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Wednesday, 22nd August 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Banning guns ensures only criminals have them and the worst part about that is that illegally obtained guns are no longer registered, making it near impossible for police to trace the owners. Ban recreational drugs, yeah, that’s working. Ban tobacco then, yeah, that’ll work. Ban alcohol, oh, that’s already been tried. Ban knives or whatever you like and you can be sure only those crooks who want one get one.

Of course after the Vegas incident all the dumb Lefties are again screaming for gun controls for "lone wolves". 

After a similar 1996 massacre in Tasmania PM Howard banned and destroyed near a million guns (mostly rifles) of regular owners. 

                     He has dined out for years since on the drop in gun related deaths

But those paying for his sumptuous dinners never mention the rapid increase in knife deaths. Now almost every kid in Lakemba and Coburg carries a knife instead as a form of offence or defence. 

And suicides have swung almost entirely to hangings.

                                   ...and I better have a pink one for the missus

If Jihadists need guns they can always get them via a major Mosque and in the meantime knives appear to do a more traditional job in the process of ridding the world of infidels. 

I was able to buy a handgun within an hour of being told by police I was being targeted by ISIS operatives.

In the UK where guns are illegal, the whole joint is awash with knives and severed heads. Conducting rapes with a knife doesn’t appear to present a problem either. But knives give the ER sections of hospitals almost insoluble problems trying to save the lives of those victims without knives.

Four of Australia’s six states have now eased gun rules, one of which mandated a 28-day waiting period between applying to buy a gun and purchasing it. Yet there are estimated to be as many guns in Australia now as there were at the time of the Port Arthur massacre... although the level of gun violence is not comparable.

                                                     ... it's a family affair

In the US guns are considered a necessary form of protection due to the sheer numbers of guns available to every crook. Gun numbers are close to exceeding the number of people at around 350 million.  

The "Second Amendment" makes gun controls impossible in the US, and if you add to that the highly political Trump-endorsing National Rifle Association (above) it becomes only something the Left will bother to advocate.

South Africa is also a handgun crazy nation. I tried to ban guns in an office I was running in Capetown and the entire staff walked out in protest … it couldn’t be done. I asked one bloke to show me his gun, so he did, and blimey it was a heavy thing. 

I asked him, “Have you ever needed to use this thing?” “Oh of course, yes, I had to use it only last week, I shot two black fellers”, he said nonchalantly. "Why", I asked.

“They were trying to steal my car”, he said. “Well, they were sort of leaning on it and I didn’t want to take any chances so I killed one and winged the other. 

"But when there are two of them you have to make sure you get them both or the live one will testify against you. 

"So I got in my car and chased him up the road to where he had fallen over and put a slug in his forehead. The cops didn’t even bother taking it to court.”

                                     Necklacing is still common among blacks

South Africa is a pretty wild place and much worse since apartheid was abolished. There are now 40,000 murders a year and a million rapes that are never reported. Entirely blacks on blacks.

In the USA, gun control is a losing perennial argument, mostly after some bastard has gone berserk with an AK47. But then the argument will subside until there is another Las Vegas incident, and it starts all over again.

                                Usually with galahs like Michael Moore at the fore. 


Warrick, good try but your logic is mad. I'll bet you WOULD take a knife to a gun fight.(Apology to Sean Connery). And Warrick back in the day when I did carry a .45 cocked and locked I would hope any assailant only had a knife, and he was at least 7 metres from me when he made his intentions clear. Betcha don't know why 7 metres?

Why didn't ''knowall of the Universe'' Fatsimmons where his commie bandana at his repeat wedding ?


O/T Zlaphone interview last night. He stated That it would be better for him to return to S.A.State Parliament so he could give better judgements of advice. He stated that he wanted to have and run 20 of his team in the lower house so that he would have a controlling Interest in the Government. He is trying to be a KING maker or as some have posted friends of WEATHERDICK to keep him in Power.Zylaphone trying to do what Ms.Hansen is trying to do in Queensland.He still has his party in the Federal Government and will give advice to them. With him retiring from Federal his next in charge will take his seat.Off Topic he is GREEK Heritage WEATHERDICK must like Greek Food.

Jeff - the shit that comes out of Indonesia would make you puke. Nappies wrapped in plastic and tossed into river. Wet season sees huge rafts of plastic rubbish in a line stretching from lombok to Bali. Take an island hopper - most of that shiite goes down to west coast Australia....

New post up.

New Post Up !

All you smart arses who’ve written off Tony Abbott are complicit in maintaining Turnbull, and consequently Shorten as our leaders.

At this point of time, Tony Abbott is the only glimmer of hope this country has, to just start get out of this very deep hole we’re in, albeit, he’s not perfect, granted.

There! I’ve got that off my chest.

Australians we cannot rejoice,
For we're no longer free;
We’ve sold our soil and wealth and oil;
Our home is a crime spree;
Our land abounds in welfare gifts
To migrants from elsewhere;
In history’s page, we are enraged
Advance Australia Where?
In painful strains then let us sing,
Advance Australia Where?
Beneath our radiant Southern Cross
We’ll toil with hearts and hands;
To make this Government of ours
Stop bowing to demands;
For those who’ve come across the seas
We’ve boundless plains to share;
But we expect some due respect
To Advance Australia Fair.
In painful strains then let us sing,
Advance Australia Where?

Today's good ... or bad news is that the original stick insect lives! (Murphy/Wilson file in full)

Mr.anotheroldtimer: There is no such thing as "FREE" to air T.V. It costs in time even if it is Frustration. They should ban the word Encore also not replay an evening show at 8pm has reruns at 11pm. Annoys me I do not watch but PROJECT at 6.30pm then reruns at 11pm.

In the Top of The Pops for The Slime "It's raining Men" sung by POINTER SISTERS. They have something in common with the Homosexuals.

Thousands protest against Adani coal mine.
A protest at Parliament House in Canberra with hundreds demonstrators voicing their opposition to the Adani coal mine was among the dozens of similar rallies take place across Australia on Saturday.
"The mine is just going to ruin everything - the water, the reef, the farming land - and also we're lending them $1 billion and I cannot believe we can't spend that money on jobs in other areas like renewables," Michele Smith told AAP in Canberra.......F#ck, this is bad. Stop the world I want to get off.

A couple of other points that numpty conspiracy theory experts fail to consider.

1. The total injured figure includes casualties that were not shot but injured as a consequence of the stampeded to get away.

2. Some of the injuries would have been caused not by direct hits but by shrapnel from ricocheting bullets or through flying bits of debris from concrete and walls that the bullets struck.

3. Given the angle of the shooters position, any bullet that missed a person initially would have hit the concrete floor of the concert venue and bounced up with a high chance of making lower body contact with escaping victims.

4. A single bullet is not always going to stop with a single victim some will pass through or clip one person and then hit a second.

Guthrie screaming blue bloody murder as her INEPT ABC being put under the spotlight for bias and prejudice and their amateur presenters being held to account. Close their worthlrss News and Current Affsirs snd rid us of their fake news and comment.A high school magazine is more profesdional.

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