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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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let's hear how they will do it

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


In January 2014 OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría called for “a plan to achieve zero net greenhouse emissions globally.” Not to be outdone, Australia has an organisation named “Beyond Zero Emissions”. 

Try making steel without using coal and producing carbon dioxide.

Try making cement without producing carbon dioxide.

Try moving cattle road trains in the outback without producing carbon dioxide.

Try operating an aluminium refinery on wind power.

Try keeping electric trains, lifts and lights running on a still night without coal or gas backup.

Try powering a container ship with sails.

Try getting approval to build a nuclear power station or a new hydro-electric dam in Australia.

Try feeding the people of the world while burning half of the food crops as biofuel.

The production of carbon dioxide is a direct measure of economic activity. To forcibly cut it must cause a recession. Russia, Poland, the Czechs, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Japan and Canada have already recognised this truth.

The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today is well below the optimum level for plant growth.  Human production of carbon dioxide plant food did fall during the Great Depression and added to plant starvation and crop failures in those bleak years.

“Zero Emissions” is another selfish and destructive green slogan which, if pursued, will turn into a nightmare of joblessness, poverty and hunger, especially for the poorer people of the world.


Oh Viv Thank goodness for small mercies.Sensible prevailed in Tassy (news has it).I am pleased for them there.

3 % matters :))

Good on him , like his optimism and reality :)).

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read: ‘The only true wilderness is between a Greenie's ears”.
Very appropriate. I need to get one for my car.

Whats the call on Concentrated Solar Thermal, Power Tower with Molten Salt Storage?

This is what you get when you open the doors of the insane asylums like they did in the 80's and let the inmates run free.

Adherents of the luddite Green religion are misanthropes.

Always remembet .... the stated goal of some members of the un and Green groups ..... is to reduct the planets population by over 3/4s.... Bring in Zero carbondixoide emissions and within 20 years ....... JOB DONE Mind you that just leaves this guy and his mates running the place ......UTOPIA!!!!!!!

And the serious environmental poisoning related to the production and disposal of the bloody batteries.

Of course it is a mad world when the majority of people allow and enable MAD people to have so much power and run the country. The Green Power thingamajigs will eventually be responsible for turning the lights off all over the world.

It's the cooling effect of global warming don't you know.

Once again Bruce as much as some don't like to admit it, you are right. There are a lot of grievances with people over Whitlam as his bad governing affected everybody is some way. What he did should be told truthfully and as accurately as possible as it will one day be history. We certainly don't want to end up with a book changing history such as Gillards.

Don't know about the NSW mid north coast DJT, but I live in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and have a jumper on all day.

pen-ultimate para a telling fact often ignored.

Viv, how could you? You get a lot of mirrors, direct the Suns rays onto a pile of iron ore, stand around waving fans and your magic Green wand and hey presto, iron. It works in theory.

I'd say that a person IS dirt if they stand up for anything Whitlam!

"Like I say common as dirt" - a lot like Kiwis hey?

Oh no!!..a typo!! None are more "common" than a parasitic New Zealander. What is "shoud"??

:)) Nature has it`s milder kinder moments.. makes up for some very hot, hard to handle heat waves endured.It is not unheard of for summer to be late, or winter ..that is what makes it so unique to observe and memorable.

There can be no "human decency" when talking about a most INdecent person such as Gough Whitlam.

I will show some respect...I repectfully tell you to get stuffed Bruce.