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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


 As predicted here, Bill Shorten will quickly try to turn the Dastyari scandal into a debate on foreign donations. Okay let’s a have a debate on that, but it has nought to do with the treason of Dastyari. This is about Mr Bean enriching himself with Chinese funds in exchange for falsely and publicly misstating Australia’s and the ALP’s policy position on China’s expansion into the south China Sea... and that’s more about the capital offence of treason than it is about donations.

People who know Mr Bean say he is a tight arsed little prick who wouldn’t give you the time of day if he had a hundred watches. Some less endearing descriptions include that, “he wouldn’t shout if a shark bit him” and that, “he would lock his Grandma in the shit house and collect her pension”.

Next to Shorten, he certainly takes the prize for being the most disliked wanker in Parliament. And neither have attempted to answer the question of why. Why did he think it was okay to send an account for his personal spending to a Chinese company? And in exchange for what?

“Look, I made a mistake”, is as far as we have got so far.

All ALP Members received texts yesterday morning suggesting the required response to the Press hacks was, “Sam made a mistake, he admitted it, he has paid a high price, now let’s get on with some talk about donations legislation”, ‘cos that will embroil the Libs and they will run a mile.

The trouble with Shorten’s proposed legislation is that it neatly circumvents union donations as coming from “Not For Profit” entities that are already excused from paying any tax.

Not for profit!..WTF? Billions in illicit funds squeezed from unsuspecting workers have made rich men and women of those sitting in jail, those on their way to jail and those who should already be sitting in jail.

The profit motive is well and truly alive and well within the mossy grey walls of Daniel Andrews’ Trades Hall.

So the draft of Shorten’s proposed legislation will be just an obfuscation of the real and serious problem of accepting personal donations from foreign companies to Parliamentarians on both sides of the House and Senate, and in exchange for what? Something!... that’s for sure.

And it has been going on for yonks with both sides afraid to open the stinking can of worms.

The shocked look on Mr Bean’s face indicated clearly that he thought it was a normal part of governance in Australia.

Well, It is! But it shouldn’t be. It may be the accepted norm in Islamic and third world countries but it carries a stiff jail sentence here, and in time of war a death sentence.

So it’s best to re-locate the ridiculous Darwin Aboriginal RC to here, ignore Shorten’s diversion of “donations” and hear evidence of the many acts of MPs’ “treason”.

But don’t hold your breath.


All of the troll's posts have vanished. Has she deleted them so that any outsider (ie, the police?) having a look won't see them? cynical me. or has Larry booted her? if Larry you have done that, then many thanks. We need and want peace here. I, at least, am so grateful if that's the case.

MP Doug Cameron on Q & A saying Slippery Sam didn't do any wrong and he mentioned something in the back ground we know not of ..........

and so do you too my friend. It's a rarity in this world to find honest people anymore. You're one of the rare ones. Cheers.

For some people insults are a must
They do it with oodles of zeal and lust
They cannot debate the issue on hand
With more personal attacks than grains of sand
Leaving us reeling with disgust.

Which reminds me, I haven't seen Flysa he MIA? does anyone know?

So Concerning Senior, where's the link that you reckon I took without acknowledging it? Can't produce it??? So you don't just find your ideas where the sun don't shine: you're a BIG FAT LIAR as well. I'll throw in tosser too. Provide the link or fuck off. I thought you were talking about the comments I've made on this thread of Stoneys. Cape Capricorn? What the tuck are you talking about ?!?!?!?! The posters here know I don't cheat.

I wonder if our Donna can come up with anything half as amusing or dare I say prophetic.

There is a troll called Donna
Who knows not the meaning of honour
She comes from the gutta
She is truly a nutter
And hopefully soon is a goner.

So you gonna fake it till you make it Donna. I'm afraid it won't work. Too many fine upstanding people you have abused slandered and threatened. You keep trying though.

I read your posts to Ettridge. He says there is no point in attempting to respond to them when your ageing memory and recall has you writing posts that are just convenient fabrication. He asked me to wish you well in your old age and he hopes you can let go of all of this for your better health....

Stoney..yep..dreyfus, Danby, Turnbull, Zimmerman, etc etc..

What a surprise. I'll make sure the police get the complete thread.

Enjoy it m'friend :-)

Thanks Lights. I was just a mere human. Made some mistake along the way. Was quick to set the record straight when I did. I enjoyed my career and collected a few gongs and accolades along the way. However I am glad to be out of it now. Front line policing can take a toll on your health so I retired before that happened. Have a great day - I am off the footy. :)

Stoney surely you're not expecting a response from BK. He's the Messiah, he just breathes and delivers sermons. He hates being cornered and it makes me wonder why he places himself in such positions when he lies.

I might add, AK, that I came here to have an enjoyable social outlet with like-minded people, interested in politics/world events etc. Minus trolls, it's been a mostly wonderful interaction, often more lively than I ever anticipated ! I'm somewhat isolated because of pretty significant health issues, so through all this bullying/abuse crap, I've ruggedly held on, determined not to lose my involvement with the good people here, although I've felt like it at times. But something in my character won't give in to a bully, as that's what it wants - to hurt and destroy and take away others' pleasures. I resent the time these responses to her take. But she's abused me for the better part of a year, & caused me a hell of a lot of stress that my heart etc., could do without.

Trust me, AK, I've been through all of that already with respect to this piece of trash. I might add, as you most likely wouldn't be aware, that there's more than one police organisation running with this. Good on you and congratulations on your successful career...the highly complimentary recognition marking your retirement, I'm sure, was well and truly deserved.

Concerned Senior, that is an outright lie on your part. Post the link to the page, here, now. I have NEVER EVER in my entire life, cut and pasted ANYTHING WHATSOEVER as you claim. My post came out of my head. Unlike you, whose posts come out of your arse...because you are an arsehole. But I couldn't expect anything better from you, hey? Post that link, now. btw, pal, I don't need generic rubbish like Wikipedia: I use my brain. What an idiot.

Lights - there is a possibility the issue is resolved. It is my understanding the posts have been copied and handed to or on their way to the police. I guess it is wait and see. Cheers mate Oh BTW Donna's claim about me being sacked - you obviously know is incorrect. I retired and received a retirement certificate from the commissioner with my record marked as - exemplary service - however it is hard to bring defamation claims against Donna because most of us are anonymous with nom de plumes. However some are not and that could constitute criminal and certainly civil defamation and using a carrier service to harass and offend.

Thanks for the information. That must be a record even for you Godbolt. Abusing six (6) people in a row, that you don't know, and threatened reports/complaints/pdfs to two or more organisations.

You've smeared the name of a police officer from Ballina on this website, and I've seen you do the same to the (now retired) former police officer who currently posts here as 'Another Kevin'.

Just off the top of my head, I can pluck at least five (5) more names of posters here out of thin air - decent people who login to enjoy discussing politics - that you have attacked and abused for no valid reason but apparently the satisfaction you get from hurting people.

I haven't even mentioned the myriad names that you claim are posters “plotting” against you and threatening your life. But time and again, I’ve seen you hide behind so many different usernames, with your vicious little friend, dodo/timbuktu/gorilla, and both of you have put up posts that range from nasty, to very serious threats of criminal behaviour.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, isn’t it Donna Godbolt? There would be dozens of folk who have abandoned this forum because of yours and your little band of abusers’ attacks - filthy language, disgusting descriptions of, and accusations at, people. And many more who have gone bush because they are just plain sick of reading the evil stuff with which you contaminate this forum.

And on top of all this rubbish, you expect the authorities to treat your claims with credibility !!
I have to give police, magistrates and law court staff more credit for perspicacity and plain common sense.

One final point...your post @ 8:01:34am today Sun 11/09/2016. I have told you repeatedly Donna, that I know you fabricated that so-called exchange of two “posts”, allegedly between myself and Hooray Harry. You also fabricated the “Milton” post – yet another of your made-up, pretend friends who don’t exist –like your fantasy “Mick Taylor” in the last 24 hours. What goes on in the mind of an adult like yourself, who can’t differentiate between reality and fantasy? I’ve seen you have entire conversations with made-up, pretend “posters”. You and I – and probably lots of other Pickering posters – know those two “posts” are not genuine. I clearly recall you posting that you had spent a whole day, attending to “threats”. And the two faked emails were the business, weren’t they? That was the best you could do.

The two “posts” are your feeble attempt to fake evidence, and to potentially mislead police and a magistrate in court. That is CRIMINAL, Donna. If you go ahead and try to use that fraudulent material, you will land in really serious trouble (not that I care what befalls you). But take heed, now you have said you intend use it, that I too will take action.

Please, Donna – go ahead and send this whole thread to the Ballina police station. I’m more than happy for you to do just that. But don’t delete this post of mine, will you? Because I would really like the police officers to read what I’ve said here, so they understand clearly what kind of track record they’re dealing with, in you. I absolutely second ‘Another Kevin’s advice to you, further up this thread: find yourself a good psychiatrist to help resolve your vitriolic, poisonous anger etc.