mate! - take your vile language elsewhere thanks.

And now we have more corruption with Andrews re his union mates etc in Victoria - heads up for Napthine -

Mankind????? is he a Man??????

couldn't agree more - that Marr fellow revolts me - this should be Facebooked to Tony Abbott

Sibilating, mincing, hissy fitting, pooncing nancy boy with permanent pre menstrual syndrome

Oh I did laugh at your first line…very witty :-)

O/T So, 38 innocent Australians are blasted from the skies and ABC thinks it's a joke. ABC ridicules our PM for holding to account the man who supplied the murder weapon and now hides the murder weapon. It is abhorrent that 7.30 could stoop so low. It is disgusting that honest Aussie taxpayers are forced to sponsor this treachery and filth. Russia's propagandists could not have wished for more. ABC is increasingly the enemy of Australia. It must radically change, or disappear.

True mate Thx .....fixed

I see that the ALPBC is really stringing out Abbot's "shirtfront" comment. It was a silly comment that has given them a load of attacking opportunity but they are making a lot of bullshit propaganda out of it.

Henderson was excellent. Marr was pathetic and showed his true colours.

It's time the ALP, oops, ABC, stopped trying to fool us that its news broadcasts actually contain any news. They are really current affairs bulletins about any topic they choose, bolstered by some opinion by a hard-leftist academic or lightweight Labor pollie. The whole "news" program is peppered with leftie agenda items and politically correct twaddle that has little or nothing to do with what's going on in the world. And it's far worse on the weekend and much worse on the radio than the TV. This is unbridled, deceptive and sneaky propaganda that Goebbels would have been proud of. When will any pollie from the centre call this bullshit out?

"It’s Time that Malcolm Turnbull resigned from his presidency of the “Friends of the ABC”"..... I guess you are referring to that closet lefty who once was a member of the Labour Party??