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Friday, 14th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It was Friday night shopping and, along with all the usual items, I made sure of my Bega Cheese, Vegemite and my Tassal smoked salmon. When I arrived home I separated out all the items, including meat, that carried that little Islamic Halal logo. (Strangely there were a lot of different Islamic logos.)

Now, I object to the way Muslims like to kill their animals but I object even more to Vegemite being slaughtered in the same way,

On Saturday, around 10am, I walked back into Woollies with my docket and an armful of everything that was halal certified, looked for the longest line of people waiting at a checkout and practically threw them at the poor checkout chick. (Unfortunately she was collateral damage.)

The line of people waiting looked shocked as I demanded to see the manager. 

I had opened each of the items, including a carton of ice cream and spread the contents out on the checkout table, demanding to know why I was unknowingly supporting Islamic ventures.

I was really on a roll by the time the manager arrived, I already had the whole line of people checking their trolleys for halal certified items.

The manager held his hands up and asked me to settle down and assured me he would refund me the cost of each of the products.

Actually I didn’t need settling down, I was grinning like a Cheshire cat inside, but to his moderating credit, he totalled up each of about 20 different items (one of which I was overcharged for) and immediately handed me a refund from the cash register while the stunned checkout chick and a dozen shoppers looked on.

The opened items will undoubtedly be returned to the suppliers, hopefully with an enlightening message.

If Kirralie Smith of can give her life over to a just cause politicians run away from, then that’s the least I can do.

It was sort of fun, but I can’t do that to Woollies again because of their security cameras and anyway you can checkout your own stuff now.

But I’ve got my eye on a few Coles’ outlets.


stevei , this post has incorrect halachoices address for kirralie , shown as .com should be .com au... lets not do their work for them... .com is islamic site

Disgusting, Perverted sick monsters,

@DJT Is your alternative to put up the white flag and wait for Australia to become Australistan?
That's what will happen if we allow them to stay.

DJT in so far as most Australians are concerned the many born here have outstayed their welcome and should be "encouraged" to leave.
Make islam a proscribed cult and remove all rights of citizenship and to welfare. They'll be falling over each other to get out the door.

They're no better. We have a real problem in this country, largely because of soft cock left wing politicians.

The barbarians in the pic above make me sick. I accept that we are the top of the food chain, and I do eat meat (a lot less than I once did), and that we kill animals for consumption, but I deplore this type of celebration of gross cruelty. If an animal is to be killed for food, it MUST be done in the most humane way possible, and that means by first stunning. This is 2014, so surely there must be a way to get the blood out of an animal if the heart has stopped pumping? Electrical impulses or similar. I just can't stand seeing this sort of cruelty.

Free trade as opposed to "fair trade" is not in "our" interests Masculator. Thanks to the last six years of liebor / greens we are I debt to China big time. This bilateral agreement (liberal / liebo) both busting their arses to have it at a time when China holds the trump cards . Who do you think will come out best ? Check this out -

Quite frankly who cares about supplying meat to INDONESIA.....who remembers the murdering swine Indonesians who BUTCHERED 200,000 christian East Timorese....lets find another market or reduce the costs to US so we can afford it start by cutting out the HALAL TAX to reduce costs.....stop Halal slaughter.

oxford dictionary defines TAX as the imposition of a Tax for Goods......well Halal Australia is imposing a levy or Tax on Australians albeit with NO legal basis.

Hardly a fair comment - what about mentioning she killed him.

Free Trade is Capitalism.

Rosa, the big problem I have with the Catholic Church is the fact is that they put religious dogma appropriate for ancient times and expect in to work in modern society.....Oh shit, I think that is the same thing that we say about the Muslim religion too....

Free trade agreements will squash all before them . Look out !.

The difference between Capitalism and Free Enterprise.

Multinational corporations do that Hunter, family owned Australian businesses are likely to think of their children and grandchildren.

The business minded people put business ahead of patriotism - that's a fact .The sacred dollar before Australia.....

Your barking up the wrong tree DJT. Plenty of business background here.

so where are the animal activists who are trying to undermine our ISO standard certified abattoirs.

Oh....Business, I forgot for a moment.

And why not everything is Abbotts fault