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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Many of us are struggling to complete our tax returns at this time of year. There is one insidious tax which we need to deal with however and this must be submitted by 31st of July. The cut off date for submissions to the Halal investigation is July 30th.

It is important that we make our feelings felt as this is our chance to make some important changes. How these submissions are written is important because a badly worded one is more harmful than none at all. I have therefore laid out a few facts and guidelines to help people who wish have their say.

The first thing to understand is that there are a number of powerful groups watching this process very carefully. I will list these groups with their concerns below:

1. Halal certifiers and extremist Muslims: these guys are raking in the money and have powerful friends. Whatever you say, they will oppose you so we can ignore their point of view.

2. Moderate Muslims: Surprisingly uninformed, they tend to listen to their Imams for advice. If careful however, we can blunt their criticism and even turn it around.

3. The farm lobby and National Party: these guys are making billions a year in exports and a ban on halal would decimate many rural areas.

4. The Jewish Lobby: a very powerful group, observant Jews are incredibly attached to their kosher food. They are concerned that a ban on halal may be extended to kosher and are prepared to hop into bed with the Muslims to stop this happening.

5. The animal rights lobby: Many of these people are socialists and greenies who are supportive of Islam and Muslims. This is a handy wedge issue if used carefully.

There are too many wealthy and powerful groups who do not want to see halal banned altogether. Whatever your feelings on the issue, it just isn’t going to happen. However, as my Great Aunt Nell used to say, “There are more ways to kill a pig than just strangling it”.

If overseas markets wish to impose conditions on Australian food producers to process foods in a certain way then so be it. Those costs will simply raise the price of the exported food. 
The main problem with halal as most of us see it is that non-Muslim Australians are being forced, or conned, into paying extra so that we can eat halal. Many of us have a number of issues with this situation.

This money could be funding terrorism or it could be funding mosques and Islamic expansion. Whatever your views on the rights or wrongs of these issues, they are not likely to be the concern of this inquiry.

What we can argue strongly, is that as Australian consumers of food, we have a right to clear and accurate information about the food we are consuming. Food producers are obliged to clearly label their products with such information as:
• Ingredients
• Whether there may be traces of nuts
• How many calories they contain
• How much fat they contain
• How animals are treated in the course of production (free range eggs etc.)

As consumers, we absolutely should have the right to know whether we are buying a kosher or halal item because:
1. We may be paying more than we have to
2. It may be violating our religious sensitivities
3. It may be violating our beliefs about animal welfare

The first issue is extremely important because if (as we surely are) we are paying more than we have to, then halal certification amounts to a hidden tax. Only the Australian Government has the right to levy taxes in Australia and this practice should be forbidden on those grounds alone. In fact even the Government stepped back from taxing foods when it introduced the GST.

Foods are one of the few items exempt from GST under Australian Law.

By arguing for clear labelling, we can kill the halal scam dead in the water. Consumers will boycott halal in droves when they are informed. That is why food producers either hide halal labels or refuse to attach them. If halal foods are separated altogether, how many people will be shopping in the halal isle of Coles or Woolies?

Companies will still be free to produce separate products for export or specialty shops. The cost of these will then be borne by Muslims. Importantly, this placates both the Jewish lobby and the farm lobby. It also blunts any criticism from “moderate” (not currently extremist) Muslims who will be left wondering why they have to pay extra for a bottle of halal certified water.

When writing submissions to the commission it is important to focus on the CLEAR labelling of halal products. If possible they should be sold in separate areas to avoid creating confusion.

These are reasonable demands which will be hard to argue against, but will kill the halal scam dead in the water.

Terms of reference for the inquiry can be found here…/Food_Cert_Schemes/Terms_of_Reference.

Check through these and they will give you some ideas of what will or won’t be accepted.

Submissions can be made here…/…/Senate/Economics/Food_Cert_Schemes:

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Trying to lodge a submission tonight was most difficult, using the website appeared excessively slow, and after several attempts gave a internal server 500 error, trying plan 'B' to lodge by fax, gave a constant engaged signal. I was able to fax to a senators office that is a member of the committee as Plan 'C'. either they are getting mountains of last minute submissions, or there is foul play afoot.

Inquiry on ‘halal certification’ – submissions NEEDED
The Senate is holding an inquiry into the certification of FOOD. The Inquiry was initiated in March by Senator Cory Bernardi, who is very concerned about ‘halal certification’ by Islamic groups.

The Inquiry is being conducted by the Senate Economic References Committee.

Submissions are needed – and close on 31 July, 2015.

The Inquiry covers all types of certification of food… as well as labelling, certification fees, and the financial implications of certification.It was broadened in order to get the Senate to conduct the Inquiry!

Click here for the Inquiry webpage.

Click here for the Terms of Reference which outlines the scope of the Inquiry.

Article: Cory’s blog: Getting to the bottom of the halal certification racket, Cory Bernardi, 25/3/2015.

Cory wrote, “No one has been able to explain why water, milk and cat food need halal certification. No one has been able to explain all the groups involved in the certification racket and where the money paid actually ends up. I have seen emails from purported halal certification entrepreneurs that do not inspire any confidence in the integrity or intent of such schemes…”

Action – Making a SUBMISSION

Once you have written your submission /letter, send it by 31 JULY.

Send it to:
Senate Standing Committees on Economics,
Senate Economic References Committee
Send your submission by email: [email protected]

Please express your concern about halal certification…

Some points you might make in your own words – give examples!

The payment of a religious tax to ensure a product is Islamic-ly approved or ‘halal’
The additional cost to consumers for the payment of this fee by companies.
The payment of a halal certification fee for products that are automatically halal – such as water. Cape Grim water, which claims to be the “purest bottled water on the planet” is ‘halal certified by AFIC! See
In addition, milk nuts, honey and fish are automatically halal, but are being ‘halal certified’ by Islamic certification groups in exchange for fees.
The LACK of labelling to inform consumers that products have been ‘halal certified’ and fees paid to Islamic organisations.
The use of prayer to ‘Allah’ when animals and chickens are killed– which is not supported by people of other religions and those of no faith.
The ritual killing of animals – in most abattoirs they have to stun the animal first, though they are often allowed ‘reversible stunning’. However, there are around 17 abattoirs that have an ‘exemption’ for this, despite numerous investigations.
The funds raised are used for the promotion of Islam since most of the halal certifying bodies (around 20 in Australia) are associated with Islamic Councils, including the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, the peak body.
Please comment in more detail if you are able. You may also choose to comment on other matters if you wish. However, it is the halal certification of products for ALL consumers, for the payment of a fee, which amounts to a religious tax, which is of most concern.

Q Society have published a chart where they compare the halal certification of food and Kosher (Jewish) certification.

Terms of reference:

the extent of food certification schemes and certifiers in Australia including, but not limited to, schemes related to organic, kosher, halal and genetically-modified food and general food safety certification schemes;
current labelling requirements of food certification schemes;
the need for labelling on products produced by companies that pay certification fees;
whether current schemes provide enough information for Australian consumers to make informed purchasing decisions;
details regarding certification fees paid by food producers and/or manufacturers, and the potential for these to impact on prices for consumers;
the importance of food certification schemes in relation to export market access and returns to producers;
the extent and adequacy of information available to the public about certifiers including, but not limited to, certification processes, fees and financial records; and any related matters.
Jenny Stokes
Research Director
Salt Shakers
a: PO Box 6049, Wantirna, Victoria, 3152
p: (03) 9729 8720
f: (03) 9729 6609
m: 0413 084 146
e: [email protected]

To Whom it May Concern

I wish to make this submission into Halal Certification on behalf of my family of four. We are an average suburban Australian family of mixed race and mixed cultures. This is our maiden submission to anything but we feel very strongly about this particular issue. We are vehemently opposed to the current practices of Halal Certification Schemes and we believe that reform and regulation in this area is long overdue.

We know that the operators of these certification organisations provide a service to authorise the consumption or use of the manufactured end product of Australian companies for Australian Muslims and for existing or potential export to global markets where the end consumer is Muslim.

There is absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong with those of certain cultures or religions strictly adhering to important practices such as Islamic food preparation standards. We are a tolerant and diverse multi-cultural and free country. Our freedom is limited only by the dictates of our laws and activities that impinge on the freedom and rights of others. This is where Halal Certification in its current form and the rights of the majority of non-Islamic faith collide. No other community or minority group with a determination to harmoniously assimilate would dare impose upon our businesses a threat of boycott and trade restrictions should that business refuse to pay a ransom to certain members of that isolated community. We do however see merit in other food labelling standards such as the Heart Foundation as these initiatives provide a beneficial service to the wider community.

The Halal Certifiers are generally providing a for-profit service. They will inspect all essential processes to ensure products can be used or consumed by Muslims. Australian businesses pay thousands to the certifiers (although these amounts are rarely disclosed) to authorise the use of Halal labelling (often hidden) and to ensure the products are fit for consumption for Muslim export markets. These companies oblige the practice as the annual costs are relatively benign on a per-company basis whilst the consequences of being excluded from Muslim export markets can be severe. It is simply a rational business decision to conform and this fact has been confirmed by numerous business representatives. It is uneconomic to separate Halal approved processes from non-Halal processes and so the supermarket shelves are fast becoming filled almost exclusively with stealthily labelled Islam blessed products.

The consequences for the 98% of non-Muslim Australian consumers is that we are purchasing, using and consuming vast amounts of Halal Certified products without ever having been consulted as to whether this was acceptable. Ours is a proud secular country which has embraced the notion that Australians can live free of the demands of inflexible religious doctrine. So how is it acceptable that much of what we purchase is religiously monitored and authorised? We do not wish to consume products that have been approved by Muslims (or any other religion for that matter). Our businesses should feel no pressure to cooperate with religious representatives seeking riches and consumers should have more choice to reject products approved by Muslims for Muslims who display scant regard for the rights of the majority.

Most food products are Halal regardless of whether or not they have been certified. Many instances of certification are simply ridiculous as has been divulged by Muslims themselves, several of whom insist that Halal Certification has become a rort or extortion racket. These certification practices appear to be ever growing and all encompassing to the point where so many players in the near-saturated certification market are creating new ways to increase revenue . Islamic rules on transport and distribution, warehousing, machinery and utensils, preparation and packaging ensure that every aspect of production must be overseen by an Islamic representative. If the Catholic Church insisted on such intervention we'd laugh them out of town, and rightly so.

The Australian companies who pay for the Islamic certification have claimed that the end price of the products is not influenced by these imposts and that Australian consumers are in no way contributing to religious causes in which they may strongly object. This may be so, but therefore the recurring annual cost must obviously reduce the company bottom line. This could obviously impact company viability, jobs, wages, profits, taxes, share price and return on investment for superannuates and other investors. Someone is paying. The money must come from somewhere. We also find it objectionable that non-Muslims are excluded from and discriminated against in the selection for process jobs that can only be performed by Muslims. Religious discrimination runs counter to our country's values.

We know that proceeds and profits from the numerous Halal Certifiers are in part used in the support of Islamic causes, whether through donations to Mosques, Islamic schools, Islamic charities and so on. Authorities would obviously observe as best they can where these funds end up but it is virtually impossible to track the funds in their entirety and there have been instances domestically and oversees where vast amounts of money from Halal Certification schemes have funded extremist groups hostile to the civilised West. Regardless of whether the proceeds are used for legitimate Islamic support/promotion or for dubious purposes, we should not be allowing a religious minority to profit from our grocery shop. Minority Christians living in Muslim majority countries would never contemplate hitting up Muslim-run businesses for cash and special treatment.

We have studied Islam. Islam is a religious ideology which has many aspects that conflict with our own values and moral convictions and which conflicts with the system of fundamental values of our pluralistic and liberal democracy. Most Muslims are good and decent people but unquestionably many devout Muslims believe that their God demands waging jihad against non-believers. Many believe that women don't share equal rights, that polygamy and sexual slavery is justified, that homosexuals and apostates deserve capital punishment, that FGM and child marriage is acceptable and that the Holocaust did not happen. Some believe in a strict interpretation of their religious texts which dictates complete submission and an absolute rejection of democracy, freedom and man-made law. Some insist that their scriptures demand non-believers pay a form of tax called a Jizya. The horrific consequences of these beliefs are witnessed daily throughout the world and we rightly reject them. We would never willingly support them. Our conscience does not allow this.

Many of our Australian Islamic leaders recently boycotted an AFP dinner to celebrate Ramadan/Eid intended to promote trust and friendship. It appears that to these many Muslims our counter-terrorism operatives are an enemy when, to the rest of us they are engaged in the vital work of ensuring our security. Promoting or supporting Islamic causes is something we are absolutely opposed to. The mere thought that some of our hard-earned money can possibly find its way into the hands of extremists, hostile to our country and our culture is disturbing. Who can guarantee that it isn't? Whether we are inadvertently sponsoring the activities of bad Muslims or good Muslims, we should not be sponsoring any Muslims, just as they should not be financially supporting non-Muslims. Australians will embrace mass-multi-ethnic immigration and multiculturalism so long as our warmth is not rewarded with divisive, bullying standover behaviours such as harassing our companies to comply with Islamic standards. Why can't they comply with ours? Are we not good enough?

The current Halal Certification system must be immediately overhauled. It is unfortunately a fact that Australian businesses must have their products certified to please some export markets and that non-Muslim Australians cannot expect separation of processing techniques to satisfy our want to consume non-Halal produce on the grounds of principle. So we must significantly compromise with Muslims incapable it seems of compromise.

The Australian Federal Government should administer the Halal Certification process and make it accountable to all Australians via an overseeing Minister. The current Muslim certifiers who have developed trust with overseas importers can be offered positions within this new Government body. It will then be illegal for individuals to elicit payment from companies for pay-to-play. The new system would guarantee Islamic compliance and international Muslim importers of our products will be confident that their consumers will continue to have all demands and standards met. It would importantly restore trust in Australians that the system is regulated, transparent, legitimate and possibly revenue positive. It is simply impossible to think of how this might upset anyone, unless they were adamant to maintain a rort, or the profits were previously being misused/misappropriated. Muslim consumers keep their Halal produce and non-Muslims can be certain that although they must regrettably consume Halal products, at least the proceeds are not sponsoring ideologies that run counter to everything they believe in.

Alternatively we could just prohibit the Halal sector from invoicing-profiting from religious certificates and regulate that Mosques administer the programs at their own expense. Surely they could find enough unemployed Muslim volunteers prepared to partake training to provide this religious service for their community.

There may be a better solution and we are prepared to consider other suggestions. However, the status quo must not be allowed to continue.

Thank you for taking the time and for your consideration.

Our permission is granted to use this submission in any forum that could potentially progress the case for positive, fair and fundamental reform in this area.

Maybe there is now a precedent go the Danes

I am one of the 600 odd people from the Whole of Australia who have even bothered to put in a Submission.
THAT’s about 0.00071% – Geez... I guess the rest of the sheeple are willing to submit to paying this Extra Illegal TAX?

To Post Your Submission NOW Click Here; (The Link Below.) Protestor: 'Preach hate against UK and it’s fine – attack halal meat and end up in court'
"A MAN has been hauled before the courts on religious charges after he went into a supermarket and stuck stickers on packets of halal meat warning ... 'Beware! Halal is barbaric and funds terrorism #BanHalal".
The 29-year-old was arrested by police after being spotted carrying out his one-man protest on the store's CCTV cameras. He has since branded Britain's legal system a "joke" and suggested his sentence was disproportionately harsh compared to Islamist hate preachers, who often go unpunished... The van driver, who told magistrates he is an "animal lover", said he was driven to carry out the protest..."

Professor says “The Problem is Islam”

Khutba on Halal Certification Fiasco
By: Imam Habib Bewley

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Allah says in His Noble Book, the translation of which is, “You who have iman, eat of the good things We have provided for you.”

We have all been shocked by recent developments in the news concerning the abuse of halal certification and the fraudulent labelling of pork products as halal by certain unscrupulous businessman. But it is important that we do not let the details of the case at hand, or the particulars of the parties involved, distract us from the essence of the matter, from the true problem with which we are confronted – halal certification itself. In recent years, this practice has become the accepted norm, the easiest way for Muslims to swiftly and safely determine whether a particular product may be consumed or not. And from humble beginnings, the halal stamp or halal certificate has become big, big business and developed into its own industry, an industry that according to the International Market Bureau of Canada, is worth over $560-billion every year, and brings in tens of millions of rands into the coffers of the organisations who are in charge of doing it here in South Africa.

Now, we are not here to talk about the motives of those who implemented and pioneered this process of certifying products and foods as halal, for they may have originally done so with what they saw as the best interests of the Muslims at heart, seeking to make things easier for the Muslim consumer and allay their doubts as to the permissibility of the food that he was buying and eating. But what we are here to talk about is the presence of such an industry, for it clearly runs counter to a number of essential governing principles of the Deen,

The first of those is that everything is halal until there is some definite proof that it is haram, as is indicated by Allah’s Words,
???? ??????? ?????? ?????? ??? ??? ???????? ????????

the translation of which is, “It is He who created for you, everything that is on the earth.” Everything on the earth is for us to make use of, is halal, except for what Allah and His Messenger tell us is haram. But halal certification works on the exact opposite principle, that everything is haram unless it is declared by them to be halal. This is clear when one examines their operating procedures. For example, one of these organisations on its website stipulates the following conditions for businesses that want to obtain their halal certificate:
“Only Halaal food and beverages approved by us are to be served, sold, stored and or processed on the approved premises.” And:
“In the event of private purchases by stores, this will be permitted only from suppliers who have been explicitly approved by us.”
They are expressly forbidding businesses, shops and restaurants from purchasing goods from sources other than those approved by them. And, by extension, they have declared all non-approved goods forbidden, haram. They do exactly what Allah commands them not to do. Allah says,
??? ???????? ????????? ???????? ??? ??????????? ?????????? ??? ??????? ??????? ??????

the translation of which is, “You who have iman! do not make haram the good things Allah has made halal for you.” And what Allah has made halal for us is far more broad than these certifying organisations would have us believe. For example, Allah says:

????????? ??????? ?????? ????????????? ????????? ????????? ??????? ?????????? ????? ??????

the translation of which is: “Today all good things have been made halal for you – the food of those given the Book is halal for you…” There are two things you should note about this aya. First Allah uses the word tayyibaat to describe the food of the people of the Book, and it is this same word, tayyibaat, that He forbade us from making haram in the aya we mentioned earlier. And second, He uses the word uhilla which means to make halal. Qadi Abu Bakr ibn al-Arabi discusses this aya extensively in his book Ahkam al-Quran and in the course of his discussion says that it does not matter whether they sacrifice the animal to Allah or not, so long as they are Jews or Christians and they slaughter it properly, its meat is halal for us. Qadi Abu Bakr narrates that Imam Malik said,

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“Absolutely all their sacrifices may be eaten except for what they sacrifice for their religious holidays or sacrifice to their idols.” And he narrates that Imam ash-Shafi’i went one step further, saying,
???? ??????? ??? ????? ???? ???? ?????

“Their sacrifices may even be eaten when a name other than that of Allah’s is mentioned over them.” So, all of their food is halal for us, except for what Allah has expressly forbidden us such as pigs, blood, and animals which have died on their own or been strangled or killed by a blunt instrument. This is the position of many of the great a’imma and was that of the Prophet who himself ate the meat of the Jews without questioning them as to how they slaughtered it. So what is halal and what is haram is not as black and white as those who issue the certificates would have us believe, and nor is it remotely complicated, for the Prophet said,

al-halal bayyin wa-l-haramu bayyin
The second principle of the deen is that the sole Lawmaker is Allah. And it is not for us nor our ulama to set ourselves up as the only people allowed to determine those laws. There is no such thing as a priesthood in Islam, a special class of people through whom God works and in whose hands lies the key to the salvation of the rest of mankind. This concept is totally alien to us. Ulama are simply people to whom Allah has granted ‘ilm, knowledge of His deen and His rulings. And it is their duty to freely transmit that knowledge to the rest of us, not to withhold it and sell it to the highest bidder. They cannot sell rulings because they are not theirs to sell, they are Allah’s. And thus they cannot charge people a premium for ruling their products to be halal. By doing so, they are doing exactly what Allah criticises the rabbis of the Jews for doing, when He says in surat al-Baqara,
?????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????? ????????

the translation of which is, “Do not sell My signs for a paltry price.” It is totally reprehensible that make a profit from selective issuing of the rulings of the deen. And the fact that they charge such exorbitant fees for their services puts the Muslim customer at a distinct financial disadvantage in the market place, for the price the companies have to pay is passed directly onto the customers. And so food that has the halal certificate almost always tends to be more expensive that that without it. Halal certification has become a form of stealth tax, taking money from the pockets of the ordinary Muslims and putting it into the coffers of the Islamic organisations and ulama.
And it is not just the Muslim on the street who has suffered financially as a result of halal certification, but also many small Muslim businesses. Before the halal stamp became widespread, almost all Muslims used to purchase their meat from their local halal butcher. But, since the advent of the stamp, the supermarkets, most non-Muslim owned and run, have stolen the majority of those butchers’ customers by setting up halal sections and undercutting them, thus cornering the market and driving them out of business.
And those few halal shops and restaurants that remain are greeted with suspicion because of their lack of certificates. No longer is a Muslim’s word taken at face value that his food is halal. As a consequence of this industry, Muslims now trust a printed stamp more than the word of a fellow believer.

And that, despite the fact that we are even forbidden from asking Christians and Jews where the food they are serving comes from when they invite us to eat with them, let alone Muslims. When the Prophet was given the poisoned sheep to eat by the Jews of Khaybar after he had defeated them, he did not ask them about where the meat had come from and would have eaten it were it not for the fact that the meat itself told him that it was poisoned.
And, furthermore, as we have seen by the recent debacle, the stamp is far being a foolproof determinant of whether something is halal, for it can, unbeknownst to us, be forged and transferred from one product to another. And that has been done on numerous occasions, for the corporations who buy these stamps sole interest is the bottom line – scruples do not come into it. If they can do something that will make them more money and open up a new market for them and they think they can get away with it, they will do it. Indeed, it might be said that the existence of halal stamps has caused Muslims to consume a lot more haram food than they would otherwise have done.
And it is not just within those companies to whom those certificates are sold that the potential for abuse resides, but even within the ranks of the ulama themselves who issue them. The majority of those ‘ulama may well be scrupulous, honourable and honest, but the fact that they have knowledge does not make them proof against corruption. History is full of judges taking bribes, and scholars being bought by rulers to endorse their policies.

Today, we see it in the great number of Muslim scholars who speak out in favour of Islamic banking in exchange for being placed on those bank’s boards. Muslim societies of the past were well aware of these dangers and used to guard against the corruption of their qadis by paying them huge salaries so that they would feel no need to accept bribes. But today there is no one to pay them but themselves, and no one to govern them but themselves, and so the temptation to line their pockets must be huge. And no matter how God-fearing the current crop of ‘ulama may be, the system they have put into place has opened the door fully for other less principled individuals to take advantage. And, that is something that is already happening in other parts of the world where halal stamps have knowingly been granted to products later found to not be halal at all. And it is happening here, with the desire for profit getting in the way of common sense, and stamps being sold to be affixed on products such as water, tooth picks and black pepper. This is a clear misuse of the system. We ask Allah to restore the trust that once united us and guide us and our ulama back to the sirat al-mustaqim.

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The halal stamp was originally developed based upon a system put in place by the Jews to distinguish kosher products from non-kosher ones. And although this may seem to many to simply be an example of following one of their better ideas, the drawbacks of certification that we have mentioned seem to suggest otherwise. And, indeed the Messenger of Allah warned us against following them or the Christians saying,

??????????? ????? ??? ?????? ????? ?????? ??????? ?????? ??? ?? ????? ????? ????? ?????????? ?????: ?? ???? ???? ??????? ????????? ??? ????

“You will follow the practices of those who came before you, inch by inch and cubit by cubit until even were they to enter a lizard’s hole, you would follow them.” We said, “Messenger of Allah! (Do you mean) the Jews and Christians?” He replied, “Who else?” And Allah gives us an even stronger warning in the Qur’an when He says:

??? ???????? ????????? ???????? ???? ????????? ???????? ???? ????????? ??????? ?????????? ???????????? ?????? ???????????? ??????????

the translation of which is, “You who believe! if you obey a group of those given the Book, they will make you revert to being kafir after you have had iman.” No matter how good or sensible their practices may seem, they will inevitably bring us down and not raise us up.

Another major problem with halal certification – and indeed the halal industry as a whole – is that it focusses purely upon the mechanics of slaughter and preparation and does not take into account what should be fundamental when declaring something halal. Allah says:

??? ???????? ???????? ?????? ?????? ??? ????????? ???????? ????????

the translation of which is, “Mankind! eat what is halal and good on the earth.” The food that we eat must be wholesome and good as well as halal – the animals should have been treated well and with mercy (for the Prophet was sent as a mercy to all the worlds, including animals and the environment), not living their entire lives stuffed in small cages as is the case with many chickens; and not bought and sold with the proceeds of ribaa and exploitation.

But perhaps the worst thing about halal certification is that it distracts the ‘ulama and the general Muslim populace from more important elements of the deen. It is as if the deen of Allah has been reduced to food – the sole thing that distinguishes us from our non-Muslim counterparts is that what we put into our bellies bears a halal sticker. Is that really all that the deen is about and is that what our ‘ulama should be spending all their time and energy discussing and arguing about? In Cape Town, a city where at least a quarter or a third of the population is Muslim, how can the impact of the Shari‘a be limited to halal stickers on food. Should not at least an equal amount of effort be expended to make all the other aspects of our lives halal as well?

Why do we not question the kuffar based ethos when it comes to finance and currency? We should not be trying to carve ourselves a comfortable niche in society where we can cocoon ourselves from what is going on around us – so long as we have our halal meat and our mosques we are okay.

No, the message of the deen is universal. The Messenger of Allah was sent to all of mankind wherever they are. We have no more right to Islam than those around us and so we are honour-bound and duty-bound to tell them about it and call them to it.

We must show them its superiority in all walks of life, not spend all our time and effort cutting ourselves off from them and isolating ourselves in ghettoes. And our ‘ulama must take the lead in this – they must step up and deal with the issues and problems that plague South Africa today.

They must start acting like true inheritors of the Prophets, for the Messenger of Allah has said,
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“The ‘ulama are the inheritors of the Prophets,” and must start putting their knowledge into action. And they must cease to squabble and bicker among themselves and engage in their absurd infighting. That does nothing but tarnish the name of the deen. We ask Allah to set them and us on the right path and join our hearts together. We ask Him to protect all of the people of knowledge among us and increase them in wisdom and right action.

We ask Him to reward them for their efforts fi sabili-llah and grant them and us the success to do what is best for His deen. We ask Him to make everything in our lives pure and halal and keep us away from everything that is impure and haram.

All up, these pricks are only 2% of the population, or has that changed? Of those, the percentage of those of voting age would be small due to their rabbit like behaviour, so what are the LNP orried about?

Thanks - this all makes very good sense - I like the idea of Coles and Woolies putting Halal products in separate isles - a lot of people are still very naive about Halal labels - we need better packaging - separate isles to stop this racket.

My concern also TomG...will vote for them though because not voting for A21

Putin Secretly Planned Collapse Of Soviet Union To Make Russia Great Again
Why are the Western powers, led by the United States, so afraid of Putin?

The main reason Vladimir Putin is so despised by the Western Powers is because he totally tricked them for the benefit of the Russia people.

Great info in this speech:

My prediction is that ALA will very quickly be discredited by the Neo-nazis showing up very visibly in their ranks. Much as they did in the Reclaim Australia rallies. It's enough to make you wonder if the Nazis aren't a plant by the opposite extreme to put the kibosh on any new threat from the right.

It was great to find out today that Turkey has started bombing the PKK (the Kurds) who have been the only effective ground troops fighting ISIS. How long before someone in power stands up to this scourge?

Criminals score: 9. Hard working Aussie tax payers: 0 !! easier and better to be a crim and scamster than a honest person, these days!?

100% - religious freedom is one thing but a murderous, barbaric CULT is another issue altogether.

meant 10 minutes, sorry.

Having spent 1 minutes checking all the ricotta cheese in Coles, I selected Lemnos purely because it did not have a halal symbol. So I thought I would email them my approval. On the website front page, they have accreditations listed, first on the list is Halal. Is there no escape from this insidious intrusion into our every day life?