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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Why did we adore Lionel Rose but hope Mundine gets sat on his arse? Why did we love Polly Farmer and Syd Jackson but dislike Adam Goodes? Because we are Australian! We are racially agnostic and we are colour blind. We can choose who we will like and we will always give everyone of every race and colour a fair go providing we are given a fair go in return.

Mundine runs his finger across his throat and Goodes simulates throwing spears at us in a specially invented war dance. And we are supposed to respect that sort of bullshit?

We are fair dinkum Australians, we’ll buy you a beer and pick you up when you’re down. We’ll shout you a feed and drive you home when you’re pissed, you will never have a better friend for life... but if you choose to crap on us then expect a full tank of sewage around your neck in return.

We know what’s fair.

I have worn the red and white of “The Bloods” for most of my playing career. Right down to St George and the lowly Woy Woy Swans where I retired at near 50 after my son had played in the centre for the same team for ten years planting balls on my chest at full forward.

I’m a Swan fan through and through and at one time, when they were millions in debt, I was negotiating to buy them, before Mike Willesee put together a consortium.

So when one of the most talented indigenous players ever (one of many) joined the club it was an exciting time. But that incident with a 13 year-old girl changed everything for ever. We saw the vindictive, nasty Goodes. The Goodes, regardless of his talent, Australians will not cop, and they showed it.  

So who has chased Goodes out of the game? It was the very people who excused his provocative and insulting bullshit.

We made him Australian of the Year only to be told we were racists. The media’s support of him only emboldened him further, so he figured it was okay to rubbish his fellow Australians as “invaders”... that it was okay to demand that a schoolgirl be removed from the MCG for calling him a name.

Well, it’s not okay! It’s bloody un-Australian and we fair dinkum Australians wrote him off from that point on. He never apologised to that little girl so that little girl never had the opportunity to apologise to him.

But it can be resolved, he can play again to cheers instead of boos... we can again enjoy his talent, shake his hand and be proud of his Aboriginality. It will take those who love to bathe in the warm glow of their own political correctness, along with the dumb AFL and the Left media to shut the fuck up and allow the arbiters of the sport, the crowds, to sort it.

All it will take is for Goodes to do a Bronwyn and apologise for doing what he did. I know, you know, and every fair dinkum Aussie knows we are the best forgivers around. Then he can run on to the field to cheers and applause with nary a boo to be heard. That’s what Aussie crowds really want and Aussie crowds, as one, are the best at knowing what’s fair.

What Goodes did was wrong and insulting and he has a window of opportunity to resolve it for the sake of the game. We said sorry, now it’s his turn. We would all love to see him back as a player and not as an Aboriginal activist. He can save that for his political career rather than bring it on to our sporting fields.

But I fear Goodes would much rather wallow in his hatred of “invaders” than return to what we admired him for and what he is best at.

And that's a shame.    


tick for both of you

The Indigenous community has been scrambling to get aggressive dance moves into their traditional repertoire so they can intimidate at will at any public event and justify it as a cultural dance.Watch and you will see it within 1 Month, although I would go out on a limb and say a week.Along with a high profile release and propaganda campaign, of course paid for by YOU.

Who are you telling to get help Goldilocks?

Yes but the MSM support both to the hilt.

I don't think we'll see goodes again on the footy field .

I see the Swans won without him! They should ditch him and move on! He is excess baggage.

Oh I forgot - Nevis - gold medal winner in some Olympics. Well she was part of a team so she didn't achieve this by herself. And if you research it - she wasn't a team player.

Latest - NT parliamentary abo - Nevis Peris supporting goodes. Shit attracts shit. Nevis, rorted the system, cheated on her husband, got done for bullying parents and children at a local sports event. Maybe this will be her next sexual encounter.

I am thankful Richmond doesn't have a wanker like that.

Next the bleeding heart lefty''look at me'' do gooders will want to ban Booing because its racist ,the crowd will have to be completely silent ,while Goodes plays ball or they will be Removed by ORDER

What Adam just DOESN'T understand is that we are Booing HIM (Not his colour)
He DESERVES to be Booed because He is a Big Black Bully and he would be Booed if he was Green or Purple or WHITE!
He bullied a Little Girl who called him an Ape, Not a BLACK Ape. and YES he Looks and ACTS just like an APE.!!!
She wasn't being RACIST - HE decided to Take it THAT Way.

Perhaps in this photo he was looking for his balls. Because he hasn't got any he wouldn't know where to point.

Goodes is so far up himself he cannot see that he is the problem.

Goodes is so far up himself he cannot see that he is the problem.


Going back to the 70's, before the AFL, the SANFL was the second league in Oz to the VFL. I was recently present at a meeting of two of the most loved players of that time (from my club, Central District). "G'day Midnight", "Sally, you Pommy Bastard", and Black embraced White, both colourblind, as were the Central supporters, and both were indifferent to comments from the opposition supporters (no sustained boos though, just stirring). What a difference between those real men, their match payments a small top-up on their full-time job salaries, and tis massively paid, pampered sook.

As an older white indigenous Australian I grew up with the VFL now AFL code. I number many aboriginal players among my favourites; Adam Goodes used to one of them. I won't be at all surprised if he pops up in a safe Labor seat somewhere after football. I think only a fraction of those booing are racially motivated. I suspect the comments he made after his Aussie of the year gong annoyed many people. Maybe they boo because they think he's a tool....

If the crowd stood up, and reciprocated to goodes, by raising their shirts and pointing to their skin, would...........would that be racist.

Well Said Larry. Lionel Rose was Special. Mundine is nothing but a trouble maker and should learn to also shut his mouth. Adam Goodes as well. This is only the beginning of these troubles we will have in this country, if They are included in the constitution. No matter what the colour or the amount of coloured blood, we are all supposed to be AUSTRALIANS. Our Current Flag Is For All and Should Also Be Left Alone.

LDP, you eloquently write and crystallize what the crowds in the bleachers are thinking, but can't articulate as clearly as you do. Thanks