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Monday, 20th February 2017

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Kirralie Smith

Kirralie Smith is the creator of the halal choices website, shopping guide book and phone app and an expert on halal certification of foods and supermarkets in Australia


This week marks one year since the Economics Reference Committee handed in its recommendations on the Third Party Certification of Food Inquiry. The photo is of Senator Cory Bernardi and me earlier this year at Parliament House. I submitted two petitions that day. One to the Senate and one to the House of Representatives that George Christensen MP received.

Both politicans, along with David Gillespie MP, have been supportive and actively involved in getting some appropriate outcomes for Australian consumers.

The senate inquiry received almost 1500 submissions, ran for over six months at huge tax payer expense, held three days of hearings around the country and came up with seven recommendations. Not one has been implemented or addressed by the Government.

This is the final sitting week of Parliament for 2016. Let's hope there are a few politicians with integrity who will speak out about the fact the Government has let an entire year go past without acting on any of the recommendations from the Senate inquiry into Third Party Certification of Food. 

The Government, thus far, has shown nothing but contempt for the democratic process.

There is nothing more to be done at this stage other than to expose the Government's incompetence in regards to this issue. As I explained to Pauline Hanson over the phone, it is not about introducing new legislation, or coming up with different angles on halal certification. It doesn't require more speeches or new information. All that is required is for senators and MPs to make some noise and pressure the government to do the right thing and implement the recommendations.

                              Sensible submissions despite the self-promoting Dastyari

Even though Hanson campaigned on the "Ban Halal" slogan it is not something she can deliver. Whether we like it or not the fact remains we cannot simply ban halal. Before you jump up and down remember that words are important, especially when it comes to legislation. Halal just means 'permissible'. Fruit, nuts, grains, fish etc will always be halal. We can't, nor do we want to, ban such things.

There is no concrete legislation that could be introduced and passed that would 'ban halal' entirely. All Hanson and her fellow One Nation Senators need to do is highlight the fact that the Government is treating the democratic process with contempt by refusing to act on the Senate’s recommendations.

The issue is with halal certification. It is the extraordinary amount of money that is charged for halal fees without consumers' knowledge or consent that is the problem.

The Senate committee has recommended some extremely useful and productive steps that would go a long way to overhauling the system. These recommendations could be implemented right now and immediately consumers would have choice. Imagine being at your local pub, RSL, café, restaurant or supermarket where every piece of meat sold has to carry the advice that it has been slaughtered according religious rituals and fees paid if it has been halal slaughtered. How do you think the majority of consumers would react?

Five of the seven recommendations are about more Government regulation which would greatly reduce or remove the ability to profiteer. How many halal certifiers will stay in business if they can't make huge profits? And it won't affect our exports as, where necessary, the Government can oversee or contract the certifiers but they won't be able to charge our Aussie processors exorbitant amounts - everybody wins!

Our largest Aussie meat exporters and processors are still waiting on the Government to act as they have publicly stated the halal fees are prohibitive and hurting business.

Barnaby Joyce may prattle on that he is all for Australian farmers and businesses but the fact is he is showing he cares more about how Saudi Arabia and Indonesia might react than actually listening to how this industry is hurting our top exporters. If the Government acts then the meat exporters are protected and the industry can still produce the necessary products for export.

Join with me this week to urge One Nation Senators and other politicians like George Christensen MP to speak out and highlight the fact that the Government needs to act on these recommendations now.


We need all forms of Halal closed down Immediately.... If Muslims want halal they are the ones that must pay a premium.. All Australian Foods should be Non-Halal. Then we charge a very High Price too Muslims for Halal... They Pay and We get the Profits... That's the way if must be.

Here is the proof that Halal certification is nothing but a SCAM!
Quran 5:5
Sahih International
This day [all] good foods have been made lawful,
and the food of those who were given the Scripture is lawful for you
and your food is lawful for them.

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concerned senior is doing it, copying what godbolt did yesterday. called him on it, and larry has said nothing. are they too thick to see how far that could go? what shits me the most, is the newcomers who know nothing about the history of the site, who make instant judgments on people and more often than not, side with the bad 'uns. and make no mistake, there are some really nasty people here. I know you're aware of it at first hand Goldie. Lol, i hope it never falls your way. Yesterday was like a war zone, i was shattered last night.

MEGA MEATS BROWNS PLAINS does not do halal meats but has STEGGLES CHICKEN Booval
MITCHELL GRASS MEATS Shop A 137 Eagle Street Longreach Q 4730
MMM WHOLESALE MEAT (NOT TO THE PUBLIC) 200 New Cleveland Road Brisbane, QLD 4173
OXENFORD MEATS Oxenford Central Shopping Centre Old Pacific Hwy Oxenford, QLD, 4210
PARADISE POINT BUTCHERY & SEAFOOD 8 Bruce Avenue Paradise Point QLD 4216
PATTON'S BIG GUN (They do have halal chicken) 2912 Logan Rd, Underwood QLD 4119
RANGELAND QUALITY MEATS 17 Murphy Street, Ipswich, QLD 4305
RON'S ORGANIC MEATS Shop 4/ Maridale Park Shopping Centre Ney Rd, Capalaba QLD 4157
64 John Street, Rosewood, Queensland 4340
SUNSHINE COAST ORGANIC MEATS 5/330 Mons Rd, Forest Glen QLD 4556
SUPER BUTCHER Eastern Road Browns Plains QLD 4118
TIN CAN BAY FAMILY BUTCHER Shop 2, Dolphin Shopping Centre, Gympie Road Tin Can Bay, QLD 4580
WHALE CITY BUTCHERS Shop 20, Pialba Place Pialba, QLD 4655
Yagaburne Beef near Goondiwindi is NOT Halal Certified. They are a small family business.
YANDINA BUTCHERY Shop 2 / 10 Farrel Street, Yandina, QLD
BANNOCK BRAE 249 Willis Rd, Meringandan, Qld 4352
BONNIE BEEF 2 Vines Road Wolvi Q 4570
BROOKSIDE COUNTRY MEATS Shop 1, 102-110 Kortum Drive, West Burleigh, QLD 4220
BRUMBY DOWNS BEEF Myall Lane, Wallumbilla, QLD 4428
BUSHY CREEK FARM P.O. Box 157, Mount Molloy, QLD 4871
CAREY BROS BUTCHER 39 Locke Street, Warwick QLD 4370

CLANCY JAMES BUTCHERS Brisbane Airport Shop 5 - Airport Village Markets 1 - 5 The Circuit (Near DFO)
SKYGATE Brisbane Airport Qld 4008,
Manly West Shop 12 - Mayfair on Manly Corner Manly and Hargreaves Roads Manly West Qld 4179
Taringa Shop 10 Gailey Five Ways 144 Indooroopilly Road Taringa Qld 4068
Yeronga Yeronga Village 419-429 Fairfield Rd Yeronga Qld 4104
Dougs Family Butcher at Currimundi Market shopping centre on the Sunshine Coast.
FERNVALE BUTCHERY 1510 Brisbane Valley Hwy, Fernvale QLD 4306 non halal sourced locally.
'HUGHES' butcheryPaul MacsweenHughes Northside Butcheryshop 4a 23 Queen st. Northway plazaph/fax 4151 3528.
Hughes Butchery SugarlandTrish Macsweenshop 423 Takalvan streetSugarland Shoppingtownph. 4152 0492
HORIZON GOURMET MEATS Townsville 304 Boundary Street South Townsville QLD 4810 Centro Woodlands
Shop P 28 Palm Drive Deeragun 4818
Perkins Street West TOWNSVILLE QLD 4810
INGLEWOOD FARMS 486 Tobacco Road Inglewood QLD 4387
JIMS JERKY 10805 Warrego Highway Charlton QLD, 4350,
LAZY D BULK BEEF Sarina, Queensland 4737
Lindbecks butchery in Queanbeyan 21A Old Cooma Road Queanbeyan NSW 2620, Australia?
Warburtons Butchers Carseldine 41 Graham Road Carseldine
Warburtons Lawnton 718 Gympie Road Lawnton

Looks that way doesn't it Goldie.... I loathe all the angst that's appearing on the site these days. Whatever happened to human kindness?

This is for you Qld residents, especially around the Sunshine Coast - my very good friend is involved with a group called Safe Communities, like minded people who are concerned about this halal rubbish, they have been handing out pamphlets at shopping centres and doing letter box drops around their local area. The pamphlets are right to the point and begin with the wording "have you paid your halal tax today?" Of course they are sometimes subjected to abuse from the odd ignoramus but it's just water off a ducks back to them. Wondering if any of you are interested in helping out, if so please email: - they need soldiers on the ground! Thanks!

A vote for Katter is a vote for socialist Labor ....


Katter has shit of the people of Queensland to feather his own nest.

The people will now have to suffer violence and drugs thanks to Katter's political greed

Katter is just another union supporting thug .. don't forget he owes the unions for donations to his party

Vote One Nation ... get rid of Katter

We have exposed Nolan Meats of Gympie before for paying that hated halal certification fee. Terry Nolan in a phone conversation claimed that paying up was essential for his export business to Egypt. The question is, or course, why can't he just ship the livestock over there and let them slaughter it the halal way so that he doesn't have to pay for any halal certification? Nolan would not answer when we repeatedly asked him if his whole abattoir produces halal meat, or if it was only a small section of the abattoir. We were contacted by many Gympie residents who used to work at Nolan's who confirmed that the whole plant is configured for halal slaughter. This means that ALL the meat Nolan sells is slaughtered as it is dedicated to an evil, cruel, murderous, misogynistic ideology....but Nolan Meats does not mark the boxes of meat it sells to Australian customers with the halal logo. Clearly, Nolan Meats is afraid that they will lose customers if we all find out that they are lying to us. But it get worse.....Our Gympie informants also confirmed that Australian slaughtermen are no longer employable at Nolan Meats because halal slaughter can only be performed by moslems. This is clearly against the Queensland 1991 Anti-Discrimination Act ( there is an exemption in it for "religious reasons"....clearly discriminatory against Australians. As well as discriminating against employing Australian slaughtermen, Nolan Meats is also employing many 457 visa labour that displaces Australian workers. Nolan Meats even has a prayer room for their moslem workers to take time off to go and pray at least 3 to 5 times a day....time wasted while Australian workers are forced to continue working. Nolan Meats is just one abattoir. We have about 80 more around Australia doing exactly the same thing. How long are we going to allow islam to dictate what food we eat and who companies can employ? TAKE NOTE NOLANS. I used to buy Nolan’s meat and happy to pay the extra cost but a couple of years ago I found out that it was “halal slaughtered” that cruel inhumane way so stopped buying it. I will never buy any meat or chicken that slaughtered in the conventional way of stunning not the cruel and horrible throat slitting halal way. That includes Woolworths and Coles RSPCA “approved cruelty free” chicken (that’s a good one) or their lamb or beef.

Breitbart: Cologne police consider helicopters and "women's retreats" to fight migrant sex attacks. After more than 1000 women were mugged, sexually assaulted and raped by migrants last New Years Eve, the city of Cologne is considering using helicopters, registering all newcomers, and setting up "women's retreats" to keep females safe this year. The official recommendations were made to police in a report, seen by Cologne's Express newspaper, written by expert police who have analysed the events at the New Years Eve celebrations last year.

New post up, y'all.

Seems there has been a mistake and our fly boy's have bombed friendly forces. When Vlad bombs anything, the West and the UN goes nuts, thumping and pounding the tables. When the USA, and now us do the same it's a terrible accident.


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3. Three would be rage
4. Four would have troops on the street

Mitchell Highway is quiet at this time of year

OT from Political UNCOMMON Sense

I don't think they quite get it ....

"The Moroccan lifestyle show Sabahiyat broadcast a tutorial on how to use makeup to "camouflage traces of violence". The show aired as part of the campaign to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, which was November 25.
“Use foundation with yellow in it, if you use the white one, your red punch marks will always show,” makeup artist Lilia Mouline, who was conducting the demonstration, told the audience on the channel 2M.
“We hope that these beauty tips help you continue your normal life,” she continued. "Make sure to use loose powder to fix the makeup so if you have to work throughout the day, the bruises don't show.”"

Miss Piggy has handed The Keys To The City to the drug peddling criminal bikie gangs. She is so corrupt she should be on the C C C investigation list.

This story was reported back in August, apparently these dregs are back in business.

Sydney day childcare business linked to widescale fraud of childcare funds for terrorist purposes.

CHILDCARE claims totalling more than $27 million of taxpayers’ money are suspected to have been sent to Islamic State terrorists.

Counter-terrorism police and seven other agencies are investigating if the childcare benefits and rebates are being sent overseas to help ISIS and other terrorist groups after a 10-month inquiry culminated in a raid on the Lakemba family day care business of brothers Mohammad and Ibrahim Omar, aged 25 and 27, who operate more than 600 in-home daycare providers.

Two men employed as family dare care educators by the Omars — Ali Assad, the 22-year-old secretary of Sydney charity Dar al Quran wa Sunnah, from Moorebank, and 26-year-old Hussain Dandachi, from Old Guildford, — have been arrested, The Australian reported on Monday.

Assad was arrested last Wednesday as he prepared to travel to Saudi Arabia. He was granted bail on Thursday night on condition he surrender his passport and not leave the country. Assaad has been charged with one count each of obtaining a financial advantage by deception, making false or misleading statements and dishonestly causing loss to the commonwealth.

His charity is under investigation in Lebanon for raising money and recruiting for the Islamic State.

"In Mexico, a victory was scored this month for traditional marriage. The definition of marriage was kept legally intact thanks to its citizens, who made it known that the majority of the Mexican people did not want to change the definition of marriage."

Time to stop importing the dregs, enough is enough. They don't come here to better their lives, they come here because we are $1 Billion dollar mugs.

Family daycare operators and teachers from non-English-speaking backgrounds are being targeted by state authorities in a bid to crack down on abuse and bending of rules that have cost taxpayers more than $1 billion in two years and put children at risk.

Senior departmental staff and Queensland Education Minister Kate Jones have confirmed a trend in rorting and noncompliance among ethnic communities, which has resulted in scarce investigative resources being focused on new services and migrant groups. Analysis of state government enforcement action in the past six months reveals family day care services slapped with conditions, suspended or cancelled were almost exclusively run by migrants from Africa, most from Somalia or Sudan.

AUSTRALIA the land of Welfare opportunity through multiculturism.Government sponsored Child care in every state , being ripped off for multimillion $$$ by organised African criminals whist the Apex Gang contol the streets in Melbourne . In Sydney Lebanese and Afghanistani criminals are in charge of Murder Inc. COME TO SUNNY AUSTRALIA, THE LAND OF MULTICULTURAL COOPERATION.