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Thursday, 21st February 2019

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Harry Richardson and the beginning of the end of Islam

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Oh Gawd! Another Jihadist attack in New York and I’m fresh out of flowers and teddy bears. Has anyone else had enough yet? Is anyone else ready for some really good news about Islam? Well here it is. Islam is dead!

Well, OK it might not be quite dead yet. We are however at that point, like in the Sci-fi movies. You know the part where the hero discovers that the Aliens dissolve when you hit them with shaving foam.

After that, the whole movie turns into one big high five slime fest and the humans live happily ever after.

For some months now, my colleagues and I have been working on a document originally proposed by Pastor Keith Piper. We call the document, “The Declaration of Peaceful Intent”.

                          Ali Kadri, plays ball with Graham Perrett and Jim Chalmers

It is a declaration by the signatory to acknowledge that there are violent verses in the Koran which compel Muslims to murder non-Muslims, Apostates and others (several such verses are printed out and referenced on the back side of the document).

The signatory to the document declares, that he/she does not believe that these commands from Allah are relevant to Muslims today.

Fairly simple stuff you may think. However, our research led us to believe that no Muslim will be able to sign this declaration.

Any Muslim who refuses to sign, is clearly of the belief that the violent and murderous commands in the Koran are applicable and relevant today. Call me Islamophobic, but I wouldn’t want such a person loading my bags on to an aeroplane.

The difficult part was how to know for sure whether Muslims would sign this document? Obviously, we needed someone to go into a mosque and ask the head Muslim to sign this document. The question was, where could we find someone dumb enough to do such a thing?

Well, to cut a long story short, last Friday, my colleague Rodney and I found ourselves in the Slacks Creek Mosque in Brisbane meeting with Mr Ali Kadri, two Queensland Government representatives and one Australian Government Representative.

Ali Kadri is effectively Islam’s PR man for Queensland. He is on just about every board or body for the Queensland Government which has to do with Islam or multiculturalism.

We confirmed in advance that we wished to videotape the meeting and asked the Muslims to do the same, which they did. I can therefore give an accurate transcription of the entire meeting. I won’t bore you with the whole waffle fest, but I’ve included some edited highlights. I have since posted the video on Youtube here:

It started off with a short presentation by Rod who then handed over to me. I began speaking but after about 30 seconds, the Government representatives became very hostile and shut me down. They spoke over me and spent a full two minutes telling me that they didn’t have time to listen to what I had to say.

Image result for Ali Kadri in Brisbane

                                   A Queensland Islamic State fighter

Eventually, we managed to mollify them slightly and I was eventually able to speak, albeit with some interruptions. This is how it went from there:

Rod: He is only going to tell you what causes radicalisation.

Ali Kadri: In his opinion.

Government Representative: In his opinion, but we all know that, so what we need to know is what is your program.

Harry: I have a program; can I give you the program?

Government Representative: Yes please.

Harry: OK.

Government Representative: That’s what we are here for.

Harry: So, you would say that none of this terrorist activity is connected.

Government Representative: We’re not saying that, we’re saying what’s your program?

Harry: Right so….

Government Representative: What have you got to offer.

Harry: The program is, that we have a declaration here of peaceful intent ok?

Government Representative: Yes.

Harry: Which is a renunciation of the violent commands in the Koran, because Muslims always tell us that………

Government Representative: But it’s just like the Bible, it’s how it is interpreted.

Harry: That’s right.

Government Representative: Exactly.

Harry: Exactly, thank you, we can agree on that.

Government Representative: We can’t change the Koran.

Harry: In the Bible there are violent verses, in the Koran there are violent verses we all know that ok.

Government Representative: Yes.

Harry: So, we admit that the Christians, that they are not relevant for today ok?

Government Representative: Right, yes.

Harry: And we believe that the Koranic verses are not relevant for today.

Government Representative: Yes.

Harry: So, we have a declaration here today for someone to sign and say that they understand that there are commands in the Quran which compel Muslims to kill, behead, crucify or commit unprovoked violence against non-Muslims, Jews, Christians, atheists or apostates from Islam. I fully, completely, unequivocally, 100% reject, and refuse to believe, practise or teach any of these commands. I believe these commands from Allah are not applicable, not relevant and should not be practised in any form in today’s world by anyone.

Signed: Witnessed Dated… Now we would like members of the Islamic community to sign this, just to say that they don’t believe that those commands…………….

Government Representative: Ok, so you do realise that a lot of the radicalisation is not from the masalas or the mosques. The radicalisation is online from children who are at home, that…..

Harry: Yes, I think so, so I’m hoping Mr Kadri would be happy to sign this

(This is when Ali dropped his bombshell. He looked me in the eye and said:)

Ali Kadri: Are you asking me to renounce Koran, is that what you are asking me?

Harry: I’m asking you to renounce the violence in the Koran

Ali Kadri: Are you asking me to declare that I don’t believe in my faith because you have obviously misinterpreted the Koran. Like the terrorists have

Ali Kadri then talks for around a minute about ISIS and how they are not interpreting the Koran correctly and how I am interpreting these verses as violent.

Ali Kadri: I believe that those verses are not violent or relevant and I’ll tell you why.

Harry: So, you can sign this (handing him the declaration which he ignores)

Ali Kadri: It’s counterproductive, I will refute these verses!

Ali Kadri: Some Muslims are brainwashed………….

Ali then goes on for another couple of minutes talking about Ronald Reagan and Afghanistan and how all religions are violent. Then he continues with this:

Ali Kadri: When you are asking me to reject my religion and walk away from it because some of the idiots have misused it and are committing terrorism then you are actually empowering them, you are telling them that they are Muslims and I am not… that’s what I hear all the time.

Harry: No, I’m not, I’m asking you to sign a thing to say that you renounce the violent verses in the Koran and say that they are not relevant for today, that’s all I’m asking. So you are saying that these verses are relevant?

Ali Kadri: I can interpret those verses and explain them I have listened to your lectures, I haven’t got a chance to read your book, but I will read your book and I………..

Ali then talks for another minute and a half about how he understands our concerns but that they stem from lack of understanding or knowledge. The dialogue then continues:

Ali Kadri: I am not here to defend Muslims

Harry: I am not here to attack Muslims, I’m here to talk about Islam. There are parts of Islam which are very, um, which on a straightforward reading of an ordinary person, would read these verses and say, “Oh my God, that means that if I want to be a Muslim, then they believe that the Koran… Do you believe that the Koran is the literal word of God?

Ali Kadri: Yes, I do

Harry: Well then, the literal word of God has got some …it’s been interpreted………I mean it’s very difficult

Ali Kadri: Interpreted that’s what you said

Harry: It’s very difficult, it would be very difficult not to interpret you know, when the forbidden months are passed then fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them, I mean how do you misinterpret that? And if Allah is all knowing as you believe then to put down a book with these words in there, and expect that people are not going to misinterpret them is a bit strange.

Ali Kadri: (Talking to Government Representative), I would like to answer this question

Government Representative: Yes

Ali Kadri: This particular verse

Harry: The verse of the sword as it is known as.

Ali Kadri: With an open heart and open mind.

Harry: I have an open mind.

Ali then talks for a while about how well he knows Koran, and how he knows it much better than I do. He talks about the treaty of Hudabiya and how there was a treaty broken by the Meccans.

Harry: It was broken by allies of the Meccans but anyway.

                 Akram Buksh, the director of the mosque, south of Brisbane, told his                                                   followers Christians were only pious once a week.

Ali Kadri: Anyhow, it was broken and then Muslims were ordered to fight after this, but, they were told, straight after this verse that if they seek peace, escort them to the place of safety so that no one else can (unclear)

Harry: No, (reading from the Koran) if they repent and establish regular prayers, in other words, if they convert to be Muslims, so kill them unless they convert to be Muslims.

Ali Kadri: So let’s go back in history, you know the battle of Badr, you talk about it in your book, (you may have noticed earlier in the transcript, Ali mentions that he hasn’t read my book so there seems to be some confusion here) there were captives in the battle of Badr who were Meccans right, what happened to them?

Harry: Well mostly they were ransomed for money

Ali Kadri: Ok, and those who can’t pay the ransom, what happened to them?

Harry: I couldn’t give you details of that.

Ali Kadri: So the Prophet said to them, if any one of you can teach one Muslim how to read and write I will let you go, and they were let go,

Harry: Which is a ransom

Ali Kadri: Read and write is a ransom? You are asking prisoners of war to teach a craft to your people and you call it a ransom?

Harry: Well, you are asking for a service

Ali Kadri: What teaching how to…..

Harry: Well, it’s a nice service, I’m sure I would take the deal.

Ali Kadri: It’s a good thing to do right? He let them go. When the Prophet entered Mecca, the people who persecuted him for what? 13 years, what did he do?

Harry: Well he killed some of them

Ali Kadri: What did he do with the overwhelming majority of them?

Ali then talks on for about a minute about letting captives live, talks about crusaders and explains how well he understands the Koran

Ali Kadri: Now what I am trying to tell you is, (unclear) prophet Mohammed is, me (unclear) the Koran better than ISIS do, better than you (Harry) and that is what I am trying to tell you. So my concern is When you, when you…

Harry: Do you believe that these verses are relevant today?

Ali Kadri: These verses are out of context, they are in a time and a place.

Harry: So, they are not relevant today?

Ali Kadri: They are in a time and a place and they are not relevant for Australia no.

Harry: Right, so you wouldn’t mind signing it then, because it says that you believe that these verses, that these commands from Allah are not applicable, not relevant and should not be practised in any form in today’s world by anyone. And no one should murder the unbelievers today.

Ali Kadri: Absolutely, nobody should,

Harry: Have you got a pen?

Ali Kadri: Again, again Harry, Harry, Harry……..

Harry: Hang on, I’ve got a pen here (reaching into bag)

Ali Kadri: You are asking me, do you think that declaration, or whatever (unclear) that declaration and me reading this and me signing it will solve the problem of terrorism?

Harry: Well, we can show this to people who are radicalised and say that a leader, the leading light in the Muslim community, who understands Koran so well, and also is connected to all the major people in your community, you have the access to all the scholars and you can tell them that these verses are not relevant for today, and when we can show it to those people that Ali Kadri has signed this, then we can show them and say, look, you are, you are barking up the wrong tree, ISIS is wrong.

Ali Kadri: Let, let me now explain, these people who you are going to show and hope that they will become deradicalized, they have killed more Muslims because they believe that they are not good Muslims because we do not agree with the interpretation and their understanding their interpretation of this verse is very different to ours and the majority of the Muslims and it is wrong, so when you go and show this to a radical person and say Ali Kadri says this, their response to you would be that he’s a sell out or he is not a Muslim and he should be killed or burned alive like the Jordanian pilot ok, that is not going to solve radicalisation.

Two of the Government Representatives left shortly afterwards, and the meeting dragged on for a while longer with the same type of dialogue going back and forth.

At the end of the meeting, the remaining Government Representative took Rod and I to one side and explained that radicalisation was caused by a sense of injustice and isolation that Muslims feel.

                         Zia Abdul Haq, and active graduate of the Logan mosque

So, coming back (rather thankfully) on to Planet Earth, what was my take away from this meeting. Well my first conclusion was regarding the position of the Government. If you think that they are going to protect you from Islamic extremists, then I have a fabulous bridge I would like to sell you.

More importantly however, was the confirmation that Muslims will not sign the declaration to renounce the violent commands in the Koran. This is dynamite.

The problem we have always had, is in convincing people that Muslims had a different world view from us. To do this in a few simple sentences has always been problematic.

The declaration covers this ground beautifully. It can clearly demonstrate whether any given Muslim believes that the murderous commands in the Koran to kill non-believers, are relevant today.

If he/she does believe this, then they are clearly at risk of committing Jihad at any time.

It is no good listening to what people say. We need to look at what they do. If Muslims really are “moderate” then they will sign this document. Violent extremists and terrorist sympathisers will not.

The only question now is, where do we start? Well, we have a number of Muslims in both Federal and State Parliaments. As far as I know, they were sworn in on a Koran. Do they believe that the violent verses of the Koran are relevant for today? If not, then they will have no problem signing the declaration.

If your local member is a Muslim, then I recommend taking a copy and asking him/her to sign it.

How about Muslim fighters returning from Syria? Have they reformed? Are they a threat to our society? No signature, no return.

What about the baggage handlers at Sydney airport? We nearly lost a plane to nutcase Jihadists out of Sydney Airport recently. Are any of the baggage handlers sympathetic to this kind of extremism? Let’s find out shall we. No signature, no security pass. Simple, right?

The possibilities are endless, and I will be looking at ways we can maximise the impact of this document. In the meantime, download a copy of the Declaration and go nuts.

You know you want to.

Edited highlights of the video are posted on Youtube. There is also a link to the download page in the description of the Youtube video.

You can find the video here:


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