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Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Grabbing a bum was very much like a high five (fifty years ago). Laying a PC stencil over what was accepted fifty years ago doesn’t give a fair indication of acceptability now. Invading someone’s personal space still needed communal consent but, unless you were bitter enemies, that consent was usually a given… and if it wasn’t you soon found out and desisted. Don Burke and Rolf Harris were (are) in a very different category.

Burke and Harris are, and always were, oversexed lonely grubs without any real friends. There are still many more hormonally unbalanced sickos to be unearthed in the old Channel Nine, Bendigo St. Richmond’s Green Room.

Both Burke and Harris have spent time at my property filming docos and both lived up to their reputations of the worst kept secrets in television. Harris was (is) a sinister sexual manipulator my kids were not allowed near. Burke, a filthy oversexed pig no-one dared to be near without some serious all-purpose antibiotics.

The entertainment industry, along with the judiciary, is still swarming with these sociopathic germs who have so far been mostly escrowed from media gaze. But Harvey Weinstein has changed all that because he and those like him have carried on like they were still in the 60s.

I quite often had a handful of female bottom and females quite often had a handful of mine. You could even manage a handful of front bottom on occasions and they a handful of pendular package that would prompt a few giggles, but never a call to the police. 

But that sort of playful stuff was never an entrée to a shag. A shag needed both contenders to agree to their personal spaces being invaded, and usually it was readily agreed to.

Without that explicit agreement on both sides it didn’t happen… implicit simply wasn’t good enough.

Women my age will attest to the freedoms we all enjoyed back then without any accusations of vile male (or female) predation. We were just people who enjoyed each other in many different ways. I would happily prefer an hour talking to an intelligent woman rather than shagging her.

Homosexual conduct was not forbidden, but not promoted, as part of the party scene. Today female homosexuality is openly common and even males are making inroads where formerly they would be asked to leave.

Was it better back then? I think so. At least you knew where you stood. 

Today a female gets done up like a colourful lure to catch a Giant Grouper and comes home miserable without a bite only because the Giant Grouper doesn’t want to be charged with harassing the colourful lure. WTF?

Businesses that I have run were regularly faced with accusations of sexual harassment by management. I always gave the complainant $14,000 and asked her to leave because a court without any evidence whatsoever would always award the girl that amount, and by giving her the cash it saved the company the cost of two lots of lawyers which potentially brought the total loss to the business of around $30,000.

                This bullshit started (and should have finished) with you know who. 

The girl promptly gained a job with another business and did exactly the same thing again. Yet no-one in my time had heard (or had even heard of) any offensive remarks made by management.

Today a bloke has no chance with a judiciary straight out of university without a business background. They have no clue what women get up to, and they don’t care, as long as the perceived capitalist pays up.

           Meghan Markle brought her Botswana mother to London to meet the Queen

You know things have changed when the Queen and Prince Philip welcome an older woman, coloured and divorced, to be their charming Prince Harry’s wife. Or now that the 68-year-old transvestite, Caitlyn Jenner, is dating a 21-year-old college student,

               ...the student, Sophia Hutchins (above right) is reportedly female, so far


Perhaps now we can re-introduce our kids to Enid Blyton's wonderful stories about Noddy and Big Ears. It's legal now or soon will be, must make a difference. Will the poor old Gollywog get a reprieve as well????

John Travolta said ,that Hollywood is run by old jewish homosexual men and if you dont ''put out ''for them you get nowhere

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Reminds me of the day they gave us the Carbon Tax

Ivanka Trump is not here in Hyderabad for the #GlobalEntrepreneurshipSummit, she is here to make sure that the plunder of India to bailout bankrupt western economies continues uninterrupted. Like a Santa Claus she has come bearing many gifts for India Inc. but theres one very special toy: #SuperPower.

Read full article: Ivanka Trump: Santa Claus From Uncle Sam

one a resignation is tendered, it cannot be taken back - by the resigning person or anyone.


Are they all in the closet - or just too shit scared to voice an opposing opinion. IE. Victoria slowly sliding into a rainbow cesspit.

Troop, faggots like Stinky like young black men, once they go black there is no going back.

I think that's right IE. The Turnbull Libs really are an amateur crew.

After today and as the Federal Senate pass the same sex marriage bill, all CFMEU union thugs will be wearing rainbow uniforms and speaking like girlies.

Turnbull will also announce that all Australian households will receive $900.00 worth of KY jelly. Now that’s what governments do for you.

Go fuck yourself or your neighbour whether male or female.

NEW POST UP m'dear friends.

That would have saved us how many millions?

I don't see why he could not have pulled his resignation?

Esra - was an election due - seems odd, almost a sellout by the Libs. A win win for the ALP.

This menace will soon extend, now that this same sex marriage law will pass parliament. Not only will young women have to avoid predatory men as before, young, healthy heterosexual men will have to deal with predatory homosexual men! And they will be out there!! Soon the poor little fellers will be having the word put on them to sleep with their homosexual boss to get the promotion, or even just keep the job. The mothers and fathers who voted Yes will be wondering if, on any particular night, their 18 year old son is "a top" or "a bottom"! And yes, the same will happen with young hetero women with lesbian bosses. Saying bugger off to the females will be a lot more difficult than saying it to men.

The Australian parliament is about to give heterosexuals the same rights as poofters and lesso's.

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, fired a direct shot across the bow of the technocrats who control social media platforms today.

Chairman Pai righteously called out Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other platform control agents for being ideologically biased, and using their platforms to target their ideological opposition.

Defending his plan to roll back Obama’s one-sided internet rules, the Chairman outlined how he intended to ensure a free, fair and open internet. Twitter, for example, has said that it strongly opposes it and “will continue to fight for an open Internet, which is indispensable to free expression, consumer choice, and innovation.”

Now look: I love Twitter, and I use it all the time. But let’s not kid ourselves; when it comes to an open Internet, Twitter is part of the problem. The company has a viewpoint and uses that viewpoint to discriminate.

As just one of many examples, two months ago, Twitter blocked Representative Marsha
Blackburn from advertising her Senate campaign launch video because it featured a pro-life message.

Before that, during the so-called Day of Action, Twitter warned users that a link to a statement by one company on the topic of Internet regulation “may be unsafe.” And to say the least, the company appears to have a double standard when it comes to suspending or de-verifying conservative users’ accounts as opposed to those of liberal users. This conduct is many things, but it isn’t fighting for an open Internet.

And unfortunately, Twitter isn’t an outlier. Indeed, despite all the talk about the fear that
broadband providers could decide what Internet content consumers can see, recent experience shows that so-called edge providers are in fact deciding what content they see.

These providers routinely block or discriminate against content they don’t like.

I agree with you wheelie,.