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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The power of indoctrination prior to the age of reason is finite, everlasting and transcends all intellectual reason. Most of all it is underestimated.

If a parent tells a young child that Father Xmas exists, the child will believe it is so.

He will in future be presented with a mountain to climb. As he grows he will be presented with evidence to the contrary. He will need, at some time, to seek his parent’s confirmation that it is not true. When his parent believes it is futile to continue the charade any longer, he will be told the truth… Father Xmas is “pretend”.

Now, when the same child is told that an old man in the sky made the World in six days, he has another future mountain to climb.

As he grows he will need to entertain incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. So, when he seeks the parent’s confirmation that this “pretend” concept is also not true, he is told it is true!

What does the child think now? Father Xmas is equally as fanciful as the World having been constructed in six days by some old man (or woman) who lives in the sky but he is told one concept can be dismissed and the other cannot! The child matures to an otherwise intelligent adult believing in the masterful old man in the sky, but not Father Xmas! How can this be?

It’s called infantile indoctrination… and its power is immense. Catholics and all other religious bigots  know all about it!

“… give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man”.

It’s the very same indoctrination that leads the Jihadist to kill himself and a busload of Westerners. He was told as a child that this sort of action is so honorable that he won’t die, only the Westerners will die. He will be rewarded in the sky with a bevy of beautiful, rootable, girlfriends, hymens intact.

Christian and islamic children grow up to be normal, intelligent people but they carry a huge burden… the burden of indoctrination prior to reason. You could have had a beer or a cup of coffee with any of the 9/11 bombers… they appeared normal. Only their minds are warped but their minds are hidden.

No-one will convince an adult of such outrageous concepts… but a child?

A child is easy pickings, and he can never unburden himself of the shackles. Tell your child the colour red is actually blue and the child will believe the rest of the World is wrong.

He knows what the colour is but he will believe that everyone in the World has simply got the wrong name for it. The child will see the red car as a blue car and eventually have another mountain to climb.

Religion has manipulated generations in this way for millennia to assure its needed competitiveness, growth and longevity. We continue to inflict this practice of indoctrination on our children without conscience.

Is it possible for an intelligent adult to embrace religion without infantile indoctrination of some sort? If it were possible, then surely an adult can be convinced of Father Xmas.

Unindoctrinated people will only adopt religion under extreme stress.

The recidivist convict on death row invariably defers to a god because all is lost. To believe in nothing but reality at the time of imminent death is unreasonable.

“God has forgiven me.”

If the State believed that, (and it does) why is it still intent on killing him?



The material endorsed by the Safe Schools Coalition argues that gender and sexuality are fluid concepts and that all forms of sexuality are acceptable. The belief that there are basically two sexes is condemned as "heterosexism" and students are told to celebrate diversity and difference.
One resource argues "there are many genders beyond 'male' or 'female'; gender can be fluid or limitless" and that "There are no rules about who you can be: all you need to do is be yourself".....

Another resource tells teachers to "challenge gender stereotypes and heteronormativity in discussions inside or outside the classroom" and to actively support "days of action and celebration such as the annual International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT)".
Schools are told that if boys identify as girls they should be allowed to participate in girls' sports and to use girls' toilets.

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This is dangerous stuff to be teaching children

The material endorsed by the Safe Schools Coalition argues that gender and sexuality are fluid concepts and that all forms of sexuality are acceptable. The belief that there are basically two sexes is condemned as "heterosexism" and students are told to celebrate diversity and difference.
One resource argues "there are many genders beyond 'male' or 'female'; gender can be fluid or limitless" and that "There are no rules about who you can be: all you need to do is be yourself".

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"Safe Schools Coalition Australia is not a benign anti-bullying program. Rather, it is a political project dressed in anti-bullying garb.Legitimised by second-rate data and implemented through savvy political organisation, SSCA is now taking the sexual and gender revolution into schools across Australia, both primary and high. Like every other Marxist project, it is totally reliant on the public purse, makes effective use of propaganda and is adept at silencing opposition".....

"Having forged a pathway for LGBTIQ activists into Australian schools by exaggerating the problem of gay bullying, SSCA is now exposing thousands of kids to a sexual and gender ideology intent upon eliminating everything which may distinguish male from female".

Just heard on the morning news that the Australian mother of the little boy who's photo was splashed around holding a severed head while Dad looked on proudly. The father has been killed a while back, and the mother died recently due to complications from an appendix operation. Now some self seeking bloody lawyer wants their children brought "home" to Australia. Here's the rub ......their 14yo daughter already has a baby of her own, so 5 more pre-trained terrorists are expected to be nurtured by this country until they decide to turn on the Infidels. I feel sorry for the kids but IMHO they will pose a future threat. A great choice of life-style by the brain-dead parents.

Apparently it is OK to indoctrinate children with Darwin's discredited and fanciful theories but not to teach ultimate Truth. While your 'crusade' against Islam is commendable it is not useful to imply that Christianity is a parallel religion. Darwin claims a 'scientific' basis for his theory, and although much of it has been disproved or amended by others since, his 'science' cannot answer what is actually a philosophical and religious proposition. Indeed, without the input of the teachings of Jesus we would have planet Earth completely enmeshed in the futile battles being waged in the Mid-East to this day. Truth is not subjective, especially when it is actually backed up by history and science.

Children as cannon fodder: U.S. funding militias who employ child soldiers
Jay Syrmopoulos
Activist Post
2016-02-07 00:00:00
The killing of a 10-year-old Afghan boy, Wasil Ahmad, by Taliban forces has raised serious questions about the United State's creation and backing of a militia group using of child soldiers.
Ahmad has been lionized as a national hero in Afghanistan after his death on Monday in the Uruzgan province at the hands of Taliban militants. The boy had previously gained national prominence for helping militia forces break an insurgent siege after his uncle had been wounded.
Ahmad's death, while fighting alongside his uncle, with a U.S. supported government militia called the Afghan Local Police (ALP) has thrust the grim practice of child soldiers in combat into the international spotlight once again.

"There's nothing heroic about putting a child in danger by arming him and having him fight in a war. The Taliban killed 10-year-old Wasil Ahmad, but those who encouraged him to fight bear responsibility as well," Patricia Gossman, the senior Afghanistan researcher for Human Rights Watch, told The Guardian.
Comment: The empire of chaos isn't remotely concerned about the fate of vulnerable children. Global conquest is the prime motivator and in such a conscienceless regime, everyone is disposable. The U.S. and its allies have no qualms about targeting civilian infrastructure in its wars, which has resulted in the deaths of countless numbers of women and children.
U.S. soldiers told to look the other way, child sexual abuse by Afghan allies
Afghan children bear brunt of NATO's unexploded bombs
At least 4 million people dead due to America's global holocaust, "War on Terror

Putting aside indoctrination, could anyone seriously believe the world "just happened"? Even the most casual observer can see that there is actually a logic, harsh as it may be from time to time, to everything. Human behaviour, the very landscape we live in, everything that happens can't be seen to be the result of pure chance. It is one thing to be frightened of God - it is another to deny His existence.

Abuse survivor Fiona Barnett: The ‘Candy Girl’
In the first of a two part update, paedophile ring survivor Fiona Barnett shares her experiences since testifying before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, including involvement in a documentary, the discovery of key abusers and her ongoing fight to have authorities investigate her allegations.
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These people are NOT men.--They are like warts on a nose,youd do anything to get rid of them.

A Catholic Bishop once said ; Give us a child at 9 and by the time it is 12 it will be ours forever .

Laughing -

Hey IE1 Some nice clean cut young Russian fellows eh? When I say clean cut, I refer to their open razors......... Perhaps we should have a few over here in those 457 visas?

Saddler, re Eric; Fifty years would make not one jot of difference to an indigenous African collective intellectual capacity. As they made NO progress for the last three hundred and fifty years, whats another Fifty?

So, I suppose no news is better than bad news.....

Most adults are indoctrinated children who just grew up. Schools are and always have been for that exact purpose. It amazes me the number of people who think they are not programmed and will defend their programming and the system by sinking the boots into anyone who dares to criticise it.
Vaccinations is just one example and there are plenty more.

OT ( sort of) I heard an American (Mayor?) state in a re-broadcast from our GayBC that ( and I paraphrase) "Muslims will not be permitted to replace American society with anything Islamist. Our civilization works, whereas yours ( Islam) does not" But I cannot find one report of this very sage observation anywhere. Can anyone assist?

Bring on the police State… most are too blind, stupid and indoctrinated to realise what is going on in the world
Here is a wake up call for anybody who is capable of thinking for themselves.

The moslem problem is just ONE of the elite created problems to keep you distracted from the main game

David Icke Videocast - Definition Of Fascism
The state controlling our bodies