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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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...let the crowd be the judge

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Fair dinkum I’ve seen enough of this galah, and I’m a Swans supporter. Goodes needs to go and take his racist antics with him. He is well past his use by date and anyway the Swans have plenty of better players who are prepared to carry the Aboriginal flag with honour and pride.

His abuse of the young girl he demanded be removed from the game was a disgrace. Lifting his jumper and pointing to his blackness was no better, and watching him last night, after one of his increasingly rare goals, conduct that ridiculous solo Aboriginal war dance I thought, WTF?

The loony Left sprang to his defence of course claiming it was a celebration of his Aboriginality but it must be asked what would the Left’s response have been if it was a white player provocatively “celebrating” his whiteness to a black audience. But that’s the duplicity of the Left, I guess.

The puerile excuses flowed from his defenders. “It’s a sort of Maori haka”, they explained. No, it’s bloody not! The haka is performed in the face of opponents, not directed at shocked Carlton supporters during the game.

And since when has aboriginal folklore involved mighty warriors of yore! I suspect it’s a late addition to the Dreamtime.

No, Goodes is not a good Australian of the year and neither is he a good ambassador for the game or Aboriginal interests. In fact Goodes is divisive and anathema to togetherness in a sport that has itself celebrated the integral part Aborigines have played in it over 125 years.

He should go for the sake of the sport and for the sake of his cousins.

If you want to conduct a poll on the acceptance or otherwise of Goodes’ racist buffoonery look no further than how he is booed each time he has the ball... and not just by Carlton fans.


The question I would like an answer to is, who were the f##kwits that made him Australian of the Year? That's where the real problem lies.

Goodes is a white man in a black body. He is frustrated and does the cause of Aboriginal inclusion in the Constitution Referendum great harm. I will be voting NO anyway, but Goodes is doing me a favour..Onya Goodes!

A few questions: How many other footballers have been Australian of the year? What value did he add to our country as Aus of the year? What good did the NSW parliament do when they sided with Goodes over McGuire? What does Goodes bring to the game that any other Aboriginal player can't? How many people do not think he is a divisive sideshow with an over fed ego? Answer to all is: None. It has nothing to do with black skin and everything to do with thin skin. He just doesn't like that most people don't like him. And it has nothing to do with his 'race' and everything to do with his attitude.

Would he be Australian of the year if he was white ?

Sorry Larry as much as I like you I have to disagree with your opinion of Goodes.. He still can play at the level required and has been playing well of late. I have been a swans supporter since they became the Swans in 82. I didn't agree with the young girl incident BUT what he did the other night was nothing at all out of place. Gee the soccer players go mad when they score a goal. I wasn't at all fazed by his dance against carlton.. We all need a chill pill.

Goodes gesture simply showed what a lame brain he really is. The Haka is respected as a ceremony in front of their opponents. What Goodes did was dis-respectful to his opponents and deeply offensive to the footy fans. Nothing good has come of it and the attempts by the PC "racist ranters" to justify his actions are nothing short of contemptuous.

It's fascinating how comments and gestures against non-aboriginal Australians by the likes of Goodes, Marcia Langton & co are not considered racist. Yet ANY comment which tells it like it is about our aboriginal folk is deemed racist by the aboriginal (taxpayer funded) aristocracy, aboriginal (give us more grants you white bastards) industry, the PC bandwagon and media apologists. I won't be the least bit surprised to learn in the near future that Goodes has embraced the peaceful religion Islam, like his mate Mundine. Both appear to have IQs equivalent to their jersey numbers.

What a remarkable difference between the Dignified Mr.Michael Long (Great Footballer, Hall of Fame Player & Well Respected Nationally.) compared to this "Yellow Coon" Adam Goodes that has systematically caused intense distrust bordering on hatred by many towards himself. (His own Fault.) The Sydney Swans should piss him off.....

Adam Goodes should be ashamed of himself and there a couple of reasons why.
1) When interviewed about the War Cry he performed while running at the Carlton supporters in the stand Adam said that we do this against the enemy or the opposition but that if Chris Yarran was there he would not have done it!
What was that he said? That’s right if there was another indigenous Australian standing there he would not have done it! Chris Yarran was playing for Carlton and was the opposition. When the All Blacks perform the Haka they do it towards the opposition and it doesn’t matter if the opposition contains other Kiwis, Islanders or Indigenous Australians. No racism there.
Goodes directed this to white Australians and only them. He would have refrained if one of his opponents who was indigenous was there. I am very sorry Adam, but that makes you a racist in my opinion.
2) Adam lied about the reason he did it. He said he did it to honour the under 16 Flying Boomerangs who made the war cry up. That’s not honouring the U16s. That’s using what they made up and perverting it to your own benefit. Its meant to be used at the beginning of a game as a challenge to your opposition in the same the Kiwis do the Haka.

How can he possibly put that out as challenge when no-one can fight back!!!! You’re a coward Adam Goodes.

3) He shamed a 13 year old for calling him an Ape. She’s just a little girl and you would look as big as an ape to a little girl. Shame on you Adam Goodes for not just laughing that one off. That little girl probably still has nightmares about this and you get to be Australian of the Year.
4) What everyone is looking for is reconciliation and for somebody to stand up and against these sorts of racist pranks directed at people from different races or creeds or cultures.
If Adam Goodes can just shrug off the commentary around this and just expect people to take this on the chin then it just shows how racially divisive he really is.

48 years living in Oz & the only Abo war-cry I have ever heard is "CentreLink, Oy, Oy, Oy". The dream-time updating?

this clown gives a solid plank to the no-change to the constitution case.

Don't worry, in ten years time he'll be pissed, with a stick book in one hand, a bong in the other, leaning against the Shell servo waiting to lift a litre of high octane and wondering when the next welfare cheque will arrive, and all the while blaming his plight on the white man.

Why a war dance? Don't the aboriginals have a dance of celebration? When the others kick a goal they usually do high-fives and even seem to be heading towards a dry root sometimes. But if they did a war dance - and to the opposite fans especially - everyone, especially the leftists would blast them for being very poor sportsmen. Goodes was a great footballer but his brains seem to be on permanent walkabout. Great athlete, poor sport.

To say he has been the most divisive 'Australian of the Year' would be the understatement of all time.

Don't bet on it Matt, this is just the start. He is just warming up to being one of those bad smells you can't get rid of.

I wish I was there to have given him the "Italian Salute" - raising a fist & slapping the opposite hand on the forearm of the fist arm. Even though I am not of Italian extraction, using logic, being Anglo-Saxon-Celtic, my ancestors are from the same continent as those of Italian extraction so it is just as cultural for me. In response to his simulated spear chuck, I would have done a simulated gun shoot to honour the device developed on the continent of my ancestry.

I don't think there should be "rounds" promoting any group - that is why there is so much anti happening now. Football is football for everyone equally. Time for a change me thinks!

As I have stated in a previous post, Fragile Goodes needs to get over himself, i.e. picking on a 13yo child regarding the ape word, well I used to call my white skinned, blonde hair, blue eyed husband a big Ape too when I thought he was being a bully, and the indigenous peoples came here from somewhere else too, there is not a place on earth that has not had an overlay of different peoples i.e UK = The Picts, The Celts, The Romans, The Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Vikings, Normans etc.

If you keep picking or scratching at a scabbed sore - it will never heal... So too with this buffoon Goodes, consistently playing his racial crap - the divisions keep getting deeper and deeper... The sooner he packs up his kit bag and out of our lives, everyone, including Aborigines will be the better for it.

Should he be charged with inciting racial hatred?