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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Queensland’s Maleny Dairies has come out against the halal scammers and declared they will keep prices down and will refuse to be bullied into paying a halal tax on their product. Their stance has had overwhelming support from everyone except the regularly-out-of-touch Courier Mail.

The move by the Maleny dairy farmers (pictured) is an important one because the Halal protection racket that supports dubious anti-Australian and overseas causes can only be stopped if the Government makes it illegal for companies to comply with threats from halal certifiers. 

The Maleny Dairies’ facebook page which has 24,000 likes and 3,000 shares since yesterday indicates the strength in the groundswell of angry objections from regular Aussies to a tax on Australian food from Muslim opportunists who are demanding certification fees for everything from milk to plastic containers.

A brief look at their site showed thousands of comments supporting the dairy farmers’ stand with a couple of comments suggesting it was silly because, “milk was halal anyway”.

The Courier Mail stupidly took this to mean these comments were objecting to the dairy farmers’ stand and falsely claimed, “others had accused the farmers of promoting xenophobia” with this ridiculous on-line headline: 

HALAL: “Maleny Dairies’ Facebook post on Halal certification sparks customer backlash”

Well, the backlash is on all right, but not from the dairies’ customers... they seem in full agreement.

The mafia-style halal extortion racket was up in lights in Perth when police recently arrested a Dr Ratab Jeneid, Chairperson of the WA Halal Certification Committee, with $8million worth of methylamphetamine and $380,000 cash in his possession. 

Janeid was also charged with illegally carrying unlicensed firearms. 

Five of his associates from the Muslim Halal organisation, run from the same mosque, were also charged with various drug and firearm offences.

The Courier Mail unfortunately did not carry this story.


So,, where's the government on this ,,,,??? you know , that bunch of lazy halfwits that we pay to serve and protect us? Oh that's right,, Bossman is too busy swaning around the world having selfies taken,,,,

Welcome back Larry. Is there something wrong with the PP? I only came by this post via your Facebook. It doesn't appear in PP News.

The Courier Mail is not the only print news that seems to go easy on the Islamic community for whatever reason. But then again, what thinking person reads the Courier Mail anyway?

LARRY LARRY LARRY get your facts straight Dr Ratab was ONLY charged with unsecured firearms his brother were charged with the drug offences

LARRY LARRY LARRY get your facts straight Dr Ratab was ONLY charged with unsecured firearms his brother were charged with the drug offences

I am really glad I live on the Far North Coast of NSW. I buy my milk from a local supermarket, the milk comes from a family owned, operated & independent dairy company - Big River Milk - which is probably similar to the Maleny Dairy in Qld. Good stuff & a big thumbs up for Maleny standing firm and not giving in to this Halal icon crap. Let's call it what it really is, extortion and nothing less. To the Government, get rid of this stuff before we end up back in the 15th century get some dustes and deal with it NOW!

Yes Stephenson, your comments are spot on for that entire sub-series. May I suggest "The Last Centurion" by John Ringo as a similar type of read which I think you'd enjoy.

Bravo Maleny Dairy. I think companies confronted with this scam should turn the whole thing up the other way, viz. "Gentlemen, my Board and I have considered your proposals, and we are prepared to carry your Halal symbol on our product for the sum of $20,000 per annum. Your cheque for same will meet with speedy action. Yours sincerely, Chairman."

Thank you Larry, but strangely it has not made on to "Current Affair" or Sky Agenda. What a surprise.

Cadburys have been doing this for a long time - I haven't bought cadburys for years, nor have any member of my family or friends or associates - they suck and are very unAustralian

yep - reading an interesting fiction book "Dead or Alive" by Tom Clancy with Grant Blackwood - published 2010 - now there is a fictional insight to Muslims/Islamic and to some degree the current government in USA - reads like "non fiction" - very interesting book -

From here on in I will buy Maleny Dairy products - will do anything to support our Aussies and STOP Muslims in their tracks - pathetic people - and what about Ratab Jeneid - is he in prison awaiting trial? These bloody Muslims - they should be deported right now!!!

To The Untouchables. Maybe off topic but very topical. The media is promoting him because the media is controlled by the same circumcised gents. All editorial content must support/promote the policies of the 'masters-of-the-universe'.

I only give to these type of fund raisers if they are for local people.

alpinist, Adolph actually had no time for any ideology that competed with his own. He certainly would have liked to close all churches but had no intention of replacing them with mosques. The two muslim Waffen SS Divisions had a checkered history. The 13th Waffen Gebirgs Division "Handschar" was raised in 1943 (from Balkan muslims), mutinied in France but later disbanded to become a regiment mainly used against partisans in Yugoslavia. The 23rd Waffen Gebirgs Division "Kama" was short lived being disbanded after a few months. Hitler simply used the muslims for his own ends.

You can stop these scammers by hitting the bottom line of the companies who refuse to stop paying the halal fee:

Perhaps we should all send this link to the Courier Mail.

You'll have the Liebor party running Victoria the place to be soon..

This is not the first time this has happened. When will people wake up.

KVSS I am with you on this. Not one moan had better come out of Victoria if Dan the Man gets in. One thing it will give the rest of the country time to see what miracles this charleton will pull out of the hat and what debt he gets it into before we go to another election.