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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


With a reputation for atrocities somewhere between Pol Pot and Idi Amin, nonagenarian and self-styled illegitimate Zimbabwean President Mugabe has been slaughtering white farmers in a sanctioned land grab and keeping his 14 million inhabitants starving and diseased while he occupies grandiose palaces... one for each day of the week.

Miniature megalomaniac Mugabe tortures and murders his political opponents and refuses to accept election results. A quarter million whites have either been ruthlessly murdered or have fled this worst of all regimes. Pockets of whites now number fewer than 20,000.

South of this landlocked diamond-rich country, apartheid reigned supreme under P. W. Botha. The world isolated him with vicious sanctions, they refused him recognition and no sporting teams, including rugby and cricket teams were permitted to contest with South Africa until, after 40 years, apartheid was dismantled.

Why am I saying this? Well in a desperate attempt to avoid the ABC’s Q&A last night I channel-flicked to the Australian cricket team playing Zimbabwe in Harare. 

Of course the second grade Zimbabweans were thrashed by 198 runs but a question lingered: Why the hell are we giving this foulest of regimes credibility by competing with it? Not a placard of protest was to be seen in the small crowd.

Does the normally noisy Left excuse a black regime's persecution of whites in this, a perverted form of reverse apartheid?

Seems so.


Went to a few bookshops today looking for Paul Kelly's new book . Totally sold out and back orders piling up . The shelves are full of all the political crap though . Used Carr has the biggest pile of rubbish . Closely followed by Swan . Gillard , Richo snd more

Here is an Interesting email sent to sen. Hanson-Young

To: wlmailhtml:[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>
Subject: You and Islam
Like most normal people in the community, I have trouble in establishing just what planet it is you live on!
Your strident outpouring of crap on illegal immigrants is incredibly offensive to the vast majority of Australians, which is why you and your nutter mates Milne, Bandt, Brown, Rhiannon and co, attract only 8% of the national vote, and they are the extreme looney left in our community, to whom you obviously relate.
The majority of illegal immigrants come from Muslim countries from, which in case you haven't noticed, 99% of all terrorists emanate. Every muslim country in the Middle East is in total turmoil and, with notably few exceptions, are poor, violent, and have not been able to govern themselves for centuries. Their vile islamic religion with its jihad and fatwah spew forth hatred and terror across the world, and anybody who does not follow their crazy doctrine is considered an infidel and should be executed and Allah is obviously quite OK with that, yet you are in the forefront in assisting more of them to come here?
Muslim immigration into civilized western societies is a huge drain on the welfare systems of those countries, syphoning off much needed funds for our own disadvantaged people. The majority of muslims in western countries are unemployed and unemployable, they create unrest, squalor and dependence on welfare.
Muslims refuse to recognize the elected governments of democratic countries and have allegience only to their despicable Allah and their vile sharia law, yet they are all happy to live on the public tit in any western country they can infiltrate.
Last time I looked, the muslim community is the only ethnic group to have its own dedicated police task force (Sydney's middle east crime squad) to deal with the anti social criminality that is rife among all muslim ghettos in western countries.
And what about the subjugation of women who are treated as mere chattels by muslim men, with children being dragooned into forced marriages, in many instances with men they have never met... Are you OK with that?
You keep harping on about discrimination and on that subject we can agree with one point of difference: there is not enough of it. The regular executions and drive by shootings in Sydney's western suburbs, the drug dealing and organized crime that necessitated a special police task force, the draining our welfare system, are all due to muslim immigrants.
And there you are with your bleeding heart all over our television screens castigating Tony Abbott for protecting Australia's sovereignty and preventing the massive drain that unemployed muslims place on our scarce welfare resources that can certainly be used for much more deserving causes.
Get this through your dumb green skull! The vast majority of Australians do not want muslim immigration into this country, and if a referendum on this issue were held tomorrow, you and your scaly mates know damn well what the result would be.
So give us all a break and refrain from your pathetic outpouring in support of illegal immigrants, the vast majority of whom are muslim, we could give a rat's arse, and you and your nutter associates in the greens are a disgrace to this country!

He is one evil looking cretin.

Who the hell can run 10K with two Africans chasing them ?

haa the prick is as corrupt as Williamson

listen to the audios

the commission has joined the left

Twinkie.... lost the last thread... would you be kind enough to send me in the right direction... many thanks.

OMG... how far can this kind of thing deteriorate? The whole thing is a debacle.. give this lady /man... a break for God's sake!... their association was very much in the past... let it go!!!

wherever you have got solicitors and unions your sure to get some rootin. Irving should have been booted.

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LOL !! Pork for sure W154 !

How convenient, has Gillard done the deed with any at the RC?

She has the crowd with her too.

No wonder she dumped him. Not too bright.

Does he have a family?

KJ could derail his questioning by saying, "By the way, I faked my orgasms". Bit then MI may reply, "So did I".

How KJ could have an appetite for lunch is amazing after this morning. I'm feeling anxious just watching it on the pc.

Waldo, The Princess was removed about 6 months ago, when things started to heat up with KJ. I heard that she took off to Europe. I don't blame her. I also hope that she is OK

Yes DJT, he has Hughie, his young son from by his first wife, plus an older daughter, Caroline, from the same wife, (I believe)' then there was Lucy, who unfortunately died from SIDS. The first wife was at the birthday party but not His second wife, The Princess. That lovely lady was 'removed', it seems.

MI proving that lawyers have no shame.

Just a bit of practise for the next round with Gillard. They will be able to ask her who she slept with! Thanks KJ. Thanks unions, now we are getting down to the nitty gritty. Larry's latest about BH is very apt.