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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Great to see Outsiders agree

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


My latest article suggests the NATs should trash the Coalition agreement and invite what’s left of the Parliament’s conservatives to join it. This would be the birth of a One Party Conservative entity that would banish to the back bench Left traitors like Turnbull, Frydenberg, Bishop, Pyne, Payne, etc… and bring to the fold real politicians like Bernardi, Christiansen, Abbott etc. 

First cab off the rank would be to dump the IPCC inspired Paris accord.

The NATs cannot afford to lose Barnaby. As they are, the Libs will have them for breakfast with more anti-Australian misadventures on the way.

I would rarely have a TV commentator agree with me, but this morning Ross Cameron did!

Love the bloke!


And a close second would have to be the UN Convention 51

The Outsiders is a great tv show. Love it and Cameron and Rowan Dean are fantastic together.

How long DOES it take to grow a pair of Balls? I've been on about this for years, you can't win a war if you don't know you're in one.

How often it sees we are beset by political failure on every front.

After the last QLD election the ex-Nationals of the LNP are very disillusioned. The backlash against federal Liberals was massive. A lot of ex-Nat voters went with PHON and independents as there was very few ACP candidates. The federal Nats don't want to know them and the QLD LNP head office ignores anything that comes from the old Nationals strongholds. The LNP merger was the biggest mistake the Nationals made in QLD.

That may be so CS but as parties mature they take on a life of their own. I reckon Bernadi has made a good start. It may take him a while but if he attracts sitting conservatives like Abbott and a few others the idea might catch on.

So now we get to see if Christensen is up to his rhetoric. On the weekend he was saying the nats should split from the Libs. Now will he do anything about that? He can always walk away from the Nats to separate himself from the Libs. I suspect that he will again lack the conviction of his beliefs and will instead remain present at the socialist trough.

Didn't take long. New Nats leader announced at 9.00am and at noon the lefty MSN was already sinking the boots in. My interpretation of what they intended to be a black mark is that his stance on SSM was personally consistent with a very large proportion of the population yet he voted in favour of it because that's what his electorate favoured. A good example of correct representation and one that is sadly lacking from Liberal Party members. Then the ABC has its go and points out that it is many years since a non-farmer was elected leader of the Nats. So what! There are more people living in towns in regional Australia than there are on farms. That does not say that the interests of farmers and town people are mutually exclusive. On the contrary. Sounds like this bloke is well up to it.

One big flaw in that idea ....they would not get elected unless they were in a regional seat. Tony Abbott and George Christensen need to stand up as true believers and join with Cory Bernardi. They must destroy the greens hold on the senate in order to move back to the right.

I once had lunch with Cameron and his minder. My take is he ain't too bright and definitely at that time wanted immigration through the roof. Immigration/population growth is seen as the saviour of incompetent governments.

OT, YOUR ABC ( you pay for it, silly) breathlessly report some extraordinary behaviour in what they call Australia's oldest university ( didn't bother to read which one....if this one's that bad, the others will be worse). It revolves around some form of initiation pranks. What we learn isn't funny, even childish or purile's disgusting. And what bothers me is that if this behaviour is the result of 'thought' processes of what are supposed to be out brightest and best ( and presumably the Staff think that of themselves as well)...... God help you all......

Yes the final coup de gras for Barney was that claim of "sexual harrassment" from WA. The timing was far too convenient considering it was an historic claim & Barney said it was the final straw. This morning Allan Jones on 2 GB said there had been contact between the Turd's office & Tony Windsor, Barney's nemesis, prior to the claim. So as I thought, this was another setup by the cunning, Machievellian Turd who excels in backgrounding, leaking & undermining his LNP opponents. Surely it is TIME FOR SOME PAYBACK for that egomaniac.

The Nationals were prepared to stand by Barnaby even after Turnbull savaged him. Barnaby himself pulled the pin after the most recent harrasment claim which actually dates back to 2011 when Gillard Labor were in government and Barnaby was a NSW Senator. How and why would Barnaby as an opposition senator for NSW be in WA in 2011 on official business? He was not the parliamentary leader of the National Party and had no national role in the party at that time. This story has holes large enough to drive a truck through.

The Nats should go and talkto the Australian Conservatives. They are a much better fit than the Liberals ever where.

Bill Clinton was the POTUS and having sex with a White-house Intern and he didn't quit. I wonder if Turnbull would have called out Clinton as he did Barnaby? Will Turnbull now come into the House of Representatives and call out Bill Shorten? or Tony Burke or Albo? No. He only attacks those on his own side of politics. Peter King, Peter Costello, Brendan Nelson, Tony Abbott, and now Barnaby Joyce. Who needs enemies when you have a colleague like Turnbull. IMHO I think all of the other LNP MP's are scared of him. Joyce was not but a simple honey pot trap saw him out the door. Barnaby neds to make sure there is a DNA test done on the baby boy when born. He wouldn't be the first middle aged man to fall for the promise of a male heir.

But,they won't Larry. Joyce's own party has shit on him.

Outsiders ..

I forgot to say 'Where's me Avatar'. I bet that bastard Turd's got it.

I am very sorry to say that despite all the lovely speculation about another 'Its Time' moment. All I can see are squadrons of pigs chasing that pie in the sky. PLEASE! Someone save Australia for the Australian 'Old chums'.

With or, without Barnaby, it's the way forward. I love you to Larry :-)