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Monday, 25th March 2019

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… the ordinary competing against the mediocre in a ghost town

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It’s time this crazy Commonwealth concept was disbanded as a bad joke! If the opening ceremony was a harbinger of what was to come, it didn’t disappoint with the Gold Coast looking like a ghost town ahead of dozens of otherwise thriving businesses closing their doors.

I live on the Gold Coast and you can shoot a dozen Gatling guns up any main street and not hit one pedestrian… everyone I know either fled to the Sunshine Coast or locked themselves indoors to watch the Aussie Rules or the Masters golf.

                                            More entertainers than patrons

The only increase in the population was the 50 or so pretend Aborigines performing a road-closing corroboree outside the stadium to complain about the embarrassing opening corroboree inside!

I caught a glimpse of a woman walker being disqualified for running... but the men in 5,000 metre running event should have been disqualified for walking.

We all know that black people can’t swim and white people can’t run. The finals always confirm that, and disadvantaged people’s races were confusingly interspersed with the regular events so there were some people there to applaud the poor bastards.

Much like the Gold Coast’s failed Indi Car event that had to precede the V8s so that crowds would hang around to applaud American cars and drivers they had never heard of. Now that pit girls with yummy bums aren’t allowed, there’s no reason to watch any of it. 

The only "game" worth watching is the girls’ beach volley ball… even a wide-eyed Governor General Cosgrove was there excitedly holding his hands between his legs, before rushing back to Canberra in case there was a Lib spill following Turnbull’s 30 losing polls.

                                                       Three blind mice

That Green dickhead Prince Charles was here with his funny looking missus to give the Republican movement some much-needed CPR. If he was ever to be King of Australia, Turnbull and Shorten would look like respectable politicians… no wonder we still hum, “God Save our Queen”.

Now, I don’t mind disadvantaged and bonkers people competing against each other after the main events but we’re battling to tell the difference in the swimming events until they hop out of the water with only one leg!  

And who the hell is handicapping them? How can someone with two legs not have an unfair advantage over someone with one leg, or no legs. Blimey, why not have a piano playing competition for people with no fingers competing against people with only three fingers! 

It seems that idiot of a Gold Coast Mayor, Tom Sumbugger, (above) is intent on destroying the place and who else could be relied upon to ensure he succeeds? Yep, that other ALP mental pygmy, Peter Beattie! Who in their right mind would appoint Beattie as Games Chairman?

After telling everyone to get off the roads into Surfers’, he is now exhorting everyone to drive to the Coast because for once there is “ample free parking”. Talk about a fuckup!

Beattie’s insistence that everyone use Tom Sumbugger’s public transport, left thousands                         without any way to get home from the opening ceremony.

                                         As an ordinary Kiwi bloke weightlifter

                                          As a successful Kiwi bird weightlifter

And there are always the trannies who have converted to blokes so they can win a medal. Too many birds with Adams apples for me

Oh well, there could be a highlight to look forward to soon... Beattie has invited Malcolm Turnbull to present a few medals.

I know I deserve one for watching some of this crap!



Wonder how well that'll turn out when a turbine chucks a blade ????

Why is when a retarded Politician gets the boot from office,he or she pops up a year or so later as the head of some BS organization and promptly sets about doing what they always do(stuff up what-ever they touch)with NO consequence for said stuff-up?The poor buggers who work in Surfers Paradise?are the losers and for what?I said quite some time ago that the traffic snarles would be horrendous.Well Peter Beattie fixed that.He drove EVERY-ONE out of town and crushed the businesses left.Thanks you MORON.

A busload of rockapes from Cameroon has decamped from the Games "Village". On "our" SBS the usual shitload of brownies & darkies telling us humans "not to worry, the community "elders" will sort this one out.
Yeh. The chimps will already be in Victoria where they know they'll be looked after by Cocksucker Dan the Union Man. Thanks to the maggot's cloaca Shit-head Hulls our "judiciary" will ensure they are properly looked after.

Let's hope the closing ceremony is better than the opening. Very disappointed !!!!

They have made accomodation cheaper ,to encourage people to spend the last week at the games ! wow what an incentive ! out of desperation

Five ''sportspeople'' from Cameroon have already disappeared ! i wonder how many more wont want to go home ? solve that one Beattie ....................

I turned over to the games last night from fox to seven and the womens 1500 metres is on ,South Africa has a man running in it and he wins by a country mile ,so went to bed fuck me

The Commonwealth games are a joke! The business people on the Gold Coast have woken to the fact they have been conned. The NRL had better wake up and get rid of Beattie ASAP, before he creates the same disasters for them. Between him and Todd Greenberg ( NRL CEO) the NRL will be a Labor style disaster in the making. The Press conference held by the games committee headed by Beattie looked like a Monty Python episode where the key focus was Diversity!! Equal medals for females!! Give me a farken break!!

Larry, You've been watching the wrong events! There are some *very* yummy women on display at the shooting - and no transtesticals!

Hahahahahahaha - can't wait to see it..

I left her ten years ago.


I know that they are saying the pre game scare tactic has kept people away from the coast,but i reconk the economy has hit the wall,nation wide. The inflation that they have been trying to disguise has broken through. Real wages have not kept up with inflation by many percentages and interest rates have killed any savings that would normally be used for discretionary spending. In a nut shell,the country is fuck,and getting fuckeder.

Canada: 0 Gold 0 Silver 147 Bronze.
The Rest of the Commonwealth: 1 Bronze.

The UK: 3 Gold 28 Silver 28 Bronze.

Yes, the favourite to win the Women's 20-km Jog Gold Medal was red-carded by some Pom "referee". But an Aussie lass won anyway. Nananananana!
The Medal Tally so far?
Australia: 137 Gold 12 Silver 2 Bronze.

Um, A horseless carriage? nah, !t will never catch on CB.

Cant say we heard much about Beattie down south in "'The Athens of the south"" (how true that turned out to be!) we had our own big spenders to be worried about.He was the Premier o Q/Land was he not , what other qualities has he got to be doing the games job, apart from sucking up to Palletchook!?

What about Carriageless Horses..?

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(22) Boeing Patent for remote control of a plane (2006)
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(25) Remote-control software disconnects onboard controls, provides Power "from an alternative power control element"
(26) Emirates President sceptical about MH370 investigation, worries that 777s can be remotely hijacked
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WAS DODGING RADAR - guided by a skilled aviator - or remotely by computer
(27) MH370 was navigating between way-points as it headed west towards Andaman Islands
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