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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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... as social media exposes the scam

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It took a country mum by the name of Kirralie Smith of who was disgusted by what she learnt about halal and went on a mission to eradicate it. Now the Muslim extortion racket is coming apart at the seams along with the Islamic State’s source of funds from Australia.

By the WA Islamic Council President, Dr Rateb Jneid’s own admission, in his annual report, halal receipts are sent to terrorist organisations in Syria, disguised as donations to needy causes, through sham “charity” companies.

Muslims have never donated anything to anyone unless it’s a cause that kills infidels or other Muslims.

Major Australian companies are now running for cover as they hurriedly delete those little Arabic logos from their products. 

One of the worst offenders, Cadburys, for the first time had to temporarily close their doors due to lack of orders.

Companies are now promoting that they have abandoned halal certification... but are the halal fees still being paid?

Halal certification, a mafia style extortion racket, began with the slaughtering of livestock to Islamic specifications but has spread to everything from fish and Vegemite to plastic containers and fruit, increasing the price to Australian consumers by billions.

Exporters are targeted by dozens of competing Muslim “certifiers” who threaten that their export markets will be trashed (and they have been) unless they pay up, but those exporters are now losing their domestic markets and are trying to obscure their compliance with Muslim demands.

No-one lies as well as a Muslim lies and when they say animals are allowed to be stunned prior to slaughter, it’s yet another lie. Livestock under the halal rite must first be mistreated and forced to watch the slaughter of other animals, trembling in fear as they anticipate their own fate. 

They must be made to face Mecca as the slaughtering process starts. With their hearts pounding rapidly, so as to excrete as much blood as is possible from their bodies, they feel their throats being cut from ear to ear. The longer they stay alive the more unwanted blood is lost. 

When the animal dies, only then will the blood flow stop. Only then has the halal slaughter of an animal been accomplished.

To extend halal compliance to fish and plastic containers is a nonsense but Islamic Councils world-wide have stumbled on a two trillion dollar industry that further imposes their will on the West. They will not give it up without a fight and it sure beats working for a living.

Do not expect Western governments to stop it, there are too many trade-exposed export industries at risk of being shut down if halal compliance isn’t met. 

But social media is attacking domestic markets distorted by halal accreditation and it’s making huge inroads.

“Dominance” is a key word in Islam; dominance over women, little girls, animals and infidels, the visual dominance of mosques and the eventual dominance of Islam itself.

Is it any wonder the archaic cult of Islam has not been a positive factor in Western multiculturalism. 

N.B. Islamic dominance over animals is entrenched in the teachings of the Koran where sexual gratification from an owner’s livestock is permitted but the Koran then instructs that the abused animal must not be eaten but can be sold for consumption to other Muslims. 

Yet not a word from the Left who are besotted by the fallacious "mistreatment" of racehorses.


Stop commenting - take action. Pauline is coming back, Tony is taking cover and we get our country back.

That man is a low life and mentally incapable of lying straight in bed

Yes, the religion or permanent offence has us by the nuts and isn't about to let go. We need that bombing to wake us up, but I doubt that our soft cock politicians would see the significance of the situation even then....they'd still be bleating, "this is not about islam". What a f****** disgrace they are.

I'm out too. What a soft cock!!!

ALL cheese is, by its very nature, halal (I can't use a capital 'H'!!) because no animal has been slaughtered in their barbaric tradition, but I still refuse to buy it on principle. The whole halal thing is a scam as Look Listen Decide says. If no animal has been slaughtered, why does cheese need certification? Ahhhh.....because the muslim extortionists, that our law enforcers tolerate, are on the take. It doesn't get an y simpler than that.

What a disgraceful PoS that picture represents!!!

So, it comes to pass that a camel really *is* a ship of the desert and, according to the Koran, is allowed to be so (being full of Arab semen).
I can handle being labelled a bigot and a hypocrite but someone who is far greater a bigot and hypocrite - and a dishonourable one at that in every way possible - like the dipshit above in the graphic.

he just blew it as having me for a listener ,have been a 2gb listener for 40years ,now no longer listen to Chris smith, to me an apologist for this pack of stand over tactics ripping money from us by the prices being upped to cover this crap ,thought he had a brain but now sadly think he have turned green or a water melon, Perhaps it would be better he engaged his brain before opening his mouth , hope Stephanie gets stuck into him , afraid I will not hear it as radio is off at 12 noon

This idiot does not realise he has shot himself in the foot. If food is already halal, why is there a need for certification? The corrupt and scamming knows no bounds. More fool us for allowing it!

The leftist appear to suffer from the same problem as the muhomMADists serious inbreeding which affects their mental ability. This can be proved by the fact that they are /support homosexuality and these people are one the1st on the muhomMADists hit list?

Who are we kidding? Nationalistic patriotism is heresy. Universities are churning out zombies more inclined to fight for our enemies. The great Christianity protectors of yesteryear don't exist. The Churches are frozen with cowardice. The youth only care about their IPhone and Xbox and are loyal only to themselves. Our ripe-for-the-picking complacency is obvious to anyone prepared to ponder. Just imagine Bill (Braveheart) Shorten riding us into battle against the marauding savages. Or Albanese, or Pyne, or Emerson, or Bandt. A brief study of the violent expansion of Islam proves the destiny for warm and fuzzy wankers is a mass shallow grave. Pessimistic, very. Realistic, very.

The Maldives is an Islamic country, yet they allow alcohol on the islands designated for tourism - so if they can do it (waive the rules for some) - why can the local muslims not allow it. It is all about the money. BTW, the diplomats from the Libyan Embassy in Male (Capital of the Maldives) used to come across to a tourist island to get sloshed. If I remember correctly, bacon was also allowed on the tourist islands, but I may be wrong,

I have wondered about the halal certification for fruit, is it possible that any worms in the fruit must be halal worms.

Making Vegemite halal the joke is on the Muslims the yeast used comes from the brewery

And it's not about religion - FFS .
Of course it is TA, Brandis and Co ...
Muslims = Islam = Muslims

But I notice that there is a little bit of ham in Mo-ham-ed. Is that halal ham?

Cadburys have been spending a lot on advertising lately - many tv ads, and discounted products on the Foodland shelves - but I have not bought Cadburys for many years now, since discovering that they were halal. Nor will I buy in future, rather just do without chocolate.

If you to have a crack at them

Can I detect a little tad of rationality creeping into our Nation? Can't have this I think I shall create a "Support for Halal Society" and register it with the abc as yet another subversive support group to add to their list of cranks to interview who support their subversion. Then I could get The Fact Checker to authenticate the aims and objectives of my new group?