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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


As reported here last year, be prepared for an IPCC barrage of climate misinformation as the pivotal Paris global warming conference draws near. From the ridiculous report that walruses were being forced to mate on rocky foreshores to the Himalayas becoming bereft of snow it’s been a mix of incompetence and outright lies from the IPCC.

And now the UN is threatening to declare Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in danger and that it risks being delisted from its World Heritage status.

All this bullshit from none other than IPCC Chairman, Indian railway worker, Rajendra Pachauri (pictured) who has just resigned following allegations of sexual harassment

Australia is in the UN’s crosshairs because Tony Abbott is seen as a warming "denier" but, instead of telling the UN to get stuffed, Abbott decided to kick in another $100 million to prop up our expensive James Cook’s marine biologists who are addicted to floating around our healthy reefs trying to find something wrong.

Jon Brodie, chief research scientist at TropWater, the water quality research unit attached to the infamously green James Cook University, said, “The money announced is nowhere near enough to do what is required to protect the reef." Protect the reef from marine post-graduate Lefties, more like it!

Without a perceived reef problem these marine leeches have no jobs, so their role in life is to concoct problems that have never actually existed. “Problems” like water quality and the Crown of Thorns starfish.

The reef has survived run-offs from a thousand waterways for a billion years, it has also withstood cyclical attacks from the Crown of Thorns and the most identifiable of reef fish, the Parrot varieties, that also eat coral turning it into fine sand.

Not to mention the regular cyclones that mercilessly batter the reef.

Without these so-called “threats” our reefs would no longer exist. Old coral is destroyed to make way for new strains in the same way our bush is re-invigorated by fire to allow for new growth.

Green gophers cite possible “extinction of a species” as a weapon in fighting for further increases in their budgets.

The mere suggestion that our reefs could be healthy is monetary sacrilege to a Green gopher!

The truth is that 99 per cent of all species that ever lived in the sea or on land have already become extinct, and have made way for more adaptable, stronger species... I think it's called survival of the fittest, or evolution or something.

The UN’s IPCC alarmist fraudsters are beating the same drum... if you can put fear into the hearts of the simple minded who care about things like reefs, there’s a veritable fortune to be made in carbon credits, with the IPCC copping a cool 10 percent of all carbon taxes levied by compliant Left governments.

The fact is the plant food C02 produced by man has almost no effect on the Earth’s temperature. Both polar caps are increasing and Europe and North America have experienced five years of record low temperatures.

To suggest the contribution of man-made C02 is anything more than piddling when compared to that of the oceans, the Sun and volcanoes, is crazy! But there you go, the IPCC’s warming conference is to be held in Paris in December this year. How crazy is that when Europe will be copping its sixth consecutive year of record freezing temperatures?

It would be wonderful if the IPCC’s dishonest forecasts were even remotely correct because warming produces fertility with massive increases in food production, employment and third-world prosperity.

It’s the cold that kills.


clearing in box

Larry, unfortunately money talks,(UN) Most people are ignorant,brainwashed,not informed enough & have no idea of ancient or modern history.If people would only read they would realise we have & always will be going through climate changes.

Best wishes CS

CS, OT, how is Port Villa fairing?

Me mischievous ?????

Bruce has raised fine points and is a thinker, however he is stuck in his time warped mind, which I believe is a threat to his mental health.

T. B. Bechtel, a City Councillor from Newcastle, Australia, was asked on a local live radio talk show, just what he thought about the allegations of torture of suspected terrorists.
His reply prompted his ejection from the studio, but to thunderous applause from the audience.
'If hooking up one raghead terrorist prisoner's testicles to a car battery to get the truth out of the lying little camelshagger will save just one Australian life, then I have only three things to say,
Red is positive, Black is negative, and Make sure his nuts are wet"

G20, you are a silly little man, and I am too, your flippant attitude should not be tolerated when we are arguing about shit that may or not happened 18 years ago, by the way I am backing CS in this debate

It's still Abbotts fault

Christ for all of our money he is on you would think the fucker would fix his teeth and hair! Meet him in the street through 20 cents at him! Wanker

Just a load of rubbish. And I clad the Indian prick is gone

i have missed this
how disapointing

Still a grumpy old fool you are Bruce . You take the bait at the first opportunity . It's Abbotts fault . if he had not become PM this conversation would not be happening . What the hell did you think I was blaming him for ?

The "big emergency" is for the alarmists, who are more and more being exposed as the fraudsters they are. Sure climate changes: that is what climate always has and always will do. What these folk are desperate to do is ensure their own funding in perpetuity at the expense of the masses.

The present form of the Great Barrier Reef is surprisingly only about 7,000 years old. During the last ice age the reef area was well above sea level and mostly vegetated - the present GBR islands being hills. The present corals etc. only began to form when the last ice age finished.

Bruce I read Marx and Bertrand Russell in my early 20's. I knew Marx was out of his tree long before I finished the first volume. Same with Pilger. Either you can pick bullshit or you can't. :)

Born to rule my arse Bruce. I was brought up in the Housing Commission. I do think you're a good bloke in spite of being taken in by Pilger's fairy tales. No one's perfect. Repeat after me Bruce. "I am not a troglodyte" Good onya.

Larry another thing the Left don't want is third world prosperity. How many spots would be lost at charity troughs if all of a sudden those third worlders didn't need consultant after consultant filling up their accomadation that they themselves can't afford.

Most amusing that you think a statement of fact is name calling p.
You'd have to be pretty naive not to know that Pilger's stock in trade is telling lies.
Pilger is of the far left.