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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The AWU’s hero, Bill Shorten, nervously peeks from behind the stand as his slobbering attack dog, Tony Burke, attempts stop a Royal Commission unearthing even more of Bill’s union corruption... but PM Abbott can hear bells ringing, he is close to unconscious, lost in vacuous half-measures and vapid inoffensiveness and the corner seems the safest place.

Yet if a second term is to be won, boxing on the back foot and pulling punches simply won’t cut it.

When Abbott, as Health Minister under Howard, sounded out his colleagues about his chances of being elected leader, he was told, “We just don’t see you in that role Tony”.

His colleagues proved astute judges as they now need to sit squirming while he cowers from relentless unanswered blows thrown from across the ring.

Where is PM Tony’s unwavering defence of Dyson Heydon who has been abandoned like a shag on a rock? Where is his outrage in the face of an unprecedented and fatuous ACTU attack on a Commissioner’s judicial integrity?

Where is legal eagle Brandis on this the best beat-up of all time, has he lost his copy of the Royal Commissions Act?

If the Libs are accused of conducting a witch hunt, where is the comparison to Labor’s Royal Commission into Child Abuse whose terms of reference target PM Tony’s Catholic Church and leave aged Muslim men free to conduct FGM on five year olds? 
The cultural silence is deafening!

Where is PM Tony’s outrage over Labor feminists’ blindness to Islamic subjugation of women?

Where was PM Tony’s defence of Bronwyn Bishop in the face of a testosterone-inflamed Tony Burke’s purloining of thousands in taxpayer funds to spend on a world-wide romantic tour to loosen the elastic in the bloomers of his office mail girl? Nary a blip on PM Tony’s expenses radar.

Where was PM Tony’s comparison between a $5,000 helicopter trip and Burke’s extravagant business-class family holidays for seven? Not a whimper... while Bronwyn’s blood flowed freely from a Liberal sacrificial altar.

Whatever happened to PM Tony’s, “global warming is crap” conviction? It's lost in a haze of uncertainty and equivocation as he hangs his true blue “deniers”out to dry.

Where are his cuts to the ABC’s billion dollar budget, half of which is frittered away on wages and the rest on Left wing programming? A lousy one per cent reduction per year for five years? WTF! Is he kidding? Commercial media would kill for that sort of “loss”.

Where is his stand on the looming “marriage equality” scam? Has he explained that the cashed-up gay lobby intends to trash the Marriage Act and render everyone as “persons” and delete all references to a “man and a woman”, a “bride and a groom”? Stick that in your bloody plebiscite and see how it goes!

Of course the gay Left mob will continue with their false “marriage equality” polling... even Fred Nile could be convinced of that. Of course they want a decision now before everyone realises what the lying, deceitful gay lobby is up to.

Where is his and Barnaby’s outrage over a halal extortion racket wildfire? Why hasn’t he read the riot act to Muslims leaders fostering home-grown jihadists? Why is the terrorist organisation, Hizb ut-Tahrir, still openly operating, recruiting hundreds of Australian nationals for al Raqqa in the side rooms of mushrooming mosques?

Why do rampaging packs of Muslim youths still feel free to rape our women and fiddle with our children? Oh I forgot... the DPPs and police have all taken “futility leave” due to the Left magistracy’s “cultural allowance” rule that makes a mockery of even arresting the scum.

Why are Islamic Councils still sending our money to terrorist organisations? Why are itinerant Muslim men with four wives still raping our welfare system at the expense of needy Aussies?

Why are Muslim women still allowed to wear masks in public? Frightened of the racist tag are we Tony? Time for more tea and bikkies with the clerics is it Tony? Or are you worried they might tell you to f**k off in Arabic again?

Why is Australia still assisting Indonesian Muslim militia to slaughter 500,000 innocent and unarmed West Papuan natives? Oh, I forgot there are mining interests at stake.

Where are the questions asked of Shorten over a documented rape allegation... is it that you’re worried Fairfax and the ABC might bring up that horrific wall-punching business again?

The dog pack, like all good predators, can smell a kill and has picked you as the vulnerable weakling.

Middle Australia needs better than this and the polls show it. Summer’s “near death experience” has become Spring’s “near fatality”. The crowd is crying foul as pugilist Tony takes a dive in the first.

You don’t have to be right all the time, you just need to have the courage to defend and prosecute your convictions. Stand up and fight back like a man, don’t wallow in what can be lost, show some excitement over what can be won.

Call Jason Day, he’ll explain it all for you. Do something or your party will find someone who will.

Bugger it, my fingers are hurting and I’m out of Mylanta again, so I’m off to have a calming chat with Phoebe.


No balls Tony always avoiding every crisis with his head in the sand, he has to be tossed onto the political scrapheap in favor of Scott Morrison.

Very telling..your front of mind comment is one that comes first to mind...who's the pay per pew bum boy?

Real Australians want to see TA and his "men" go at it boots and all against thugs, liars and cheats who want to rape this country simply for their own benefit. Remember labor's mantra is "whatever it takes" and this should be countered with "honest boots and all".

Nah, He's just a halfwit wannabe who steals a long time screen name from someone else and likes to think what the real Dusty writes is his work...the faker constantly posts links to others work....coming time for an outing of the faker.

Nah mate what happens is it dumps our comments from the thread onto the main page, I deleted all of mine from the main page except the one we were talking on, reload the main page and you'll see your comments have been dumped there

As I just showed, your previous comments are gone from the thread I posted, because I deleted the thread. But the main point is that all your replies on that thread have also been deleted. You'll work it out, maybe I don't explain myself properly, I think that's it.

Anyone who believes the official tales from the usual suspects has to be brain damaged to the point of total imbecility. Origins of wars, vaccine lies, arabs in 9/11 ( Semites, yes, but not arabs), dykes and faggots and paedophiles are human, banks help you, money is real, superannuation, the pigs are your friends, politicians have our interests at heart. Give me a break. High octane bullshit and you idiots are the same as coon petrol sniffers.

What's your point

If you are interested in a conversation, and are learning something from it, best to keep your mouth shut. When I had an opinion on adult conversations, when I was a young teen, my mother would admonish by saying, "when we want the pig, we'll rattle the bucket".

A hello would link as well, if your already in a conversation you don't need to put a dot anywhere

See what I mean Dis ? Just a dot can link you to a conversation.

I thought we had a real leader in TA who would get us removed from the horrors of Gillard and Rudd. I am disappointed. Some kind of manager. I also thought Miss Peta was in charge of prevention of stuff-ups. Not working! Julie for me - and soon please

TA has failed. Had high hopes but he simply, has gone soft. Libs only hope, Bishop & Morrison I rckon

FYI, here are the coordinates of the explosion hypocentre: 39.0389064,117.737284

With cost of bullet charged to his family.

firing squad coming up.

Would hate to be in Yang Dongliang's shoes.

The director of the State Administration of Work Safety in China, Yang Dongliang, is being investigated by the Communist Party of China's (CPC) Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), state-run news agency Xinhua reported.

The investigation is related to last week's Tianjin explosions, which killed over 100 people, left nearly 70 people missing, and caused widespread damage in the port city. The CCDI said that Yang is being investigated for suspected "severe violation of discipline and law," according to Xinhua.

Google Earth is your friend if you know the co-ords.