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Wednesday, 19th December 2018

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...the media war that is

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


As horrific footage of the slaughter of Palestinian women and children reaches into lounge rooms across the globe, pressure is reaching the United Nations with silly talk of Israeli war crimes. Foreign journalists who are competing fiercely for the most gruesome of shots, are strangely missing in action when many of thousands of Hamas rockets reach Israeli suburbs.

When it’s too dangerous to enter the warzone, the Hamas media machine feeds hungry Western journos carefully selected footage from previous wars, and it’s working a treat... slowly but surely world opinion turns against Israel.

A woman in a flak jacket and helmet faces an Aljazeera camera and points behind her, pretending the bombing clip you are about to see has just occurred. Then two bullets are fired into Aljazeera offices, then mortar fire, and the woman in the flak jacket lets go a tirade of abuse at Israel’s overreaction, interspersed with cutaways to hospitals full of blood-soaked women and children where Hamas munitions are stored.

Israel will not allow hometown journalists into the Gaza warzone for fear that their capture will require the release of hundreds more terrorists.

The slaughter can stop immediately if Hamas agrees to cease firing unguided missiles into Israeli suburbs but Hamas wants much more. It wants all Israeli and Egyptian restrictions lifted so they can realise their stated ambition of pushing Israel into the sea.

The owner and operator of Aljazeera is the racist little oil-rich Gulf State of Qatar. It has a GDP of $183 billion with a mere1.9 million people whose average income is $100,000 a year and employs only foreign labour, mostly Indians, who are paid a pittance.

The exclusive 12 per cent who are citizens live lives of luxury. Qatari nationals have jobs for life, pay no tax, and enjoy free education at international universities.

Aljazeera is Qatar’s media foothold designed to expedite Israel’s downfall from afar. 

Meanwhile, an Aljazeera correspondent, Peter Greste rots in an Egyptian jail, lost in a never-ending media cycle of atrocities.

Qatar is a supporter of Egypt’s ousted Muslim Brotherhood and has been unsupportive of the current regime and Aljazeera’s Peter Greste and others have symbolically suffered the anger of Egypt’s judiciary.

So it’s small wonder that reports coming out of Gaza from the scene-setting, vanguard network of Aljazeera are heavily sympathetic toward Hamas and highly critical of Israel and Egypt.

But this Arab media network, while graphically explaining that a child dies every hour of the Israeli invasion, is hardening Egypt’s resolve to punish its journalists. 

So the almost forgotten Peter Greste is just one more person who hopes this all ends soon.    


Yeah and Waleed Aly is typically at it again in his pathetic lying, misleading and justifier that cover up for MURDEROUS Islam, but Waleed and all these other Muslim religious radicals are NOT anything of what the definition of Islam is supposedly meant to be, and that is; “A concept of WHOLENESS, SAFENESS and PEACE?” WHAT A JOKE THAT STATEMENT IS. These fraudsters who Waleed Aly is just one of them, who justify SHARIA at any cost and is a FACIST/RELIGIOUS murderous movement called ISLAM that does NOT believe in moderate or tolerant Muslims (which there are plenty of in the world) and who don't respect other religions and who are fighting and suiciding for so that they can get rid of the infidels of the world so that one day Islam will rule the world. This is very evident all over the free world today but especially in Europe and in the Middle East in which Sharia has been happening for decades against Israel. But our foolish Waleed Aly who goes to any length and/or excuse to justify anyone and anything that happens in the world by this murderous Islamic movement(s). We had this so much in the past and it’s so atypical of what the labor/green politicians did and do, who can look you in the eye and lie and cheat and tell untruths all day long. These Muslim justifiers do the same and lie their heads off, tongues off to justify this criminality called ISLAM - WAKE UP AUSTRALIA AND THE WORLD BECAUSE IF WE DON'T WE WILL HAVE OUR FREEDOM AND INTELIGENCE TAKEN AWAY FROM US BY ISLAM THAT HASENT CONTRIBUTED ANYTHING TO THE WORLD EXCEPT HATRED AND SADISTIC BRUTALITY SINCE IT’S INCEPTION ONLY 1382 YEARS AGO. Have a look at this grub from Belgium and what he reckons Islam’s intentions are (and by the way, please spread this link around to your friend to enlighten the dogooders/greenies/labourites of Australia of what will happen) ……You better believe what this radical is saying because it’s true and that is what is going to happen all over the world if we don’t wake up and do something about this hatred in numbers called ISLAM.

The state of Israel places itself above international law.

Imposed on the U.N. on the 11 May 1949 by the will of the United States, the State of Israel was only admitted to Palestine on three conditions :

1 - Not to touch the status of Jerusalem;

2 - To allow Palestinian Arabs to come back to their homes;

3 - To respect the borders fixed by the partition decision.

Speaking about this U.N. resolution on "sharing", taken well before its admission,

Ben Gurion declares:

"The State of Israel considers the U.N. resolution of 29 November 1947 to be null and void."

Source : "New York Times", 6 December 1953.

Echoing the theories already quoted of the American Albright, on the parallel between American and Zionist expansion, General Moshe Dayan wrote:

"Take the American declaration of Independence. It contains no mention of territorial

limits. We are not obliged to fix the limits of the State."

Source : "Jerusalem Post" 10 August 1967

Policy corresponds precisely to this law of the jungle : the "partition" of Palestine, in line with the U.N. resolution was never respected.

Already, the resolution on the partition of Palestine, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations (at the time composed of a massive majority of western states) on the 29 November 1947, indicated the designs of the West on their "forward stronghold" : On this date the Jews constituted 32% of the population and possessed 5.6% of the land : they would receive 56% of the territory, including the most fertile land. These decisions had been secured under U.S. pressure. President Truman put the State Department under unprecedented pressure. Under-Secretary of State S. Welles wrote:

"By direct order of the White House American civil servants had to use direct or indirect pressure... To ensure the necessary majority in the final vote."

Source : S. Welles, "We need not fail" Boston, 1948, p.63

The Minister of Defense of the time, James Forrestal, confirms:

"The methods used to pressure and to constrain the other nations within the U.N. were close to scandalous."

Source : "Forrestal's Memoirs", N.Y., The Viking Press. 1951, p.363

Palestinian woman used as human shield exposes Hamas propaganda on CNN

Palestinian woman used as human shield exposes Hamas propaganda on CNN

Palestinian woman used as human shield exposes Hamas propaganda on CNN

Palestinian woman used as human shield exposes Hamas propaganda on CNN

Palestinian woman used as human shield exposes Hamas propaganda on CNN

Palestinian woman used as human shield exposes Hamas propaganda on CNN

Palestinian woman used as human shield exposes Hamas propaganda on CNN

Palestinian woman used as human shield exposes Hamas propaganda on CNN

Reports in The Australian today quote the U.N. refugee agency for Palestinians as saying "it found a cache of rockets hidden inside of one of its schools. It said the school was closed for the summer and was not being used as a shelter.
“We condemn the group or groups who endangered civilians by placing these munitions in our school”, agency spokesman Chris Gunness said. “This is yet another flagrant violation of the neutrality of our premises.”

This is the third time since the Gaza war began that the UN found weapons hidden in one of its schools.

This is further evidence that the UN should indite Hamas at the Hague for genocide on the grounds that it demands the total elimination of Israel and its citizens and for crimes against humanity because it uses its people as human shields.

Who cares!

It was shortly after the end of WWII that the world declared that the holocaust would never be allowed to be repeated. But here we are just 68 years later (a very short time period in history) and we are heading towards the same ideological goal, ie to destroy Israel. The world's lefties (the so called anti-war pacifists) are backing the terrorists of Hamas in their endeavor to wipe Israel from the face of the earth. And their claim Israel is occupying their land is totally bogus.

Ceasefire over! The shelling and rockets have resumed after Hamas refused to extend the humanitarian ceasefire! They are claiming 1,048 killed out of a population of 1.7million. Not even a flyspeck on the wall!

Israel-Palestinian conflict - In a nutshell

A bit of perspective on this with respect to history. In WW2, Germany lost 2% of its civilian population killed in the war (excluding military) The UK lost 1/10 of 1% (.001) of its civilian population. Gaza has lost less than .5/10 of 1% (.00045) of its population in this recent event. That half as many per population than that UK lost and 400% less per population than Germany. And did the Allies get the same negative press for her senseless "slaughter" of the German population? The left media is purposefully making a demon out of Israel for no other reason than its Israel, the homeland of the Jew.

Hath not a Jew eyes, hath not a Jew hands, organs,
dimensions, senses, affections, passions fed with
the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject
to the same diseases, healed by the same means,
warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as
a Christian is? If you prick them, do they not bleed?
if you tickle them, do they not laugh? if you poison
them, do they not die? and if you wrong them, shall they not
revenge?( Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice)

Well maybe Green Peace Commodore, Bob Brown and his marry Seamen from the Sea Shepard could go and fight. Toot toot.

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