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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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GOOD LUCK GREG're going to need it

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I realise the risk of sounding repetitive over the past four years (so I promise, after this rant, not to mention it again) but the Man Monis Inquiry is now highlighting the dangerous evolution of our various security agencies.

PM Abbott has finally realised just how counterproductive counter terrorism intelligence Agencies can be... and there are very good reasons why.

There are 25 intelligence, or security related Agencies in the United States with myriad similar State-based Agencies. The CIA detests the FBI and although vital information is collected by both these and other Agencies, it is not integrated or passed on to any other Agency, leading inexorably to hugely serious and embarrassing failings in national security. We are going exactly the same way.

In Australia there are seven Federal intelligence or security Agencies plus two border protection Agencies and a number of State-based counter terrorism groups. Then of course there’s the AFP, the State Police, customs and other related security bodies.

Heading the lot is the tired, 68 year old, Federal ASIO, the overseas spy Agency ASIS and the Australian Signals Directorate which operates the Australian Defence Satellite Communications Station and who might pass on anything "suspicious".

Then of course there’s the Defence Dept that has its own Australian Army Intelligence Corps. Are you starting to get the picture yet?

Over time, ASIO and ASIS, and to an extent all the others, have developed their own culture of secrecy. They don’t trust any competing Agency and there is an annual Agency race to justify an increase in budget allocation to Treasury.

Each Agency is set up to be jealously guarded as autonomous, independent, self regulated and sovereign. A recipe for disaster and counter to the national interest.

Enter Greg Moriarty, Abbott’s new appointment as “Anti-Terrorism Coordinator” and Minister for Justice Michael Keenan has had his portfolio extended to become Australia’s first “Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Counter-Terrorism”... well at least it indicates Abbott has finally realised there is actually a serious problem afoot.

But has Moriarty a hope in hell of fixing it? Nope, nope and nope. The problem cannot be solved with non statutory personnel who have no power other than bureaucratic persuasion.

The problem is a structural one and it will take a PM with huge balls to deconstruct the 1800-strong ASIO so it can become an integrated prime mover of all intelligence gathering regarding terrorism.

Like all Government Agencies, over time it has become too big and too unwieldy. More dangerously, ASIO officers are exempt from prosecution for a wide range of illegal activities.

They can carry guns, detain anyone they don’t like, and carry out a wide variety of otherwise illegal acts in the course of their “operations”.

So if Abbott thinks Moriarty, when he walks into ASIO’s new $630mil. building full of 1800 James Bonds, has any hope of restructuring the unholy mess, then he’s got his hand on it.

This financial year Abbott has raised ASIO’s budget 300 per cent to over $1 billion for Christ’s sake. Maybe he should have supplied 1800 Aston Martins with rockets on the front bumpers while he was at it.

It’s worth recalling that the Rudd-appointed ASIO Chief, and mate, David Irvine, was fully aware of Man Monis’s “credentials”, before deciding just before the Lindt Cafe siege, that he was, “not a threat”.

Irvine's replacement, Duncan Lewis, has defended ASIO's role by revealing that Monis was, "never on any ASIO terror watch list’’, because, "ASIO does not have a list."

So not one of ASIO's 1800 James Bonds has a list of likely terrorists? Is it all becoming clear now then?

But hang on a minute, Monis was on bail after being charged as an accessory to the murder of his ex wife, who was stabbed 18 times, 40 cases of sexual abuse, found regularly attending meetings of the international terrorist group, Hizb ut Tahrir, and was found guilty of writing vicious letters to the families of fallen Australian soldiers.

In other words he was a mad Muslim the Iranians demanded be returned to face an array of other fraud charges... but despite all that, had been “cleared” by ASIO! Okay so what fucking "terrorist watch list" had he been cleared from then!

Have they taken Usama bin Laden off their “Happy Ramadan” card list yet?

ASIO needs no more than 200 James Bonds in its palatial new building, allowing room for other Agencies it should be working with, instead of competitively against, and there would still be space for a billiards hall, a karaoke bar and 200 IT computer nerds to show the James Bonds how to locate terrorists in cyberspace.

When Greg Moriarty lobs for work next Monday he will be told by ASIO, in the politest possible terms, to go make love to himself.


What chance do we stand keeping our Australian culture when children under 5 are indoctrinated into the lefty multiculturalism thinking in Day care Centres? Just go and look at all the left wing, gay, environMENTAList and multicultural brainwashing that goes on in Australian Day Care Centres. It's disgusting!

Australia in 2017 promises to be an annus horribilis. Thanks to compulsory voting the ALP will be in power. In Rudd's day, there were about 170 refugees a week. Under Shorten it will be 1000 a week because there are now millions of desperate refugees in the world. Australia will become ungovernable.

The Islamic State jihadist group has shot dead at least 20 men in the ruins of Syria's ancient city Palmyra, accusing them of fighting for the government, a monitoring group says.

Exclusive: Australia’s “60 Minutes” program refuses to admit the obvious: that it messed up in determining the location where the “getaway” video was taken after last July’s Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shoot-down. Instead, the show presented an update with more deceptive video, reports Robert Parry.

Benjamin Fulford says the battle for the planet earth continues with regime changes, nuclear threats, imminent financial collapse etc.
".......Even more startling for the United States than events in South America and Japan though, is the growing independence movement of the Sandwich Islands, otherwise known as Hawaii. On May 11th, for the first time ever at the United Nations, a UN member country, Pakistan, raised the point that Hawaii never actually voted to become part of the United States and was technically an illegally-occupied colony. The United States military has vital bases on these islands and would be well advised to support the Hawaiian independence movement on the condition United States military bases could stay there.
In Europe too, there has been another major setback for the Khazarian cabal. Poland just elected a President who was part of a faction likely killed by the Khazarian cabal in a plane crash 2010.
Here is what Wikipedia has to say about this crash:
“President of Poland Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria, former President of Poland in exile Ryszard Kaczorowski, the chief of the Polish General Staff and other senior Polish military officers, the president of the National Bank of Poland, Poland’s deputy foreign minister, Polish government officials, 18 members of the Polish parliament, senior members of the Polish clergy, and relatives of victims of the Katyn massacre. They were en route from Warsaw to attend an event marking the 70th anniversary of the massacre.”
These people all died at a time when the Polish government was taking a hardline stance against the Euro and was planning to devalue the Polish Zloty. These policies changed after the crash led to a change of government. Newly-elected Polish President Adnrzej Duda was a legal aide to the president who died in that plane crash. Duda recalls how two days before that fateful flight “the president told him that a generational change was afoot, and that it would be Duda and his peers who would take responsibility for the future of the country.”

It looks like a newly assertive Poland will now join Greece and the Ukraine in the whirlpool of headlines we will see in the weeks and months to come.
Meanwhile, the Khazarian Mafiosi still causing trouble in the Middle East are escalating their threats and rhetoric. In the past week, they have threatened to use their ISIS pseudo-Muslim army to destroy the priceless cultural relic of Palmyra in Syria. They also threatened to blow up the Iranian embassy in Syria before withdrawing that threat after being told Tel Aviv would be destroyed in retaliation. The Pentagon reminded the Israelis their arsenal of 200 nuclear weapons was not enough to destroy the world but all it would take was a single nuke to destroy Israel.
The Khazarian attempts to start civil war or mass unrest inside the United States are also failing in a spectacular manner. The most recent event was the obviously faked biker shoot-out in Waco, Texas. All the bikers had brand new uniforms and brand new motorcycles. I do not know about you but, all the real bikers I have even seen did not look all squeaky clean like they had just come out of a clothing store with new duds. Maybe these crisis acting troupes should just come out of the closet and start charging admission for their street theater performances.
As you can see, the toilet of history has been flushed.

Bruce Billson at the press club at 1230.

Islamic State fighter Khaled Sharrouf's children to receive no special treatment, Tony Abbott says | The family of an Australian Islamic State (IS) fighter would face the full force of Australian law should they return home from the Middle East, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said.

Fairfax Media is reporting IS fighter Khaled Sharrouf's wife Tara Nettleton and their five children are seeking to return to Australia.

Amongst the children are Sharrouf's seven-year-old son, who was photographed last year holding a severed head.

Mr Abbott said there would be no leniency shown.

"Crime is crime is crime," he said. |

Minister for Immigration, Peter Dutton is doing a fantastic job as I knew he would but if he listens to the bleeding hearts & traitors & lets that Kaled Sharrouf's wife & kids back into Australia I would be very disappointed with him. If they are let in the others will be scrambling to get back. 1000's of girls have been murdered, raped & God knows what trying to get away but others including Australia are paying their way to get there. Like all muslims they are nuts.

Hit enter blefore ready: Speaking as a woman, I've seen too many women play those cards when they were elevated above what they were capable of doing. Therefore, recognise the signs very quickly.

As I've mentioned before, his "Royal Wave" says it all.

Why didn't he write his judgement on the Morcombe appeal within the given time? The other 2 judges had theirs written within the allocated time.

To me, watching from afar, he realised that he wasn't up to preparing the judgement, so instead played the "I'm sick - discriminated etc" card and decided to step down, using all the pathos he could muster.

As CJ, he HAS to be on top of his game legally.

Here's the clip of Shortone on Sunrise

Bruce, perhaps many posters are like myself, who don't live in Qld, and watch from afar.

I judge him on how I know NSW judges and senior barristers act.

I don't watch Sunrise.. However saw a comment over on Bolt's site, describing watching billy shorton twist and turn trying to avoid the simple question 'should this terrorist family be allowed back' to paraphrase. 'Let's wait for the facts' He weakly replies. What more facts does he want other than a front page photo of disability father/husband ex bouncer, criminal, in the Australian ages ago, flying the black flag. Then that wonderful family shot of the little brat holding up some poor fellow's head. Plus the wife, grandmother and five kids all flying voluntarily off to Syria (we hoped never to be seen again). The genius wants more facts.

To me, his photo in this morning's Oz, giving the Royal Wave as he entered his home, showed up his true persona.

Where's Horse/Woof/Manuel or whatever. Ain't no fun widdout de horse - know whud ahm sayin?

Sec Gen Amnesty International Salil Shetty asks "if there is nothing to hide why are we not allowed in".........NOBLE LIES Mr those Gillian Triggs concocted to smear Tony Abbott ........Noble lies - the notion that its OK to make things up if they are in the cause of the greater good.

Looks like she's taking lessons from her predecessor, Adam Goode.

As soon as the Government starts to tighten anti moslem terrorist laws some dropkick lawyer wants to fight it. After the experience of our "sand pit " justices cabal in Queensland, lawyers should have to pass a " reality test " to continue their dubious practices. McMurdo is still ranting on. Her credibility is zero. I for one would challenge every decision she ever makes for BIAS.

Amnesty International barred from Nauru.