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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The multi million “I Give a Gonski” campaign was organised by Susan Hopgood, Federal Secretary of the Australian Education Union, 120 Clarendon St, Southbank 3006. So it should be no surprise that Bill Shorten and his unions are desperate to maximise union membership now that hundreds of millions are lost to the unions over Hockey’s decision to stop shovelling taxpayer funds to the auto industry.

Education and Health interest Shorten and his predecessors most as these two portfolios have the massive union membership to supply union dues to the Labor Party. 

As the latest Royal Commission into Unions clearly showed, most of the unions’ funds were finding their way to union executives' pockets in exchange for workplace EBAs. Millions more went to slush funds to elect hard Left union organisers to Parliament despite many contributing union members wanting nothing to do with electing Labor.

Education and Health (or Gonski and the NDIS) were deceitfully allotted outrageous funds way beyond the forward estimates. Swan, Gillard and now Shorten pinned the cost to ensuing conservative Governments, forcing them to either raise around $100 billion in the next ten years just for the NDIS or get kicked out of Office. Gillard and Shorten were happy either way... Swanny couldn't give a stuff..

AEU President, Corenna Haythorpe (above) said, “Schools need extra Gonski funding to cater for an influx of children with disabilities and autism”. Hmmmm.

The instant Badgery’s Creek airport was labelled a no-goer by Sydney Airport on first right of refusal, Turnbull spluttered, “All right we’ll build it then”. Turnbull’s kneejerk responses are legendary, but this time he was thinking ahead. Now the Badgery’s Creek white elephant can join the NBN, Gonski and desalination plants and go “off budget”, costing taxpayers billions more.

Now that bad debt has been redefined as different from good debt, it will be worth tuning into Morrison’s budget next week. This Liberal Government is becoming a complete farce. 

Neither Government nor Opposition has any intention of balancing a budget or reducing the debt. If fact Turnbull made an agreement with Shorten to disguise any budget emergency suggesting we determine we would be back in surplus by 2021 on the basis of a GDP growth rate averaging 5 per cent per annum. 

Abbott was part of this plan when he lost all interest in the debt and deficit prior to his downfall.

Remember that Swanny said we would be back in surplus this year (2017) without any ridiculous 5 per cent growth rate.

People who believe that that growth rate can be achieved are either bonkers or fiddling with their genitals. So now that that figure is at last looking hopeless up comes Morrison with some “good debt/bad debt” bullshit.

All debt is bad where infrastructure like Badgery’s Creek is concerned, because that area can remain fog prone for weeks forcing flights to Mascot where a two hour tortuous trip awaits passengers who will want compensation. 

For weeks in a row I could not even land a helicopter, let alone a fixed wing in that                                                                           region.

             Fair dinkum, This mob makes idiot Tim Flannery's forecasts look reliable. 

Debt has nothing to do with "good or bad"... just count the monthly interest and that’s the debt and deficits that need paying off... it’s all bad when we have to fork out tens of billions in interest alone.

“Off budget” means some other Government in the dim future might find a mentally deficient buyer for it. And it’s odds-on that if that ever happens the money won’t go to reducing the debt or deficit.

Hell no!... There is always some critical pork barrelling to be done in an upcoming election.  


To Love Australia and what it stands for, It's Culture and Values is What Australians are ALL about..To do otherwise is simply, Un-Australian....What part of this SIMPLE message do our leaders Not Understand when they allow the Enemy of all we stand and fought against, to Invade Our Nation, and try and Impose their Cancerous,terror Infused Cult upon our Heritage and Values?? Any Australian Political Leader that supports Islam is a Traitor to Australian Values and what Thousands of Veterans Died or were Injured for,in order to Protect us Against from this Peril..You as leaders are with Open eyes and forewarned by your Taxpayer Advisors of the 100% terror threat that Islamification of EVERY single Infected Country will Endure.And yet you Insist on Infecting us with this TERMINAL Virus.WHY??

Good J7, I see spell check is working!

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DirtyHarry, I get on a few motorcycling forums and there are many US and Aussie members there. We all had a pretty good idea of the differences in octane ratings of the fuels between the two different countries. I travel to America frequently and use gas stations over there on my vehicle. All my experience tells me there are only about 4-5 points difference between our fuels. That agrees with the Wiki article that we use RON and the US use AKI. Your first post re. this has the same fuels spread by about 10 points which is the RON to MON difference not RON to AKI difference.

Nice bloke? Thanks MT - I do have an unsavoury streak that I try to control. Just get giddy trying to keep up with the chameleons.

Better ask Andrew Bolt

"The US has 91, it's called 87 over there" is what YOU wrote. The 87 you refer to is in fact MON not AKI. The AKI comparison to the SAME fuel is 92-93. Are you off your meds MarkM? Or are you just demonstrating how tiresome you can be?

Again DH, I don't think that is correct. US don't use MON, they use AKI.

MarkM my figures have nothing to do with your AKI or MON. I did not attempt to muddy the waters but compared apples with apples. The US 87-88 is equivalent to 97 on our ron comparison. Even though it's polluted with 10% sugar. (Maybe it would BE 98 if it was ALL petrol.)

I think you are looking at MON and RON and not Anti-Knock Index (AKI) or (RON plus MON)/2. The latter the US use which is about half way between MON and RON.

I reckon that at 95 and 91 they should both retire. Let the young onestake over.

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Matt Wikipedia doesn't agree with you."Premium" or "Super unleaded" gasoline in US (10% ethanol blend) 97 equivalent is US 87-88. Although Indonesia does have an even a shittier grade at 88ron.

I can vouch for that. Got involved in a business with one. They are arrogant sons of bitches. I knew a really great Dutch guy, real sociable and had empathy and he even told me about the 'Dutch thing".

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