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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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... but is it a pyrrhic victory?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Muslims will never give up their intention to build these ghastly monuments of noisy dominance over the landscape. That is what they are ordered to do and what they have the finance to do. The problem still exists, not for the Gold Coast, but for other people in other areas who will need to fight to prevent these un-Australian edifices that are central to terrorist activity.

Councils and Land and Environment Courts have to respond to constituency concerns regarding parking, noise, and proximity to existing housing etc, but will not consider Islam to be an organised cult. The law considers Islam a religion and freedom of religion is a mainstay of our Constitution...

But is Islam really a religion?

Muslims themselves know Islam is not a religion, they understand that it is much, much more. It has its own separate law, judiciary, education system, defence and policing, but without that title of a religion they would have to pay their fair amount of tax and would not be eligible for millions in Government “education” and "cultural" aid... aid that is consistently misplaced in anti Australian ventures.

Yes, the good citizens of the Gold Coast have been successful! But they have also been successful in kicking the mosque problem over to another suburb. And it WILL be another suburb because Islamic dominance must have dominion over more than mere bushland.

The Mosque call to prayer must reach everyone. The dominance must be visual, real and up your nose. The sense of overbearing must be suffered by the infidel. We Aussies must be punished for not accepting Allah's teachings.

Many countries have realised the threat that mosques pose and are closing and bulldozing them. Islam is being banned and Muslim preachers deported. Australia as usual is caught up in antiquated PC crap and is the last to understand that Islam can certainly not be defined as a religion.

Until Islam is declassified as a religion, until it is legally damned for the evil cult it really is and what it stands for, then the good citizens of Oz will have to depend on the good will of risky Green Councils or Land and Environment Courts rather than common sense.

We cannot continue to kick the Islamic problem down the road to someone else’s suburb.

Existing mosques need to be turned into wine bars, shelters for the homeless or civic atriums.

Buliding more of the damned things is sheer insanity.  



Join us for "Evil Mohammed Day":!blank/rwe20 Spread the word.

A good time to demolish them is during prayer time when their arses are in the air!!!

They would make good Piggaries, we could get Ally from the GayBC to open them.

There ain't no steeple on my roof MOTS

Sistine Chapel, part 2.

That's why he has got the Harry contract MOTS, even if his brush is attached to his walking stick the job will be a masterpiece.

The old skills Knight1, only gone as far as the renovation shows are concerned. Men aren't needed anymore either. Power tools are now the domain of the female home builder. My Dear Dad a fine carpenter near throws things at the tele when these shows come on. They are responsible for a lot of shoddy workmanship. The old skills will always have a place, they're return will be hailed, one day.

Those tv advert channels are plugging a new paint roller. Looks like a real beauty. May be wise to pick up a few for the big job.

Thanks Knight. I will fly you down for the quote, I will get you picked up from the airport and returned I am sure we can do it over one day, if not you can stay overnight in the guesthouse. You can add the time into the quote as I'm sure the estimate will be accurate and we can go ahead when you have the time. It's proabaly going to take you two to three weeks and you can stay in the guesthouse whilst you are plodding along. Look forward to seeing you soon old mate. Harry.

Yep, and I'm really a supermodel, I just don't let on here.

Speak for yourself Lights. The sheilas love me over here.

John Howard was a douche. So what if he stopped the boats and almost emptied the detention centres. He also ignored Dr. Lara Wieland's letter on child rape and abuses on those putrid blackfella communities, so no matter what the little turd achieved, to turn your back on kids being raped puts him in the same boat as that skank gillard.

corn cobs - yep, it does look like that. The whole thing is ugly with the central strip - probably some reference to snakes and the made up bloody dreaming. soooooooo sick of all this nonsense.

did the aborigines have any form of money at all? why do they want to spit all over our systems?

I wouldn't mind a mattress full of them, don't care whose head is on them.

Dis and B.R. Turdbull is a socialist - that's why they are allowed by the front door - saves all the messy access by boat problems . If Turd is re elected with a majority the numbers will only increase ..

As the UK wisely opted to keep the pound and stay out of the unstable and unsustainable Euro zone that should send a strong message to the UK public to get the hell out of the EUSR whilst they still can.

SA candidate to be announced soon.

15 month old baby girl found murdered (suffocated) floating in creek by police on sunday , now believe the (muslim) mother or family member did it , and not drunken black man .

Brendon Abbott being extradited back to Western Australia, to face the music here. Lovely!

Agree H2, its got to be ALA. Let them threaten the major 2 if they want some of their bills passed.