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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Have you heard the one about the Irishman who was so stupid that he………. Well, you know the rest. When the Irish first came to England en masse, it was to dig canals and build railways. Most of the new migrants were illiterate bog farmers and the Irish were soon typecast as a bit s.t.u.p.i.d. 

These days, things have changed somewhat, and people no longer think of the Irish as stupid. Is this new assessment accurate? I think we may be about to find out.

Ireland is going to be invaded. Plans have been drawn up, resources have been allocated and the announcement has been made. Strangely enough, it is the Irish Government that has made the plans and announced them to the Irish people. The name they have given this plan is “Ireland 2040.”

Trudeau with gay Irish PM and his partner... Trudeau, Varadkar and Macron have been                                                           dubbed the Avocado Kids 

Of course, the Irish Government hasn’t actually admitted that it is an invasion. They are probably hoping that their citizens really are a bit d.u.m.b. and won’t realise what is going on.

Since forever ago, invasions have looked rather different. Traditionally, Tribe “A” would get a bit hungry, restive or jealous of Tribe “B.” They would stockpile some weapons, beat their drums and send their young warriors to grab some or all of Tribe “B’s” territory/belongings.

The aim was always the same. Grab political control over the people and territory of Tribe “B.” The glittering prize was the land, resources and women of the hapless neighbour.

Unfortunately, neighbours rarely take this sort of aggression lying down. They also have spears, arrows, guns, bombs, missiles and the like. Often, such aggression can go horribly wrong and the hunters can find themselves becoming the hunted.

Not surprisingly then, despite the temptations, most societies spend rather more time in some kind of peace than they do in all out war.

But then came democracy. Democracy is a fabulous system of government (at least when compared to all the others). Unfortunately, it has a rather serious flaw and it was only a matter of time before someone figured it out and exploited it.

In a democracy, ultimate political power is spread across the entire the population. Each citizen has a small bit of power and can exercise this power in regular elections.

The Government is therefore dependent on its people for power. So, to take political power in a democracy, you need votes. To get votes you need two things. Firstly, you need to be persuasive and credible. Secondly, and most importantly, you need money.

Without money, it is impossible to build a team and get a palatable message out to the people. You don’t need a lot of money. A few tens of millions is enough in most Western countries. With that sort of dough, you can pretty well get the Press on board too.

That is well outside what the average Joe can afford of course, but for a large corporation or banking conglomerate, chipping in a few hundred grand for a favourable ruling is money well spent.

This kind of corruption is inevitable and acts as a drag on society. Compared with a brutal and corrupt dictatorship however, it is a literal paradise. We put up with oil companies squeezing out competition or unions stitching up sweetheart deals on the docks. We know instinctively that the alternative is bound to be much worse and that no system is ever perfect.

But what if it isn’t a greedy corporation gaming the system for a few bucks and a competitive advantage? Supposing it were another nation with hostile intent. Even the poorest nations can spare a few million bucks. In fact, leaders of the poorest nations can often syphon off money far more easily than leaders in wealthier, less corrupt ones.

So, if a hostile government wanted to secretly undermine a democratic nation, they can simply start donating to all (usually “both”) political parties in that nation.

By donating large amounts of money, it is quite easy to take control of any organisation over time. Political parties consist of paid people and volunteers. 

It is always the paid people in an organisation who wield ultimate power however, and he who pays the piper, calls the tune. You just keep squeezing out people who don’t agree with your agenda by threatening to cut funding from the rest.

Pretty soon, anyone prepared to stand up to you will be working at Maccas. The remaining suits will be a bunch of Quislings who would sell their own Grandchildren in return for their weekly brown envelope.

Once you have completed your stealth takeover of the major political parties, you can begin the stealth takeover of the rest of the nation. How do you accomplish that, you may ask?

Well, it is no good just asking for the keys to The Lodge up front. You need to be a little bit subtle about it. Essentially, you need to disenfranchise the people of the country and ensure that they no longer have a real say in what decisions are made by their Government.

The first, and most important step therefore, is to insist upon high levels of immigration from countries with entirely different cultures, preferably your own aggressive and supremacist culture. Remember that each new citizen has a small level of political power? Therefore, by swamping the country with your own people, you effectively disenfranchise the locals from political power.

People from tribal cultures, vote tribally. That is why democracy doesn’t work in tribal places like Iraq or PNG. However, when you dump tribal people into a Western democracy, their tribal voting patterns and tribal outlooks soon give them inordinate power. By ensuring that the Government schools start blaming whites for everything, all non-whites will soon vote against any white candidate.

You may remember Barry Obama’s tilt at the Presidency. 95% of Blacks voted for him of course. Yet Hispanics and Asians also voted 2 to 1 in his favour, despite the fact that Hispanics run rival gangs and Asians are not noted for a love of African Americans.

Only Whites voted against their ethnic interests with 43% going for Obama. This was the highest number of whites voting Democrat since Jimmy Carter, and the numbers were far higher among indoctrinated youngsters. So, who did the Press blame for racist voting patterns? Yep, the white voters.

Of course, there will be resistance to this evil plan. It is important therefore to ensure that the Government of the target nation quash this resistance with everything in its power. The best way to do this is to ensure that “racism” is elevated to the position of the most serious crime in the nation. Meanwhile, patriotism by white people must be associated with evil racist supremacism, even though European cultures are among the least “supremacist” on the planet.

Simultaneously, the target Government can instruct its universities to redefine “racism.” The word must no longer mean “discrimination based on race.” Instead, it must only mean, “any action by white people which the newcomers don’t like.”

Once this redefinition of “racism” is accomplished, then non-whites can declare open season against white people. When “Asians” (British Newspeak meaning Muslims) rape and enslave schoolgirls on an industrial scale, British police consider it “racist” to intervene.

The Government can then fully turn against its own people, setting up “Human Rights Tribunals” or other Orwellian bodies which act solely against any of the original inhabitants who try to resist.

Of course, these actions constitute treason by the Government against its people. Smart Governments therefore should remove the crime of treason from the books as Tony Blair did.

This plan is well advanced in all Western (formerly) Christian countries with one exception. I don’t know how it happened, but Ireland seems to have slipped under the radar. Perhaps because they were so hostile to England that it was assumed that they were an ally. Perhaps because they never had colonies.

For whatever reason, Ireland is still lacking “enrichment” and the powers that be are desperate to play catch up. Ireland 2040, is a plan to dump a staggering one million people in Ireland over the next 20 years. Currently, Ireland has a population of less than 5 million people. No credible reason has been given for this insanity.

                                    Plenty of style but no "apparent" substance

The plan is being promoted by an openly gay, half-Indian bloke called Leo Varadkar (above) who just happens to be the Irish PM. How did a gay, half Indian, pro-abortionist manage to become the Irish PM, you may ask?

Well he wasn’t voted into office, at least not by the people of Ireland. While Minister for Health he managed to get changes passed which gave the Parliamentarians the majority say in the election of the party leader. Then there was a leadership spill and although rank-and-file party members voted against him by 2:1, he was elected leader by a decent majority. 

Since his party was already in power, he became PM by default, just like our Malcolm.

So, the question is, where will Leo get a million people from? Will it be poor Catholics from South America? If it is, then I will eat my welding shield. You can be sure that the newcomers will be from Africa and the Middle East.

Africans and Middle Easterners have a staggeringly high birth rate. They need it because firstly, their Islamic faith mandates it as part of their strategy of conquest. Also, historically, their culture and technology have produced an infant mortality rate that would make a salmon blush.

Put them in a first world country like Ireland however, and watch their numbers explode. The new migrants will almost certainly be people of childbearing age.

Ireland now has an ageing population, so while the newcomers will only make up one fifth of the population, they will probably make up a third to one half of people of childbearing age. With such huge birth-rates compared to the Irish, maternity hospitals in the Emerald Isle will soon have a majority of non-Irish clientele.

If this plan goes ahead, then Irish children in the future will find out what it means to grow up as a white minority in a majority black country. If they are not sure how that will work out, they could try asking a white South African farmer. Alternatively, they could ask white farmers from any other part of Africa.

The only question now then, is how will the Irish people react to this? OK, this plan has worked like a charm in other countries, but they had the advantage of surprise. In 1948, the Poms had no idea of what was happening when their Government opened their borders. Likewise, in Sweden, the locals were too busy listening to Abba and inventing flatpack furniture when their Government pulled the same stunt in the Seventies.

Besides, the Swedes have never had much stomach for fighting against aggressive anti-semitic invaders (just ask a Norwegian).

                                                       Macron's discontents

The Irish however, may turn out to be rather less of a push over. Remember that we now have the internet and the powers that be no longer hold a monopoly on information.

As someone whose nation has experience in invading Ireland, I can attest to the fact that the locals can be somewhat uncooperative. 

I well remember the time that the IRA bombed the hotel in Brighton where the Conservative Government was holding its conference. They narrowly missed Margaret Thatcher, taking out Norman Tebbit’s unfortunate wife instead.

Yet any sins the English committed in Ireland, pale into insignificance compared to Varadkar’s treasonous scheme.

Four hundred years after the English invasion, the Irish have their own nation which is currently prosperous, stable and secure. If this new invasion goes ahead then within a few decades Ireland will never again be a homeland for the Irish.

How will the Irish people react to this? Will they figure it out and treat their own politicians like the Italians treated Mussolini? That isn’t a possibility that I would recommend ignoring.

I guess Mr Varadkar is hoping that the Irish are all like the two unemployed lumberjacks walking through a forest looking for work. One spots a sign saying, “Tree Fellers Wanted.”

“Be Jeezus Mick” he says to his mate, “What a pity there’s only two of us.”


donate it to Sudanese ''refugees'' or the Greens ,they have ''your interests'' at heart !

Rosa...this is the thin edge of the wedge.It will be their excuse for every subsidy cut they make in the future.First ,they will abolish our subsidies, then they will make us pay more for medications, x-rays, blood tests etc.When they can cut no more, they will start cutting the pension itself.

Oh I don't pretend its my own work any more than those middle eastern folktales are yours. You mentioned "history shows" above....I was just giving you a history lesson. From the outset I had doubts that you would be able to comprehend doubts are confirmed. Why is someone elses guy in the sky less believable than yours.


When I walked upon the stair....I saw a man who wasn't there....He wasn't there again today....I wish that man would go away

thats about half a big mac...should throw it at the Turd

There's is no evidence that he does not exist either. If there was proof of God's non-existence, then atheists would be continually using it. Therefore, since there are no proofs for atheism's truth and there are no proofs that there is no God, the atheist must hold his position by faith. At best, atheists can only say there are no convincing evidences for God that have been presented so far. They cannot say there are no evidences for God because the atheist cannot know all evidences that possibly exist in the world. At best, the atheist can only say that the evidence presented so far has been insufficient. This logically means that there could be evidences presented in the future that will suffice. The atheist must acknowledge that there may indeed be a proof that has been undiscovered, and that the existence of God is possible.

New post up! Did I win the free anti semite T shirt?

I'm heckling the former, there's no evidence of the latter ;)

Borderforce raids huge solar farm to inspect imported Chinese labour being paid with taxpayer funds
"...............Imported Chinese construction workers at the Collinsville solar facility have taken hundreds of Australian jobs while being paid a reported $15 per hour with Federal and State Government grants. A great deal of the wages paid to the Chinese workers will be sent back to China.
Mr Katter said this was just another example of how foreign fly-in workers are disadvantaging Australians.
“Our Party, KAP, has a close relationship with the CFMEU because they are the only mob in Australia fighting against the 640,000 people that are being brought into Australia each year to undermine our pay and conditions and take our jobs off us.
“There is not a single farming family in NQ that I can think of that hasn’t had someone working in the mines, and thanks to this undermining of our pay and conditions and bringing in of Section 457 workers, and other workers, we’ve dropped from $200k a year in mining.
“They’ve forced us to leave our homes and our families for fly-in mining – which was banned in Queensland and WA until 1991 – and work out there in the middle of nowhere doing a dangerous job for which we deserve $200k but are now getting $100k a year – and if the 600,000 people keep pouring in, you’ll be working for $50k. Those farmers who were depending on that income will be losing their farms.”
Mr Katter said that while there is a place for ‘solar’, it has delivered a misconstrued message to Australians as the ‘healthier alternative’ to power.
“If you want to get your power from the sun, and this great miracle that there is no CO2, well you forget that there is plenty of CO2 coming from the Chinese factory where that solar panel is being made. I won the science prize for putting in the first standalone solar system in the world. And so there is a place for solar but this place is NOT inner Brisbane or Sydney..........."

If I understand Senator Connie FW properly, who was asked if the energy supplement was to be axed, in the Senate today, she indicated it would be because there are not enough taxpayers to pay for the aged and other pensions.

Don't spend it all at once, as my sarky Grandad would say.

New post up! hubba hubba

Give me 5 minutes with McKim or any Greeny fukwit for that matter.

Who is to judge if a politician is politically insane ?

NXT senator Tim Storer has dumped NXT and told the senate he is an Independent.

Farm manager tied upside down hacked to death, wife raped, Ladybrand

This is how the 'turnbull coalition' works . turd gets advice & has extensive talks with his 'advisors' . He has a cabinet meeting with all present to nut the problem out . Then he goes home for afternoon tea & loosey tells him what he should do . Apparently it's called democracy . I see the dental association has complained about the health of Australian peoples teeth .Well fuck me wasn't the illegal mass medication of all the drinking water(without our approval ) supposed to have fixed that problem . Now import the shit from China full of poisonous chemicals and has found to have radiation .Get ready for the massive medical bills .All brought about by our corrupt UN controlled government .We will look after you .Yeah Right Scumbags

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun
an hour ago

Are any thieves more shameless than the 21 politicians of the Victorian Government exposed by today’s Ombudsman’s report?

First, these Labor politicians cheat taxpayers of $388,000. Then they spend $1 million of their victims’ money to stop the Ombudsman investigating.

Now, when all that has failed, Premier Daniel Andrews announces he’s paid back the cash and no one will face any consequences.

Wow. Would any other citizen who rorted $388,000 get off so easily?